Avatar interviewers at InterviewBot

March 17, 2021

InterviewBot, an app for practicing job interviews, uses Synthesia to replace actors with realistic avatar interviewers. To learn how, read the article below, or watch the video for an easy walkthrough.

Mike Baker, the founder and CEO of InterviewBot, shared with us more details about how they help job candidates prepare for their interviews and how Synthesia enables the team to do that in innovative ways.

About InterviewBot

With the InterviewBot app, applicants are given the option to choose between 3 interviewers, over 20 subjects and more than 1000 possible interview questions vetted by professional recruiters. The questions are voiced and animated by a panel of photo-realistic avatars created in Synthesia. Candidates can then record their answers to these questions on video using their desktop or mobile device, and then review what impression they make.

The challenge

Preparing such a large catalog of video questions while maintaining consistent quality is a challenge. This is where Synthesia came in and helped InterviewBot streamline the creation of video questions.

Synthesia's key value points

  • 🤸🏻 Flexibility: Synthesia allows the InterviewBot team to create, edit or duplicate a video in minutes - without compromising quality. Previously, when they used real actors, that would require a new video shooting session, which could create inconsistencies.
  • 🚀 Scalability: Synthesia reduces the time to market for videos by over 80%, enabling the team to reach their goal of covering over 50 subjects and adding multiple languages as an option.
  • 💰 Cost efficiency: In addition to eliminating the need for costly video production, video files created with Synthesia are smaller than regular video files, making cloud hosting more affordable.

Tip from Mike

"Experiment with different avatars and fine tune the voice and pronunciation with these tips. I particularly like the fact that I can choose between multiple accents, which allows me to create a more diverse selection of virtual interviewers."

At Synthesia, we're excited to see the InterviewBot team making great use of our avatars' ability to communicate and engage with people. We look forward to trying out the app!

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