Content Beta does product videos with AI

Jakob Marovt
July 27, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

Content Beta is a customer education company that helps SaaS companies across the world create product demo videos and customer training content to onboard, engage & retain customers.

We talked with Rishabh Bhandari, founder and CEO of Content Beta about how they use Synthesia and what problems they are solving with it. Let’s dive in.

Key results

  • Saved time: They are able to cut 3 days from a 7 day project.
  • 💸 Saved money: Content Beta is able to save 15% of project cost due to not having to hire an external voice-over professionals.
  • 🚅 Faster iteration: They can now iterate on the voice and video much faster. Even better, updating the video if something changes later is now just a matter of a few clicks.


Content Beta produces a big volume of product onboarding videos for various SaaS companies. They have previously done these kind of videos with a combination of screen recordings and voiceovers.

This is an industry standard approach but it has 4 problems:

  • No “talking head” video: producing a quality recording of a “talking head” video is really hard and time consuming. That’s why most companies opt-out of doing it.
  • Slow voice-over process: You have to find an external voice artist to coordinate the audio part of a project.
  • Hard to make corrections and re-edits: re-editing video and script requires a reshoot of the voiceover. This prevents quick iteration and testing.
  • Hard to make multi-lingual videos: all the problems above get multiplied if you want to several version of the video in different languages.


With Synthesia, Content Beta can now dramatically speed up the workflow and easily iterate on the creative process.

On top of it, they are now able to save 15% of project cost since they don’t have to hire external voice producers.

Here’s how working with Synthesia speeds up their process and improves the final outcome:

  • “Talking head” video: Synthesia platform already includes more than 20 high quality avatars that can be used directly in product onboarding videos. They can be used as full profile avatars or circular avatars.
  • Fast voice-over process: Synthesia platform comes prepackaged with the highest quality and variety of synthetic voices. Simply type your text and hear the result in real-time.
  • Fast corrections and re-edits: with Synthesia, companies like Content Beta can test multiple takes and scripts, see how they work and adjust them - all within a few minutes.
  • Simple to make multi-lingual videos: Once you found a script that works, companies can simply translate the script in any of the supported languages (we support 40+ languages) and generate multi-lingual videos. Again, all within minutes.

Below you can see an example product video from Content Beta done with Synthesia.

Who would you recommend Synthesia to?

Rishabh from Content Beta says: “I would recommend Synthesia to all L&D teams, SaaS companies and e-Learning developers”.

Advice on how to best leverage Synthesia

Here’s Rishabh’s most important advice on how to get the most out of Synthesia: “Use punctuations well enough to make the voice sound more human.”

We couldn’t agree more on this advice - for some extra tips on how to get the most out of Synthesia audio, you can check our audio pronunciation tips here.

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