FLF Product Design Boosted Video Production

Jakob Marovt
July 20, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

FLF is creating software solutions that help companies to make the shift towards a circular economy.

We spoke with Fayssal Loussaief, director at FLF Product Design. They recently found Synthesia and fell in love with how much it speeds up their video creation workflows.

Key results

  • 🚅 Faster iteration: Synthesia enables FLF’s whole team to think differently about video production process and quickly iterate on different product onboarding video ideas.

This is how Fayssal from FLF describes the key benefits of Synthesia for them: “Enablement. True enablement, the ease of use aggregation of countless work-streams. It's pure power to our employees and our narrative.”


The team at FLF used to create a lot of Loom videos. They still do them to some degree, but they also complement it with Synthesia videos now.

The problem with this approach to video creation is:

  • “Talking head” videos look unprofessional: most of us don’t have a professional video setup, so our talking head videos end up looking quite amateurish.
  • Bad quality audio: It’s quite tricky to have a good audio quality setup as well. And on top of it, sometimes we don’t like hearing our own voices.
  • Hard to make corrections: a mistake while narrating a product video either requires some painstaking editing or another take of the whole video.


With Synthesia, FLF Product design now produces a much bigger quantity of professional-looking videos at ease.

Here’s how working with Synthesia speeds up their process:

  • “Talking head” videos look professional: Synthesia videos produce high definition talking head videos out-of-the-box.
  • Great quality audio: Synthesia features highest quality synthetic voices. Forget about background noises, retakes and weird accents.
  • Easy to make edits: There is no such thing as a bad take anymore with Synthesia. You are able to see the final results within a few minutes and quickly make correction if something doesn’t sound as you wanted.

The FLF Product Design now uses Synthesia videos for a plethora of unique use cases. Below you can check a video that they use to attract new talent:

Would you recommend Synthesia to other companies?

This is how Fayssal makes us all blush a little bit at Synthesia: “Yes, with no hesitation. We would even advertise it on our platform as part of new methodologies in applicable design thinking activities.”

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