July 2, 2020

Purios is a leading global industrial manufacturer of polyurethane foam that is used around the world in the construction industry.

Having the challenge of delivering native marketing and sales content as a global organization, Purios engaged Synthesia to natively localize a series of their most popular YouTube videos into several key markets and languages.

Original Polish

French AI Dub

Romanian AI Dub

Behind the Scenes (Polish)

AI dubbing allows global companies like Purios to natively translate their existing marketing and sales videos into new languages and markets. This allows them to communicate and engage global customers more effectively in their native language.

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"Synthesia is changing how my clients enter the global marketplace by delivering a hyper-local impact. In my world where language is so crucial it makes huge difference. The process itself is so advanced you can’t tell your actor is not a native speaker!"

Tanya Bogin
Craft WW