Can AI replace human moderators in user testing?

Here’s a bold move: replacing a human moderator with an AI avatar. A million-dollar idea or a gimmick?

To find out, learn how Jonas Kamber, founder of Solid, created auto-moderated user tests with Synthesia STUDIO AI Avatars.

About Solid

Solid is an automated-user testing platform. They help marketing or design teams create studies to test websites and mobile apps faster and more efficiently.

You log into their platform, give instructions and define tasks users need to do. For example, finding a specific feature or renting a flat in an app, etc. The platform then guides the users through these tasks and asks them for feedback.

The challenge

Auto-moderated tests can be done in two ways. You can use human moderators, which are expensive and difficult to scale. Or you can use text-based auto-moderation. A cheaper and more scalable option, but come on, it's boring. 🙄

When users are instructed, guided and questioned with text, it's not an engaging experience. It leads to poor results and lower participation. Jonas was looking for a better alternative that was the closest thing to a human moderator — but without breaking the bank.

The fact that we can use many languages with Synthesia is extremely important for us. This way, we can easily adapt our auto-moderated test to different markets.
When we asked our testers for feedback on the new AI moderator, they didn’t even notice that it was not a real person.

The solution

Synthesia STUDIO was exactly what Jonas was looking for.

They selected one of the 45+ AI avatars and turned it into a moderator who greeted and guided users during testing. The experience was so good that the avatar was "hired" on the spot and became the main feature of the platform.

And the results?

Compared to text-based moderation, the AI avatar made the testing process a more engaging experience with higher participation and completion rates. People didn't even realise it was an AI avatar, but thought it was a real human. 👀

Here are 3 reasons why Jonas loves Synthesia STUDIO:

🚀 AI avatars: By switching to AI avatars, they were able to save time and money compared to hiring human moderators. With more than 45 avatars, they can also offer customised options to their clients.

🌎 Languages: In Synthesia STUDIO, they were able to make videos in different languages (Spanish, German, French), which allowed them to easily tap into different markets.

⏱ Scalability: Replacing human facilitators with AI avatars has proven to be an efficient solution — it’s affordable, easy to use and scale.

And since this approach has also been well received by users, we dare to say that the future belongs to those who believe in … well … AI video. 😉