Vaitkus Edtech Specialist

Vaitkus Edtech offers learning design and development to help you create better videos.

How do you know if your learning strategy is working?

Learning data from different learning systems can often be fragmented, making critical data from your learning tools challenging to interpret and leading to incorrect conclusions about your learning strategy.

How can Vaitkus Edtech help?

  • Review existing Synthesia content, adjust instructional scripts for spoken language, or write new ones
  • Produce external videos (system demos, explainers, etc.) to be integrated as videos or video backgrounds in Synthesia
  • Export, convert and publish Synthesia videos in various formats, including xAPI/SCORM standards

What type of organisations does Vaitkus Edtech work with?

Vaitkus Edtech works with Small Businesses, Corporations, Governments, Educational Institutions, and Mid-market enterprises.