Vocinity can help you build a virtual brand assistant in minutes using your Synthesia account.

Have you ever had a quick question before buying a product online? 

Often text chatbots can be impersonal and not provide the answers needed, or you have to wait for a live virtual agent.

Vocinity Brand Assistants are the first fully conversational video avatars supporting full-duplex conversations, including interruptions.

Examples of how Vocinity can help:

Using the Vocinity no-code agent builder and Synthesia, Vocinity helps clients quickly and cost-effectively create multilingual, virtual brand assistants.

  • Define the objective of your Synthetic virtual assistant
  • Create a script outline
  • Launch the Virtual Assistance on your website
  • Monitor the performance

What types of companies do Vocinity work with?

Vocinity works with companies with revenues greater than $10M up to Fortune 100.