Ethics statement

As early pioneers of video synthesis technology we are excited about the possibilities it will bring to visual content creation. Removing the language barrier from video will allow great stories to travel the world, regardless of their origin. Our hope is that this new medium will foster cultural exchange, joy and deeper understanding in the same manner that the written word has done for centuries.
However, as with all tools, they can be used for good or bad. Soon these and other sophisticated technologies will be widespread and it is important that the risk of misuse is both acknowledged and alleviated as much as possible. In our view, the best approach is to create public awareness and develop technological security mechanisms to ensure all content created is consensual.
Synthesia does not offer software that can be downloaded and used by the public. All content goes through an explicit internal screening process. We also commit to the following:    
●  We will never re-enact someone without explicit consent. This includes politicians or celebrities for satirical purposes.    
●  Synthesia will continue to actively work with media organisations, governments and research institutions to develop best practices and educate on video synthesis technologies.
You can read more about our vision here.
If you are interested in learning more about our technology or looking for opportunities to collaborate please feel free to reach out at
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