Responsible use of Synthetic Media


People first. Always.

As a company pioneering this new kind of media we’re aware of responsibility we have. It is clear to us that artificial intelligence and similarly powerful technologies cannot be built with ethics as an afterthought. It needs to be front and centre, an integral part of the company: reflected in both company policy and in the technology we are building. It is also the reason why we are an active member of Content Authenticity Initiative which was started by Adobe in 2019.


We will not offer our software for public use. All content will go through an explicit internal screening process before being released to our trusted clients.


We will never re-enact someone without their explicit consent. This includes politicians or celebrities for satirical purposes. Our celebrity campaign with David Beckham won CogX Outstanding Achievement in Social Good Use Of AI Award in 2019.


We will continue to actively work with media organisations, governments and research institutions to develop best practices and educate on video synthesis technologies.

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Frequently asked questions

Isn’t this technology dangerous? Can I make an avatar of everyone?
No, you can't create a custom avatar of someone. Any custom avatar requires explicit consent from the person to be made the avatar and our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage.

This means that it is impossible to impersonate a celebrity or a politician.
Can we use existing videos or images to create a custom avatar on Synthesia?
No. To create a custom avatar, you need to make a special video recording and use the Synthesia custom avatar script. The process takes about 10-15 minutes.

Check out more about custom avatars here.
How can I learn more about this technology?
We try to be as transparent as possible about good use cases of this technology. Watch a webinar discussion with Nina Schick, international speaker and deepfake expert, and our CEO Victor Riparbelli here.

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Synthesia is changing how my clients enter the global marketplace by delivering a hyper-local impact. In my world where language is so crucial it makes huge difference. The process itself is so advanced you can’t tell your actor is not a native speaker!

Tanya Bogin
Craft WW