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What is an AI script generator?

An AI script generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate scripts based on a few text prompts. The use cases for scripts can range from YouTube videos and video ads, to story writing.

Fast, secure and scalable

How to generate a script?

Fast, secure and scalable

Why choose Synthesia for automating your script generation process?

Instant AI-generated scripts

No need to start from a blank screen anymore. Use an AI script generator to create a persuasive, engaging, and tailored scripts that resonate with your audience within minutes.

High-quality video scripts

AI Script Generator is more than just a time-saver. It's a creative collaborator that helps you refine your ideas and elevates your content to new heights. Expect scripts that captivate, educate, and inspire.

Available 24/7

With AI tools, you don’t need to rely on writers to create high-quality content for your videos. Human writers might have off days, or periods of writer's block that affect their output. A video script generator works 24/7.

Cost-effective solution

Hiring skilled human writers can be expensive, especially for high-quality scripts or when multiple rewrites are needed. On the other hand, an AI script generator is a completely free tool.

fast, secure and scalable

What is the difference between traditional script writing and AI script writers?

Traditional script writing process

Traditional script writing can be a tough skill to master. The process usually begins with a topic and creative vision, followed by a lengthy research process. Once the outline and the first draft is written, multiple rounds of revisions are needed to perfect the writing. Writers often seek feedback from peers or editors to enhance the quality and depth of their work. After the final round of writing and editing, the video script is ready.

AI-generated script

Replacing the process with AI technology involves filling out prompts to guide the generation of script. The AI script generator then rapidly produces a script based on these directives and its training data. Users then review and iterate the script, adding a human touch to ensure depth and realism. Advanced AI models can even refine their subsequent outputs based on feedback loops. An AI script generator offers quick turnarounds and can produce multiple versions efficiently.

Fast, secure and scalable

Why is Synthesia the best AI script writer?


Generate scripts and videos in one tool

Use Synthesia to write scripts for videos and create video content all in one browser-based tool.


Create videos from text

Synthesia transforms your video scripts into narrated videos with AI voiceovers and presenters. No video editing skills, or video editing equipment needed.


Scale your video creation process

Simplify video creation and generate video content in minutes, not weeks. No cameras, microphones, or actors needed.

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AI SAfety

An AI video script generator can be used for generating scripts for all types of video content. Here are just a few of the most popular use cases.

Training videos

Create training videos in 120+ languages for global teams. Use Synthesia to create compliance training, security training or sales enablement videos in minutes.

YouTube videos

Generate a YouTube video script for any type of video, whether it's a vlog, a how-to or tutorial video, or simple cinematic footage with narration.

Internal communication videos

Create compelling and engaging brand videos for your employees and other stakeholders in a matter of minutes.

Marketing videos

Whether you need video scripts for marketing campaigns or just for one short TikTok clip, Synthesia has got you covered.


4 benefits of using AI Video Script Generators

1. Swift script creation

In the fast-paced world of content production, time is often of the essence. AI script generators stand out by producing scripts in mere minutes. This is particularly invaluable for industries that are bound by tight schedules or those that benefit from the rapid prototyping of multiple ideas. With the push of a button, what traditionally took days or weeks of brainstorming and drafting can now be achieved instantly.

2. Freedom to explore multiple narratives

The traditional scriptwriting process can be time-consuming, especially when exploring various narrative paths. AI generators streamline this, offering the ability to instantly produce diverse script variations. For creators, this means a broader canvas to play with, allowing them to choose the most compelling story without the manual rewriting hassles.

3. Budget-friendly content production

From a financial perspective, online AI generators are a game-changer, since the majority of online AI tools are free. For businesses, especially startups or those with limited resources, this offers significant savings and higher ROI on content creation.

4. Adaptable and customizable outputs

Automation doesn’t mean rigidity. AI generators like Synthesia are designed to adapt to user-set parameters, ensuring that the produced content seamlessly aligns with the desired goals, themes, and messaging nuances.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best AI script generator?

The best AI tool for creating a well-written video script is Synthesia. Synthesia allows you to generate video scripts, choose from 60+ video templates and create narrated videos all in one place.

How to generate script with AI?

To generate a script with AI, go to Synthesia and follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down the topic and format of the video
  2. Choose the perfect tone for your video
  3. Press 'Generate script'

Is there an AI that writes scripts for free?

Yes, there is. Synthesia's AI video script generator is a handy tool for script writing, and it's free!

What is the AI tool for creating scripts?

One of the most popular AI-powered tools for creating scripts is Synthesia. Using artificial intelligence, the AI generator can create content based on your prompts, and subsequently generate a video using only a video script.

How can I generate a video script automatically?

To generate a video script automatically, you can use an AI-powered script writing tool like Synthesia, where you input specific parameters or prompts and the tool produces a draft script based on your requirements. Once generated, review and refine the script to ensure accuracy and alignment with your desired tone and message.