Synthesia Avatars

Watch quick demos with 100+ AI avatars, covering multiple ethnicities and age groups.
Read more about our avatars in our FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

Are these avatars based on real people?
Yes, these avatars are all based on video footage of real actors, with their consent. The base video footage is then taken through our AI system which creates new videos from text. Watch a short video to learn more about how avatars are created.
Are these actors compensated in any way?
Yes. All the actors have given explicit consent and gone through our custom video shooting. Actors are compensated for AI videos produced based on their appearance.
Can I make these actors say anything?
Synthesia is used for business purposes with strict content moderation. That's why we ask all our users to keep scripts professional and business related.

Political, sexual, personal, criminal and discriminatory content is not tolerated or approved.
Can I make a custom avatar of myself or team member?
Yes, of course. You can learn more about custom avatars here.
How about voices?
We have a big selection of synthetic voices ready to be used with all the avatars. You can see some language demos here.