How To Make Corporate Training Videos at Scale

Kevin Alster
November 1, 2023
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Easily scale your video production in 120+ languages.

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Learning how to make a video for corporate training is simple. 

It doesn’t require a “professional” filmmaking course. Nor do you need to spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment. 

And here’s the proof: 

👉 We’ve helped 20+ corporate brands scale their production and distribution of training without the hassle of actors, cameras, microphones, or rented studio locations. 


Using a wickedly clever combination of AI video technology, good training video templates, and high-quality stock footage. 

In the next few minutes, learn how to follow in the footsteps of companies like Screenloop, Teleperformance, and Beyond Retro to make a training video with ease.

  1. Step #1: Write clear and concise goals
  2. Step #2: Select a video template
  3. Step #3: Write a video script
  4. Step #4: Generate your AI presenter and voice-over
  5. Step #5: Tweak your corporate training video to perfection and share

The big problem: Making a training video takes a lot of money and time 💸

The traditional live-action video format looks great. But there’s a fundamental flaw you need to be aware of if you plan to shoot your training program with a real-life camera.

Live-action videos just don’t scale. 

Here's a real example:

Amid the pandemic, Beyond Retro tightened its belt and lay off employees to stay afloat. Suddenly, L&D Manager Ashley Emerson had to find a way to teach 140 regular salespeople how to handle over 80% of a store’s operational responsibility. 

That’s a lot of upskilling that needs to happen very fast. 

For Ashley, in-person training was out of reach. Employee training videos were a clear solution to standardized training, but as a small 2-person team, she ran into two key issues:

  • Time & expense: Live-action training videos are extremely labor-intensive to produce. You need to organize scripts, locations, permits, a camera crew, travel, and even catering for on-set staff. To hire the crew and equipment you need to create decent training videos costs between $1000 and $5000 per minute of video. Ouch.
  • Updates & flexibility: Once a training video is filmed, there’s no real way to update it apart from re-filming and re-editing. That means expanding to new markets and scaling content production is near impossible. And Beyond Retro had its sights set on three new markets in the next year.

On the low end, a 30-minute employee training video course could cost you $30,000 to produce. And if you’re in a fast-moving industry, then your initial investment could be obsolete in twelve short months. 

Do the math...

And that’s sounding an awful lot like a negative ROI. 

The solution: Streamline training video production using an AI video maker

AI video creation doesn’t eliminate human effort in the video creation process. But it does make it a whole load easier.

AI video makers: 

✅ Significantly cut down the time and resources it takes to train employees

✅ Give you the power to easily create and edit videos yourself 

✅ Make updating videos for future employees fast and easy 

✅ Improves knowledge retention

Synthesia is what’s called a “text-to-video” tool or AI video maker.

Without getting into the technical details, it uses AI avatars which are the digital twin of a real human actor to be your "talking head". The avatars and their voices are completely customizable depending on your needs.

Using software like Synthesia completely eliminates the need for a real-life video set as you can easily create how-tos and other training videos that help your employees retain information.

👉Try the free AI video generator to see how Synthesia’s text-to-speech features can scale corporate training videos.👈

Now to jump back to Ashely who was struggling with the time and expense of video creation: 

With the ability to create videos from her desk, Ashley liaised with the local managers at each store to write impactful, personalized training video scripts. She took those scripts and turned them into training courses using the Synthesia video editor and quickly upskilled all 140 employees across countries and markets. 

How Ashley creates corporate training videos using Synthesia:

  1. Retail business managers send in their initial draft scripts for tutorial videos.
  2. Ashley reviews the video training material and adjusts them if needed.
  3. Ashley then uses Synthesia's video editing software to turn the script into a video.
  4. Retail business managers review the video.
  5. If updates are needed, Ashley can make edits quick and hassle-free.
  6. Once everyone is happy, she publishes the video to their LMS system.

Today, Ashley can create an employee training course in just under 2 weeks at a fraction of the cost. 

How to make effective training videos in 5 steps

All-in-all, you can create training videos in as little as 30 minutes using a tool like Synthesia

Step #1: Write clear & concise goals

A great place to start with goal or objective setting for corporate training videos is by defining the 3“W”s.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the purpose of your corporate training video?
  • Why should your target audience care?

If you can answer these 3 questions, then the following steps will be much easier, and your video has a higher chance of retaining the attention of your viewers.

Step #2: Select a video template

Choose any of the 60+ fully customizable templates for corporate training videos in the Synthesia library to start creating. The main benefit of a template is that you don't have to spend hours designing the animations, transitions, and music - it’s all built-in.

Synthesia video templates

A few key benefits of making a training video using a template are:

  • It's easy to add your custom branding, colors, animated videos, and fonts.
  • Video content is focused on a singular topic.
  • You have clear video script prompts to follow.

Step #3: Write a video script

Writing an effective training video script can take hours.

Luckily, tools like Chat GPT and streamline the process so you can get to making training videos in minutes.

Additionally, you can use the prompts laid out in your template to break down your training into short, easy-to-understand segments. 

6 steps to writing a training video script

Everything you need to know about writing a corporate training video script.

Step #4: Generate your AI presenter and voice-over

You’ve chosen a template, and you have your script, great! All you have to do now is type in your script. Synthesia will automatically generate an animated presenter and voice-over based on your input text. You can choose from 100+ diverse AI avatars and more than 120 languages and voices. 


Step #5: Tweak your corporate training video to perfection and share

Make changes to the template as you see fit. You can adjust the timing of shots, add subtitles or captions and even add animated videos to illustrate key concepts.

In a talking head video recording, it's a great idea to add screencast videos to keep viewers engaged and interested.

Then, it's time to share your training video. You can upload the video to your company's website or an LMS platform if that’s what you’re using. 

Create your own training videos today

You don’t need to spend time and money hiring actors, buying video equipment, renting studios, or learning to use complex editing tools to create employee training videos.

To get started, check out these corporate training video examples for inspiration.


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