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Create a custom avatar using Synthesia's avatar maker. Choose between a browser-based webcam AI avatar or a professional-quality studio avatar.

What is a custom avatar?

A custom avatar is a realistic digital version of yourself. Designed in the same style as our stock avatars, they capture your unique likeness. With custom avatars, you can create personalized videos in 120+ languages.

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Which custom avatar is right for you?

Webcam AI AvatarStudio AI Avatar
A cost effective solutionProfessional-quality avatar
Record from your laptopUpload studio recordings
720p max. resolution1080p max. resolution
Chest up framingChoice of framing
1 free avatar in Starter plan (annual)Paid add-on feature
Ready in 5 business daysReady in 10 business days

How to make your own avatar


Find the right setup

To get the best possible avatar, start with a calm and well-lit environment. Ensure that the camera angle is right, and that your face is not hidden behind hair or accessories.


Record footage

Record footage of you speaking on your webcam. During the recording, use a teleprompter that displays a script for you to read through.


Submit and receive your custom avatar

The footage will be processed by our advanced algorithms for 5-10 business days. It will then be delivered directly to your Synthesia account.

Combine your personalized avatar with a custom AI voice

When crafting your custom studio avatar, you also have the option to clone your voice. Though it involves a few more steps, the result is genuinely personalized.

Note that AI voice cloning is a paid Enterprise plan feature.

Record your avatar in select studios

If you don't have a green screen or equipment - no worries. We've prepared a selection of certified studios that can help you film the footage for a custom studio avatar.


What are the benefits of custom avatars?

Generate videos in minutes

Using your custom avatar, you can create highly personalized AI videos in 120+ languages by simply typing in text. Perfect for internal communications, training videos, brand videos, and more.

Connect with your audience

Custom avatars allow for a unique and consistent representation that resonates with viewers and aligns with your brand's identity. All without you needing to record yourself on camera.

Cut costs, not video quality

Once a custom avatar is created, it can be used repeatedly across all video content without the costs associated with hiring talent. This leads to significant cost savings in the long run.

Produce consistent video content

Using custom avatars ensures a consistent appearance across videos, allowing you to deliver your message without the need for on-camera appearances or a green screen.

case study

See an example of a custom avatar

See how Cyber Inc. creates training videos in 6 languages using their custom avatar.

ai safety

Built on the foundations of security and ethics

It's impossible to use Synthesia to create a custom avatar of someone else. Here's why.

Recorded consent required

Creating a personalized avatar requires explicit consent. Our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage.

Existing footage can't be used

Existing images or video footage can't be used for creating custom avatars - our process requires custom video recordings.

Your avatar is exclusive to you

Your custom avatar is only available in your account, unless you specify otherwise.

Trust & Safety team

Our Trust and Safety team ensures the protection of your data and ethical application of AI.


All your custom avatar questions answered

How long does it take to create a custom avatar?

A webcam avatar takes 5 business days to create once the footage is submitted. It will then be delivered directly to your Synthesia account.

A studio avatar takes a minimum of 10 working days to be ready, providing a payment has been made and accepted by our avatar team.

Can I customize the AI avatar?

Currently it is not possible to change the appearance or clothing of your custom avatar. You can however create a custom avatar with your preferred appearance/clothing.

Can I make cartoon avatars?

No, it's currently not possible to generate an animated avatar of a cartoon, animal, 3D render, object or human image generated through GANs.

Can I make a custom avatar of a celebrity, politician or a historical character?

No. It is not possible to create avatars for anyone without the explicit consent of the person involved. This includes politicians and any celebrities, alive or deceased.

Will the custom avatar have my voice?

Currently your custom avatar will not have your voice. You can choose from 400+ stock voices in 120+ languages or clone your voice for an additional fee if you're on the Enterprise plan.

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