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Main features

7 AI video editing tools to scale your video production

See exactly how Synthesia's built-in AI tools can help you edit videos in minutes. Using artificial intelligence, you don't need to hire video editors or have any video editing experience.

Write engaging video scripts with AI

Generate complete video scripts right inside the video editor using prompts, and match it with your chosen video template. Synthesia's ChatGPT integration simplifies the process to just a few clicks. Naturally, you can still edit the script as much as you need.

Generate complete videos from prompts

Use AI to generate compelling videos from basic text prompts or existing text-based articles. Simply type in your video idea or upload your document. Choose the desired length, objective, audience, speaker, tone, and even language of your video.

Edit videos by editing the script

Use AI to edit your video script right inside the video editor. Make it shorter, longer, rephrase it or change its tone - all using simple text prompts.

Animate videos with AI

Effortlessly sync your video animations with the audio by placing AI markers into your script. Add images, videos, background music, shapes, transitions and more, all without any editing experience or complex tools.


Make AI-generated videos by simply typing in text in 130+ languages. Our AI video editor will then generate your video in minutes.

Add AI voiceovers in 120+ languages

Generate natural-sounding AI narration by simply typing in text. Choose from 400+ AI voices in 120+ languages.

Resize your videos for any platform

Use the handy pre-set aspect ratios to quickly generate videos for various social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Additional features

5 AI video editing features that simplify your video creation process

Here are some additional video editing capabilities that make editing video content a breeze.

Choose from 160+ ethnically diverse stock AI avatars that act as presenters in your video.

Add and edit text, images, shapes, transitions, animations and more.

Get access to royalty-free media assets from Unsplash and Shutterstock

Creating videos is now made easier with professionally-designed video templates.

Upload your font, logo, colors, graphics, icons, soundtracks and more.


The best AI video editing software compared

No AI video generator is the same. See how the top AI tools on the market compare and which AI editor is perfect for your video projects.

Video editing toolBest forLimitations
SynthesiaAI-generated video with human-like presenters from scratchNot ideal for cinematic videos
RunwayRemoving video background and objects without a green screenNot beginner-friendly
DescriptAutomatic transcription and voice dubbingImperfect transcriptions
Wondershare Filmora Motion tracking Steep learning curve
FlikiBlog to video creation Limited functionality
PeechMarketing videos Not ideal for cinematic videos
Opus Clip Social media videos Requires existing video clips
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How to edit videos with AI

Here's how easy it is to create videos in just a few clicks using Synthesia's AI video editor.

Step 1. Prompt your video idea

You can create a new video from scratch or use the built-in AI script generator to start. Just type in your text prompts, paste in a link to a blog post or upload your article in a TXT, PDF or DOC format. The video generator will create the script for you. You can of course further edit it as you please.

Step 2. Refine the prompt

Next, adjust your prompt. You can make the text prompt more detailed by defining the length, objective, audience, language, speaker, and tone. In this step, you can also choose a video template to make the video creation process easier.

Step 3. Edit video

Now edit the video with AI. Add an AI voiceover in 130+ languages and an AI avatar to narrate the voiceover. Add stock footage and royalty-free images or upload your own footage, background music and fonts.

Step 4. Generate and export video

Your AI-generated video is done! Share your final video on your YouTube channel and social media, embed it in your LMS or simply download it.

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Faster video creation

"Synthesia’s AI voiceovers sold me instantly. They give us the ability to pivot and create video content much faster than before"

Ann Stutler
Senior Manager of Training & Learning at Division Maintenance Group
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No actors - no costs

"Relying on external agencies and hiring voiceover actors in multiple language was extremely costly. So it would either mean stretching the budget or no video at all."

Jason Etherington
Global L&D Sales Learning Strategy Manager at Xerox
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Speed, simplicity and ease

"We can record anytime and anywhere with greater speed, simplicity, and ease. It not only optimizes work schedules but also increases productivity and benefits the quality of our educational materials."

Pedro da Silva
Global Educational Services Manager at Fiery

Long gone are the days of green screens, complex tools and expensive outsourcing. Modern AI tools have made the video editing process accessible for everyone. See how an AI-powered video editor solves the problems of traditional video creation.

Create engaging videos with the best AI video editor on the market, 80% faster and 50% cheaper.

Create and edit videos 80% faster

The traditional video editing process can take weeks. But an AI-powered video editor reduces the video creation time with these AI-powered tools: AI avatar maker, AI script script generator, AI voiceover generator, text-to-video, automatic subtitles, and PPT to video.

No steep learning curve

No need to learn the ins and outs of a complex video editing tool like Premiere Pro. Synthesia's AI video generator is user-friendly, and comes with a library of educational videos to teach you how to create professional videos from day one, with no experience.

No need to film video footage

With an AI editor, you don't even need to use a camera to create a video clip. Generate human-like actors and voiceovers from text. No need to worry about the video background, lighting, or poor sound quality.

Reduce video creation costs by 50%

By eliminating the need for equipment, actors and professional human editors, you can create all your videos 50% cheaper.

Learn more about the other features of our AI video editor

Add subtitles to video

Add subtitles and closed captions to videos in 39+ languages in a single click.

Learn more

Add images to video

Upload your own media or choose from millions of stock images.

Learn more

Add audio to video

Easily add audio to video with file uploads and our stock music library.

Learn more

Add background to video

No need for a green screen - add backgrounds to your videos in a click.

Learn more

Add watermark to video

Upload custom watermark images and logos, or create a text watermark.

Learn more

Add text to video

Easily add text to your video and tweak fonts, colors, and animations.

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Further reading

Why you should use AI video editing tools

The exponential rise of technology has shaped various industries, with the domain of video editing being no exception. Among the most transformative technological advancements in this field are AI tools.

These tools not only simplify the intricate process of video editing but also introduce revolutionary possibilities in content generation from scratch. Here are 10 compelling reasons why people should be considering AI for their video editing needs.


Efficiency and speed

The traditional editing process can be a time-consuming endeavor. Combing through hours of video footage, picking the right clips, and sequencing them in a coherent manner requires patience and precision. AI tools can analyze content swiftly, selecting high-quality shots, detecting emotions, adapting content to different video styles and even suggesting edits. What would typically take days can now be done in hours or even minutes.



Previously, editing was reserved for those who had the technical knowledge and expensive software like Adobe Premiere Pro. AI democratized the process. With intuitive interfaces and automated processes, even novices can produce stunning videos that look professional.


Optimization for platforms

In a digital age where marketing videos need to be tailored for various platforms, AI-powered tools are invaluable. Whether you're publishing on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, AI can analyze platform trends and recommend edits that resonate best with each platform's audience.


Advanced AI features

AI offers features that are beyond the scope of conventional software. Object recognition, auto color correction based on scene context, voice enhancement, and background noise reduction are just a few examples. These advanced AI features make videos more engaging and of higher quality.



An AI-powered tool can understand user preferences over time. This means that the more you use these tools, the better they become at recommending edits that align with your style and vision.



Maintaining a consistent look and feel is crucial for brand videos. Artificial intelligence tools can be trained to recognize and adhere to specific brand guidelines, ensuring that all videos remain consistent in style, tone, and mood.


Resource savings

Hiring a professional team or investing in high-end equipment like a green screen, lenses, cameras can be costly. Tools with AI features offer a cost-effective alternative. With a one-time software purchase or subscription, users have access to a suite of powerful tools that rival professional setups.


Data-driven decisions

One of the strengths of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly. By using artificial intelligence, creators can receive insights on viewer engagement, retention rates, and more. This allows for real-time feedback and adjustments to make content more appealing.


Creative augmentation

Contrary to the belief that AI may limit creativity, it can actually augment it. With AI handling the tedious tasks, creators are free to focus on storytelling, conceptualization, and other creative aspects of video production. Additionally, AI can offer creative suggestions that might not have been considered, adding a unique touch to the content.



As the digital landscape evolves, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Incorporating AI into workflows ensures that creators and businesses are equipped with the latest tools and techniques. As AI technology continues to advance, those who adopt it early will find themselves in a favorable position, ready to leverage new features and possibilities.

In conclusion, AI for video is not just another tech fad; it represents a significant leap forward in the realm of video content creation. It brings efficiency, innovation, and enhanced creative possibilities to the fingertips of creators, both amateur and professional. As video content continues to dominate the digital space, harnessing the power of AI will be crucial for anyone looking to make a significant impact. Embracing AI is not just a recommendation; it's a forward-thinking move into the future of content creation.


All your AI video editing questions answered

Is there an AI that can edit video?

The best AI video editing tool is Synthesia. It allows users to generate narrated video content with hyper-realistic AI avatars by simply typing in text.

Is there a free AI video editor?

Synthesia has a free AI video generator allowing users to generate talking head videos by simply typing in text.

What is the best AI tool for video editing?

  1. Synthesia. Synthesia is an AI video editor that allows you to create professional-looking videos with AI avatars that are based on real people – from text.
  2. Pictory. Pictory is an online AI video editor that automatically extracts the best parts of your long-form content and creates highly shareable branded videos.
  3. Descript. Descript is an AI video editor specializing in editing videos rather than generating them from scratch.
  4. Runway.ml. Runway.ml is one of the best AI video editors on the market and is equipped with a full suite of content creation tools to speed up your video editing.
  5. RawShorts. RawShorts is an excellent AI video editor (for animated videos) that offers a wide range of features.

Can ChatGPT do video editing?

ChatGPT by itself is not able to edit videos. However, Synthesia's integration with ChatGPT allows users to create videos and video scripts from scratch or from existing text-based content.

You can simply write down your idea using text prompts, and Synthesia will generate a video script using its integration with ChatGPT. Users can then proceed with further editing the video with AI.

Can AI make videos?

Yes, an AI video maker like Synthesia can make professional-looking videos with realistic avatars through a process called text to video.

What is AI in video editing?

Artificial intelligence in video tools can take many forms - some make it easier to create social media clips, some find relevant assets and place them on the video timeline, some replace the video background with a green screen, some use motion tracking, some eliminate background noise.

Sometimes, AI tools like Synthesia go even further and offer AI video generation from text input.

Does AI replace video editing?

Current machine learning technology can't quite replace the process just yet, but it does simplify editing video content substantially. The technology is growing rapidly, but it can't read minds yet 😊