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Main features

AI-powered text-to-video converter

Synthesia is an AI video generator that allows you to convert text to video in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the main features that help you turn text into stunning videos effortlessly and at scale.

Generate videos from text prompts

Have an idea for a video, but don't know where to start? Use AI to generate professional videos from basic text prompts. Simply type in your video idea, and specify further using prompts. Choose the desired length, objective, audience, speaker, tone, and even language.

Convert any document or link to video

Have a text-heavy document or blog post that you want to repurpose? Simply paste the link or upload the document to convert it into captivating videos. We support .pdf, .doc, .docx or .txt uploads.

Create AI-generated videos in 130+ languages

Need to make engaging videos in multiple languages? Use Synthesia to automatically add voiceovers from text in 130+ languages. Or use the handy video translation feature to instantly translate any video.

Additional features

Here is what else you get with Synthesia's text-to-video maker

Create engaging videos from scratch directly in your browser using built-in AI tools. No green screen, editing tools or skills required.

Create narrated videos from text without actors or cameras. Simply choose an AI avatar and type the text you want the avatar to narrate.

Add text, background music, images, videos, and more. Or upload your own branded media.

Easily create videos for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok using pre-set aspect ratios.

Synthesia's AI video maker has 60+ professionally-designed built-in video templates for all types of videos: explainer videos, educational videos, training videos, and more.

Synthesia's AI video maker has 60+ professionally-designed built-in video templates for all types of videos: explainer videos, educational videos, training videos, and more.

get started

How to convert text to video in just a few clicks

Here is how you can create an AI-generated video from text in just a few clicks - no need for video editing skills, cameras, or actors.

Step 1: Prompt your idea

Head over to Synthesia's AI video assistant and choose how you want to create your video - from a text prompt, a link, or an existing document. You can also simply paste in your video script into the script box.

Step 2: Refine your prompt

Next, choose which template you want to use, and adjust your prompt. You can make the text prompt more detailed by defining the length, objective, audience, language, speaker, and tone.

Step 3: Edit your video and script

Once Synthesia generates a video draft, you have the option to customize every element. You can adjust the script, add stock footage, background music, voiceovers in 130+ languages, and AI avatars to narrate your video.

Step 4: Generate and export your video

Click on 'Generate' and your AI video will be ready in a few minutes. Export it and upload to social media to share it with the world.


An AI text-to-video maker can be used anytime you need to convert your written text into a professional-looking video.

Convert text-heavy resources into videos

Boost your content marketing efforts by repurposing your existing blog posts and articles into engaging videos. Easily adjust aspect ratio to adapt your videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Turn your ideas into videos in minutes

You don't need to be a professional video editor or scriptwriter to create high-quality videos. Create videos on any topic using basic text prompts.

Instantly translate your content into 130+ languages

Translate and localize your videos effortlessly in just a few clicks using AI. Automatically generate a voiceover in the target language without microphones or voice actors.

Edit video content instantly

With a text-to-video AI generator, you can seamlessly edit video content through quick text changes, ensuring your message remains relevant and up-to-date.

Use cases

For teams who create training videos at scale

Replace boring text, PowerPoints and PDFs with engaging videos.

"Usually, our colleagues don't jump in the air when they hear e-learning, but the AI videos created with Synthesia have sparked motivation that we haven't seen before."

Jesper B.
Learning Specialist at BESTSELLER
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Create high-quality sales enablement videos your team won't skip

"Sales people require engaging training content. With Synthesia's AI avatars and voiceovers, we can now facilitate quicker knowledge transfer."

Jason E.
Global L&D Sales Training Strategy Manager at Xerox
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Create engaging information security training videos, without relying on 3rd parties

"The avatars look real and I can choose from many different languages. Synthesia is solving 2 key problems for me: I can use the in-built AI to generate my script and then make an AI avatar speak it."

Henry Z.
Cyber Security & Cloud Expert
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Create your professional-looking product explainers in minutes, not months

"Thanks to the role-specific product explainer videos made with Synthesia we booked 35% more meetings compared to previous trade shows."

Tolgar A.
VP of Marketing at Infinite Peripherals
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Transform your help articles into short videos and improve your customer experience

"Using Synthesia, we effectively transformed dense help articles into user-friendly videos, significantly enhancing our customer support experience."

Kübra D.
Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye
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See why people like you choose Synthesia

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We have received great feedback from our colleagues!

"Our 380.000+ employees all over the world must have the same competence profile. Synthesia helps us develop engaging, relevant and localised training content at scale."

Profile Pircture
Ben K.
SVP Learning and Dev. at Teleperformance
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Saving tons of time and making great content in the blink of an eye

"In the projects I'm currently in, it's a life saver, I could not deliver so quickly without Synthesia. I also value that they are adding avatars and new features regularly."

Caroline P.
Regional Instructional Designer at Nestlé
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Great product with even greater customer support!

"Synthesia allows us to use video for situations we do not normally have resources for. So far, it has been great for product training or explaining new processes."

Jana M.
Jana M.
Digital Learning Designer at WBS Training

All your text-to-video questions answered

What is the best AI text to video?

  1. Synthesia
  2. D-ID
  3. Pictory
  4. InVideo
  5. Designs.ai

How to turn text to video with AI?

  1. Create a Synthesia account
  2. Paste your text or generate a video script with an AI script generator
  3. Select a template
  4. Edit the video
  5. Generate your video

Can AI generate video from text?

Yes it can. AI video generators like Synthesia can generate videos from text. Simply choose an avatar and type in the text you want the avatar to narrate. Synthesia will then use a process called text-to-video to create videos with hyper-realistic AI avatars.

Can I convert text to video?

Synthesia's text-to-video tool allows users to turn blog posts, articles, and other text into engaging narrated videos in 130+ languages. Simply upload your document or paste a link, and let Synthesia create a video for you.

How does AI text to video work?

A text-to-video AI tool like Synthesia uses artificial intelligence to simplify video creation and video editing through a process called text-to-video. It transforms text input into an AI-generated video with realistic avatars and voiceovers.