Native dubbing is a new method of translating video content that utilises AI to synchronise the lip movements of an actor to a new dialogue track.

ENACT enables translation without the creative casualty of dubbing or subtitling, resulting in a seamless experience for the viewer.

Removing the language barrier

Our goal is to remove the language barrier from video and allow content from both YouTube influencers and high-end productions to reach a much larger audience than today.

We hope that this new medium will foster cultural exchange, joy and deeper understanding in the same manner that the written word has done for centuries.
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Next-gen visual content creation

As early pioneers of video synthesis technology we are excited about the possibilities that synthetic media will bring to visual content creation.

Generative AI will reduce the cost, skill and language barriers to creating, distributing and consuming content.

At Synthesia, we’re passionate about bringing these new tools to life and lessening the gap between idea and creation.

We're hiring

Excited about pushing frontier research into products that make a difference for content creators all over the world?

We are a team from UCL, Stanford, TUM, Cambridge, Adobe and Foundry solving some of the hardest problems in deep learning and computer vision.

If you are up for the challenge we are looking for exceptional people to join us on our journey.

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