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10x your video production with Synthesia AI.

ENACT is our video synthesis platform for easy and affordable video creation and editing.

Using AI, Synthesia can generate new, professionally looking video without the need for any cameras or hardware.

Easy and efficient workflow on the Synthesia ENACT platform.

Using Synthesia you can easily create 100s of videos to communicate with your customers or employees without the bottlenecks of conventional video production.

Build a dynamic library of video content that can easily be updated, edited and translated within 48 hours.
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Next-gen visual content creation

As early pioneers of video synthesis technology we are excited about the possibilities that synthetic media will bring to visual content creation.

Generative AI will reduce the cost, skill and language barriers to creating, distributing and consuming content.

At Synthesia, we’re passionate about bringing these new tools to life and lessening the gap between idea and creation. You can read more about our vision here.