168 Best AI Tools Of 2024

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 26, 2024
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Can you imagine driving to an unknown destination before navigation apps existed? I, for one, can't.

I rely entirely on my Google Maps app. 🤳


Because it saves me time. Because it's always up to date with the latest traffic jams and road works on the way. Because it has all this data and is smart enough to make sense of it in seconds in order to help me solve my problem, which is to reach my destination. Swiftly, smoothly, and without friction.

It's a perfect example of AI being fully integrated into my daily life. 

And it's by far not the only one. 

As we experience a boom in the field of AI, many new, interesting, and unforeseen applications are being developed every day. 🪄

They range anywhere from business to deeply personal use cases, but the reasons why we use them are more or less the same:

AI has evolved to the point where it can assist humans with repetitive tasks, reduce human error, and thus save operational costs and resources. 

So for the sake of this article (and my own curiosity), I delved into the bustling world of AI tools. 

Some I already knew.

Like AI video generators, copywriting tools, or AI tools for generating art.

Others, I discovered anew. 👀

I had no idea that AI can write code by itself, create Excel formulas based on text input, and generate lifelong AI companions just like Spike Jonze predicted in Her, the film that was labelled as a sci-fi romantic drama when it came out in 2013. Emphasis on sci-fi.

So without further ado, join me in exploring different artificial intelligence tools, and don't forget to write down the ones you'd like to try — the list is long:

What are AI tools?

AI tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to solve specific problems.

And by problems, I mean a broad range of tasks, such as generating text, analyzing large datasets, or predicting the next big earthquake. 

AI tools have already transformed the way we use and interact with technology (think Siri, Google Maps, or smart Netflix algorithms), and this transformation is only going to accelerate in the future. 

Especially with the emergence of a new form of artificial intelligence, also known as generative artificial intelligence, which can generate unique content that has never existed before, we are poised to witness numerous useful applications across all sectors and industries.

But how do all these AI tools actually work? 

In short, their operation involves the use of machine learning algorithms to analyze data and make decisions based on recognized patterns and current trends. This ultimately leads to outcomes that are either similar to or better than human performance.

7 benefits of AI tools

There are numerous benefits to using AI tools, whether for personal or business purposes. 

However, there's one simple promise underpinning all of them: they are here to simplify our lives. This can mean saving us time, eliminating tasks we dislike, reducing errors, or enhancing our creative abilities.

AI-powered tools come in different forms, such as browser-based applications, extensions, or desktop/mobile apps. 

Regardless of their appearance, it's highly likely that you've chosen them because you recognize one or more of the following benefits they can bring to your life:

  1. They are always readily available, 24/7. No sleep, no paycheck, no sick leave.
  2. They eliminate monotonous tasks. No more repetitive work; you can now focus on more important matters.
  3. They are fast. They can perform tasks that would take you weeks... in minutes.
  4. They are accurate. Humans make mistakes for various reasons - AI doesn't.
  5. They help you think. Literally. Need a partner for brainstorming different ideas? AI has your back.
  6. They allow you to express yourself creatively. You no longer need technical skills to create music, videos, designs, or text.
  7. They enrich your experiences. Better websites, improved apps, and more immersive video games – you got it.

So, now that you know the key benefits of AI tools, it’s time to get to know them better. 


168 best AI tools of 2024

In this article, we'll explore AI tools for various use cases.

Regardless of your background or interests, I'm confident you'll discover intriguing ideas, use cases, or perhaps even an AI tool you'd like to share with your friends (some of them are undeniably entertaining 😉). 

I've categorized them into sections to facilitate easy navigation, allowing you to locate the ones that pique your interest.

  • Best paid AI tools
  • Best free AI tools
  • AI video generators and editors
  • AI image and art generators and editors
  • AI writing tools and text generators
  • AI music generators
  • AI face generators
  • AI avatar generators
  • AI painting and drawing tools
  • AI audio generators
  • AI design tools
  • AI business tools
  • AI research tools
  • AI tools for everyday
  • AI tools for students
  • AI character generators
  • AI for cinephiles
  • AI for pets
  • New AI tools
  • Fun and cool AI tools

Now, you've likely at least skimmed through the aforementioned categories. You can now navigate to the one that interests you, or choose to continue reading for in-depth information about all 168 AI tools. 

The descriptions are brief and concise, ensuring a quick and straightforward read.

Let’s go!

Best paid AI tools

The AI landscape in 2024 is as crowded as it is innovative, making the hunt for tools that genuinely offer value for your money a challenging quest.

But, worry not — we've done the heavy lifting for you.

Here's a meticulously crafted list of the top 5 paid AI tools that not only deliver on their promises but also ensure your investment turns into a treasure trove of productivity and creativity.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is the absolute pioneer in AI video generation. Using their intuitive online platform, you can create videos with human presenters by simply typing in text. You can choose between 160+ AI avatars (based on real actors) who can speak your words in 140+ languages. You can make a free AI video and then upgrade to a starter ($29/month) or enterprise plan (custom price).

Synthesia pros

  • It is very intuitive and easy to use, suitable for complete beginners
  • It supports over 140 languages
  • It has the best avatar quality on the market
  • It has many templates you can choose from to help you get started
  • It is being used by more than 50.000 companies and has a 4.8/5 rating

Synthesia cons

  • It only works in a browser
  • It is not clear how much the corporate plan costs

Synthesia pricing

  • Free demo
  • Starter plan: $29/month
  • Creator plan: $67/month
  • Enterprise: price based on number of seats

2. ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is OpenAI's subscription-based service that enhances the ChatGPT experience with additional benefits. Aimed at providing users with an uninterrupted and faster experience, ChatGPT Plus ensures access even during peak usage times. This service is designed to cater to the needs of users who require reliable performance and access to the latest advancements in conversational AI technology.

ChatGPT Plus pros:

  • Guaranteed Access: Subscribers can use ChatGPT even during high-demand periods, ensuring constant availability.
  • Faster Responses: The service offers quicker interaction times, making it more efficient for users.
  • Priority Feature Access: Subscribers get early access to new features and improvements, staying ahead with the latest updates.

ChatGPT Plus cons:

  • Cost Barrier: The subscription fee may be a deterrent for some users, especially those who use the service casually or have limited budgets.
  • Limited Customization: While it offers faster access and priority features, users might still seek more personalized options or features that are not covered by the subscription.

ChatGPT Plus pricing

  • $20/month

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro integrates AI to streamline video editing, featuring Auto Reframe for optimizing scenes across devices and Scene Edit Detection to identify and segment scenes automatically. The tool simplifies workflows with text-based video editing and speech to text for captions, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Adobe Premiere Pro pros:

  • Automated editing features save time
  • Enhances videos for multiple platforms effortlessly
  • Facilitates captioning with speech to text

Adobe Premiere Pro cons:

  • Learning curve for new users
  • Subscription-based pricing may be prohibitive for some

Adobe Premiere Pro pricing

Pricing plans start at $22.99/month for Adobe Priemiere Pro, which includes the AI tools we mentioned here.

4. Byword

Byword offers a high-quality AI article writer designed to generate articles at scale. It focuses on creating authentic, engaging content efficiently, catering to the needs of content creators and businesses looking to enhance their content strategy with AI-driven solutions.

Byword pros:

  • High-quality content generation.
  • Scalable solution for various content needs.
  • Streamlines the content creation process.

Byword cons:

  • May require refinement for specific tone or style preferences.
  • Dependence on AI for content creation might limit unique insights or personal touch.

Byword pricing

  • Starter plan: $99/month for 25 articles
  • Standard plan: $299/month for 80 articles
  • Scale plan: $999/month for 300 articles
  • Unlimited: $2499/month for unlimited articles

5. Fireflies AI

Fireflies.ai offers an AI-driven tool designed to enhance meeting productivity by automatically recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings. It integrates with popular video conferencing tools to capture discussions for easy reference and action item tracking.

Fireflies AI pros:

  • Streamlines meeting documentation.
  • Facilitates easy search within transcripts.
  • Automates the process of note-taking.

Fireflies AI cons:

  • Dependence on audio quality for accurate transcriptions.
  • May require manual editing for perfect accuracy.

Fireflies AI pricing:

  • Free trial
  • Pro plan: $10/month
  • Business plan: $19/month
  • Enterprise plan: $39/month

Best free AI tools

In 2024, the AI tool craze is real, but let's be honest, shelling out for subscriptions left and right? Not exactly wallet-friendly. Good news, though: we've cherry-picked 6 best free AI tools for you that promise all the fun without the financial fuss (and nope, we're not just talking about ChatGPT).

6. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is Adobe's entry into the generative AI space, designed to facilitate the creation of images and edits via text prompts. It aims to democratize creativity, enabling both professionals and hobbyists to bring their visions to life with ease. The tool also integrates smoothly with Adobe's extensive Creative Cloud suite, offering a blend of ease of use and advanced capabilities tailored to Adobe's ecosystem.

Adobe Firefly pros:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality image generation
  • 6 different built-in tools

Adobe Firefly cons:

  • Users cannot fine-tune specific elements of the generated images

7. Palette

Palette FM is an AI-driven tool that colorizes black and white photos, making it simple for users to breathe new life into old images. It stands out for its ease of use, requiring no downloads—just upload your image directly on their platform. While it excels at colorization, users may need additional tools for more complex edits. Palette FM is free, offering a straightforward way to experience the magic of AI photo colorization.

Palette pros:

  • User-friendly interface, no software download required.
  • Free service for easy access.

Palette cons:

  • Limited to colorization, may need other tools for advanced edits.

8. Remove.bg

Remove.bg focuses on streamlining the process of detaching backgrounds from images. It's tailored for photographers, designers, and any user in need of quick, precise background removal. This tool leverages AI to offer speedy and accurate results, significantly reducing the time and effort required for what can often be a tedious task in image editing.

Remove.bg pros:

  • High precision
  • Fast processing
  • Supports batch operations.

Remove.bg cons:

  • Free version has resolution limits
  • Occasional errors with complex images.

Remove.bg pricing:

  • Free for low-resolution images
  • Credits-based pricing for high-resolution images starting at $0.20 per image.

9. Perplexity

Perplexity AI introduces itself as a versatile conversational search enginge that combines a broad knowledge base with a user-friendly interface. Launched in 2022 by a team with backgrounds in AI and startups, it offers a chat-based interface for user queries. Its uniqueness lies in generating responses based on up-to-date web information, rather than a static database. Perplexity aims to be an accessible resource for a diverse range of queries.

Perplexity pros:

  • Broad knowledge base
  • User-friendly
  • Integrates with various platforms.

Perplexity cons:

  • May not always understand context correctly
  • Limited depth in niche topics.

Perplexity pricing:

Free to use with an optional premium subscription for advanced features.

10. Adobe Podcast AI

Adobe Podcast AI revolutionizes podcasting by cleaning up background noise from audio recordings, making them sound as if they were recorded in a professional recording studio. You can upload multiple files and enhance recordings up to 2 hours long, while maintaining control of the enhancement strength — to create the perfect balance between natural sound and studio-quality.

Adobe Podcast AI pros:

  • Adjustable enhancement strength
  • Bulk upload feature
  • High sound output quality

Adobe Podcast AI cons:

  • Unlocking more Adobe Podcast features requires an Adobe Express Premium subscription

11. Gemini

Gemini (formerly Google Bard) envisioned as Google's foray into conversational AI, aims to democratize information by providing expansive, intuitive responses to user queries. Designed to compete in the rapidly evolving AI chatbot arena (think ChatGPT 👀), Gemini seeks to leverage Google's vast data repositories for real-time, accurate information. Its strengths lie in its integration with Google's search capabilities, offering users a seamless blend of conversational AI and search engine power.

Gemini pros:

  • Sophisticated reasoning capabilities
  • Understands text, images, audio, and more

Gemini cons:

  • Requires manual adjustments for optimal results
  • Learning curve for best utilization

Gemini pricing:

Offers a free version with basic features; premium plans start at $15/month for advanced features.

AI Video Generators and Editors

Video is by far the most popular medium of our time. It appeals to multiple senses, and we simply love watching video content. But when it comes to creating video… Not that fun anymore.

Whether you’re a content creator, a professional video editor, or a complete novice, you know that creating a good video requires knowledge, skills, and the right equipment — at least if you’re doing it the traditional way. 📹

Fortunately, there are better ways. 🙌

Ever thought about using an AI video editor or creating completely new video content with an AI video generator? With a little help from AI, you can now create videos much faster and cheaper. Instead of worrying about technical stuff, you can finally focus on creativity and storytelling. 

There are numerous artificial intelligence tools on the market that can help you with specific video-related tasks. Some of them enhance your existing video footage, while others generate entirely new videos based on your text input. Yup, AI is literally enabling magic. 

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best AI video editors and generators currently available:

12. Runway

Video editing used to be a tedious and lengthy process. But it no longer requires technical skills or expensive software. Runway makes it super easy to edit and enhance your existing video footage: remove background, paint out objects, add subtitles, and more. You can create 3 projects for free, while the most popular plan costs $12/editor/month.

Runway pros

  • It offers various video editing capabilities
  • It allows you to generate videos from scratch
  • It allows you to generate videos from images

Runway cons

  • Its many functionalities might be overwhelming for beginners
  • It is somewhat limited when it comes to the speed of generated videos
  • It doesn’t offer videos with realistic human presenters

Runway pricing

  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $12/user/month, billed annually
  • Pro: $28/user/month, billed annually
  • Unlimited: $76/user/month, billed annually

13. Unscreen

Unscreen helps you remove background from your videos — and to do it automatically. Instead of picking out pixels and selecting colors and masks manually, Unscreen analyzes videos automatically. AI detects even the smallest details, so the results are super accurate. And the price? You can use it for free with some limitations (gif exports only, limited to 5 seconds). If you need better quality results without a watermark, pricing starts at $4.99/video minute.

Unscreen pros

  • It supports different formats, such as .mp4, .mov, .webm and .gif
  • It allows you to not only remove a video background but also add a new one
  • It can also be used via After Effects or Premiere Pro extensions
  • It offers two types of plans: Subscription and Pay as you go plan

Unscreen cons

  • It only solves one, very specific video editing problem
  • Some real user testimonials are missing on their website

Unscreen pricing

The tool offers two pricing models:

  • Subscription plan: from $10 to $400 per month
  • Pay as you go plan: $4.99 per video minute

14. VREW

VREW uses AI to generate captions from speech in your video. Its fast speech recognition replaces tedious manual transcription, and you can easily edit the auto-generated captions. Besides, it allows you to style the captions using different fonts, borders, and shadows. It’s worth noting that this is a downloadable software.

VREW pros

  • It is easy to use
  • It can generate captions based on your video
  • It also allows you to provide a script so it can generate more accurate captions

VREW cons

  • The tool only comes as a downloadable desktop app
  • The tool only supports captions in 5 different languages

VREW pricing

  • Free: 120 minutes of transcription
  • Light: 1.2K minutes of transcription for $67 per year
  • Standard: 6K minutes of transcription for $124 per year
  • Business: 7.2K minutes of transcription for $364 per year

15. Descript

Descript is a comprehensive AI video editor that lets you create professional-looking videos in a snap. You can use it to add various visual elements, titles and captions, animate layers, and more. Using Descript, you can add a voiceover to your video — they offer a variety of stock voices, and you can also clone your own. A limited free plan is available.

Descript pros

  • It makes it easy to create dynamic captions for all types of videos
  • It can automatically remove filler words from your video captions
  • It offers an end-to-end video editing experience

Descript cons

  • It is not the most intuitive tool if you’re a beginner
  • It only supports transcription in 23 languages

Descript pricing

  • Free: 1 hour of video per month
  • Creator: $144/year for 10 hours of video per month
  • Pro: $288/year for 30 hours of video per month
  • Custom prices for enterprise users

16. Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is a video categorization and organization tool that helps you find and categorize videos more easily. AI recognizes and tags different elements of your videos: faces, expressions, objects, activities, celebrities… Therefore, it’s a great tool for organizing all kinds of video collections. You can start using it for free, while the most popular plan is $18/month.

Nova A.I. pros

  • It saves you time categorizing your videos
  • It makes videos searchable
  • It has recently added some video editing features, such as adding subtitles, transforming text into speech, video translation, and more

Nova A.I. cons

  • The tool seems adequate for personal use, but it lacks social proof to establish trust with bigger clients

Nova A.I. pricing

  • Free: 30min of video per month
  • Basic: 150min of video for $10/month 
  • Pro: 300min of video for $18/month
  • Business: 900min of video for $55/month

17. Reface: Face Swap Videos

The Face Swap mobile app is a fun and easy way to swap faces with friends or celebrities or insert your face into a pre-made video. It uses face swap technology which allows you to swap faces in real time using a camera. It also offers a number of filters, GIFs, and funny videos. 

Reface pros

  • You can download the app for free
  • It is easy and fun to use
  • It has more than 100M downloads

Reface cons

  • It only works as a mobile app

Reface pricing

  • Free with in-app purchases available

18. Topaz Video AI

If you have existing video footage and want to enhance it, this $199,99 desktop app can be useful. Using AI, it’s great for upscaling, denoising, and restoring your (old) videos. It can recover video details, blend frames, create a nice visual flow, and much more. The AI “learns” from the surrounding frames of the video, resulting in natural results.

Topaz Video AI pros

  • Made specifically for video upscaling, deinterlacing, and motion interpolation
  • It improves the quality of your videos using 5 different AI models

Topaz Video AI cons

  • It works as a desktop app, so you need to download and install it on your computer
  • The free trial doesn’t let you save the videos created

Topaz Video AI pricing

  • $299/year for 2 seats and unlimited use

19. Make-a-Video

Make-a-Video is Meta’s latest AI system that enables users to create videos by typing in text. The videos are automatically generated based on the text entered, and can be shared online or downloaded. The AI video generator is not available to the public yet, but we expect it to be a huge opportunity for content creators in the future.

Make-a-Video pros

  • It generates anything you can put into words
  • It can also create variants based on an input video

Make-a-Video cons

  • It has some limitations when it comes to details, such as hair, fingers…

Make-a-Video pricing

  • The tool is not available to the public

20. AImages 

If you want to enhance a video without downloading new software, you can try AImages. It contains different tools you can use to sharpen, deblur, clear and upscale videos. The tool can also be used to enhance photo quality — it helps you sharpen blurry details, clear artifacts, and increase image resolution. You can pay as you go or go with a subscription plan (starting at $11/month).

AImages pros

  • It works for enhancing videos as well as still images
  • It works in a browser so no download is required

AImages cons

  • Complex pricing plans
  • Limited amount of filters you can apply to a single video

AImages pricing

  • Free: up to 2 AI filters per video
  • Standard: $11/month for up to 3 filters per video
  • Premium: $25/month for up to 4 filters per video
  • Elite: $61/month for up to 5 filters per video

21. D-ID

Looking to create videos with speaking characters from text? Then you should check out D-ID's Creative Reality Studio. It's an online video generator that uses AI for multiple aspects of video creation: text generation, image generation, and face animation. This means you can create a talking character based on a still image or describe it with words and have it generated by AI.

D-ID pros

  • It offers 3 ways to create faces; from their existing avatars, from an image, or from text
  • It is integrated in Canva, so you can use it within the Canva editor
  • It makes video creation easy and offers many possibilities for creative expression

D-ID cons

  • Their avatars are still far from realistic representations
  • It is hard to see it being used for business purposes
  • D-ID’s pricing plans are not straight to the point

D-ID pricing

  • Free: 5 minutes of video
  • Lite: $90/year for 16 minutes of video per month and limited features
  • Pro: $776/year for 60 minutes of video per month and limited features
  • Advanced: $2263/year for 175 minutes of video per month
  • Enterprise: customized plans and prices

22. Pictory

Pictory is one of the best text to video converters that transforms long-form text content into branded videos effortlessly. It supports various aspect ratios, offers access to millions of stock videos and images, and automatically adds English captions. 

Plus, it’s super easy to use. You just need to insert your script, select a template, and the AI will automatically create a storyboard for you. If you wish to convert existing online content, you can simply share a link as an input source. Quite cool, don’t you think?

Pictory pros

  • It can generate videos from a link as an input source
  • It allows you to add narration to your video
  • It has an extensive library of templates for different use cases

Pictory cons

  • It only supports voiceover in English
  • It has a limited selection of AI voices

Pictory pricing

  • Free trial: 3 video projects, each of up to 10 minutes long
  • Standard: $228/year for 30 videos per month with limited features
  • Teams: $1188/year for 90 videos per month

23. RawShorts

RawShorts is a versatile AI video editing tool for animated content. Its standout feature is a text-to-video generator, supported by an AI assistant. With animated charts and a vast stock media library, it's perfect for creating high-quality explainer, promo, and whiteboard animations with ease.

RawShorts pros

  • It can automatically create storyboards based on your script
  • It has an integrated text-to-speech function

RawShorts cons

  • It feels clunky at times
  • Its text-to-speech feature only supports English

RawShorts pricing

  • Essential plan: $20/month for 25 exports
  • Business plan: $30/month for 50 exports

24. Munch

Munch is an innovative tool that utilizes advanced generative AI and marketing analytics to extract engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos. It identifies the most shareable moments based on trending analysis and marketing insights, presenting you with coherent and captivating clips.

Munch pros

  • Besides distilling the content, the tool also supports basic video editing
  • The AI can generate specific social posts based on a single video
  • The AI distills clips based on marketing insights and trending analytics

Munch cons

  • Slow website
  • Hard to find the pricing page on their website

Munch pricing

  • Pro: $49/month for 200 minutes
  • Elite: $116/month for 500 minutes
  • Ultimate: $220/month for 1000 minutes

25. Fliki

Fliki is an easy-to-use AI tool that turns blog posts into captivating videos. Just add the blog article URL, and Fliki will summarize the content, find perfect visuals, and create a video with a realistic voiceover in your chosen voice. With a rich stock media library and over 1000 voices available in 75 languages, Fliki offers endless creative options to effortlessly enhance your content.

Fliki pros

  • Rich stock media library
  • 75 languages supported
  • You can choose voices based on emotions (eg. sad, excited, cheerful…)

Fliki cons

  • Hiccups when previewing the final result on the app
  • Complex pricing plans

Fliki pricing

  • Free: 5 minutes of credits per month
  • Basic: $8/month for 120 minutes of audio credits per month (no video credits included)
  • Standard: $28/month for 180 minutes of video credits per month
  • Premium: $88/month for 600 minutes of video credits per month
  • Enterprise: custom plans tailored to specific needs

26. Powtoon

Videos with animated characters used to be almost impossible to produce. Now, tools like Powtoon are changing the game. Powtoon is a user-friendly online tool for creating engaging animated video presentations. With pre-designed templates or starting from scratch, anyone can make visually appealing videos without technical knowledge. It's popular among educators, marketers, and businesses for its character builder, which offers endless options for customizing characters to align with brand image.

Powtoon pros

  • You can create custom characters using the Character Builder feature
  • You can create animated videos without any technical knowledge
  • It is a trustworthy tool, used by big companies, including Coca-Cola, Pfizer, and Costco

Powtoon cons

  • Lack of variety in characters
  • Limited animation styles

Powtoon pricing

  • Lite: $50/month for 5 exports per month
  • Lite: $190/month for unlimited exports
  • Business: $1500/year
  • Enterprise: get in touch to get a quote

AI Image and Art Generators and Editors

Not too long ago, making art was the domain of a specific group of people. Not anymore! Today, with the help of generative AI, anyone can become an artist by writing a text prompt and letting the AI create the desired image. 🎨🖌

Are text-to-image technologies replacing artists? The answer is no. The thing is that AI-generated art opens up new, unprecedented possibilities for creative expression while being accessible to all. 

AI image generators are evolving at a rapid pace; in the last year, major companies like Google, Open AI, and Stability AI have launched new models. The internet has been flooded with AI-generated art, showing its great potential for different aspects of content creation.

But artificial intelligence image generators don’t just generate abstract and artistic content. The AI models are trained to also generate photorealistic images that are indistinguishable from real photos. 

Ready to start creating? Here’s a list of the most notable text-to-image generators out there right now:

27. DALL-E 2

The most recognizable of AI image generators out there is certainly DALL-E 2. This text to image system by Open AI can create realistic images and art based on text input. It’s a kind of magic, really. 

You simply write what you want it to create, and you get your image right away. An astronaut riding a horse, photorealistic style? A fox sitting in a field in the style of Claude Monet? Yup, it’s that smart. And the best thing — anyone can play around with it. 

Dall-E pros

  • It can generate images in a wide range of styles
  • The generated images do not have a license, so you can use them freely
  • Each text prompt generates a set of four images you can choose from

Dall-E cons

  • It sometimes struggles with generating photorealistic images
  • It only works for prompts written in English, other languages are not supported

Dall-E pricing

  • $15 for 115 credits (each text prompt costs one credit, which equals $0.13 per prompt)

28. Stable Diffusion

Similar to DALL-E 2 is Stable Diffusion. It’s a text-to-image model that creates images based on text descriptions. It can also be used to modify existing images following text-based prompts. You can try out how it works on their website. No registration or credit card is required; you only need an idea and a few words to describe the desired result.

Stable Diffusion pros

  • It has a prompt database with 8 million prompts to help you write good prompts
  • It also comes as a mobile app called Dreamer
  • It can be used to enhance specific features in an existing image

Stable Diffusion cons

  • Complex pricing system
  • The quality of the results may vary depending on the input data

Stable Diffusion pricing

  • Free plan
  • Basic: $9/month for 999 image generations, no APIs
  • Standard: $49/month for 999 image generations and access to all APIs
  • Premium: $149/month for unlimited image generation and access to all APIs

29. Midjourney

Another AI art generator is Midjourney. It’s currently in beta, and anyone can start using it via their Discord channel. The trial version is limited to 25 queries. It takes about 1 minute to generate 4 four options based on your text request. But beware — it’s a pretty addictive tool, and you will end up wanting more than 25 images. 

Midjourney pros

  • The images you generate are free to use
  • Each text prompt generates a set of four images you can choose from

Midjourney cons

  • You can only sign in using your verified Discord account
  • The user interface doesn’t seem very intuitive
  • It’s hard to understand the pricing if you don’t have a deeper understanding of the tech

Midjourney pricing

  • Basic: $10/month for 3.3 hours of fast GPU time/month
  • Standard: $30/month for 15 hours of fast GPU time/month
  • Pro: $60/month for 30 hours of fast GPU time/month
  • Mega: $120/month for 60 hours of fast GPU time/month

30. Picsart

If you want to generate images in diverse styles, this one’s for you. Picsart turns your text prompts into images in any style you can imagine. You can test it out on their website, as there’s a free plan available.

Picsart pros

  • It offers different styles you can choose from: 3D, oil painting, hyperrealism, Picasso… 
  • You can replace objects in existing images using a simple text description
  • It is available on both mobile app and the web

Picsart cons

  • The generated image quality and realism can vary
  • Creating images in the styles of famous artists may raise copyright issues

Picsart pricing

  • Free: limited features, best for beginners
  • Gold: $13/month
  • Team: $15/month for one seat, $11/month for additional seats  

31. The Next Rembrandt

The Next Rembrandt is a project of creating a completely new painting by the famous Dutch painter. A combination of 3D printing and artificial intelligence was used to create a painting as close as possible to Rembrand’s original style. The project aims to show how artificial intelligence can be used to create art, and also how technology can be used to recreate history. 

The Next Rembrandt pros

  • It is a great educational resource
  • It is an example of a multidisciplinary approach (Microsoft, TU Delft, The Rembrandt Museum)

The Next Rembrandt cons

  • A user’s role is passive, they can not create anything themselves

The Next Rembrandt pricing

  • The app is free to explore on the web

32. Neural.love

Another free AI art generator is neural.love. It works in a browser, and its built-in prompt generator makes it really easy to use. You can choose between different styles (painting, photo, sci-fi, anime…) and then write or narrate your text description. You can also select the dimensions of the output you want.

Neural.love pros

  • The tool has an in-built prompt generator to help you with prompts
  • There’s a gallery of the most recently generated images you can browse

Neural.love cons

  • The use case is kind of limited to AI art
  • Complex pricing system

Neural.love pricing

  • Free: 5 images
  • Subscription: from $10 to $500/month, depending on your needs
  • Pay as you go: $1000 for 6250 credits (1 image equals 1 credit)

33. This Beach Does Not Exist

This AI-generated art has a common theme: beaches. Beaches that do not exist, to be precise. The model was trained with a dataset of more than 20.000 images of real beaches, based on which the AI generates new, random images of beaches that do not actually exist. Ready for a dip in the ocean? Check out the nicest beaches here. 

This Beach Does Not Exist pros

  • It’s super easy to use; it generates novel images with a click of a button
  • It generates random beach images
  • It generates images that are 100% unique, never seen before

This Beach Does Not Exist cons

  • It doesn’t allow you to specify the type of beach you want it to generate

This Beach Does Not Exist pricing

  • The tool is completely free to use; no login is required

34. Imagen

This AI image generator comes from Google. It combines a deep level of understanding of language with a text-to-image diffusion model, resulting in high-fidelity image generation. The tool isn’t publicly available.

Imagen pros

  • The tool comes from Google
  • It has a high understanding of natural language
  • It can create photorealistic images

Imagen cons

  • The tool is not publicly available and it’s not possible to test it

Imagen pricing

  • The tool is not publicly available

35. Magic Eraser

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to quickly delete something from an image? With AI, that's now possible to do it in seconds. With Magic Eraser, you can simply highlight the area you want to remove and download the corrected image. And the best part? It works in the browser, requires no registration, and is free to use. 

Magic Eraser pros

  • It works in a browser
  • It’s really easy to mark the bit you need to be removed
  • It allows you to edit pictures in bulk
  • No sign-up is required

Magic Eraser cons

  • It only performs one single function - removing unwanted things from images
  • The free version allows you to download watermarked images at a low resolution

Magic Eraser pricing

  • Free: low-resolution images with a watermark
  • Monthly: $9.99 billed monthly
  • 6 Monthly: $49.99 billed every 6 months
  • Yearly: $47.99 billed every 12 months

36. Let’s Enhance

Need to resize or enhance an existing picture? Let’s Enhance helps you correct colors, fix pixelation, or remove specific objects from your pic. It can edit up to 20 images at once, and you can also use presets to save some time. It works in a browser, and there’s a free trial available. 

Let’s Enhance pros

  • It enables batch editing
  • It comes with one-click presents

Let’s Enhance cons

  • It requires you to register in order to use the free version
  • Complex pricing options and plans: subscription, pay-as-you-go, and business plans

Let’s Enhance pricing (subscription model breakdown):

  • Free: 10 images with a watermark
  • $12/month for 100 images, billed monthly
  • $24/month for 300 images, billed monthly
  • $34/month for 500 images, billed monthly

37. Playground AI

Playground AI is another online platform where you can create and share art. The simple interface guides you through writing prompts. There’s a text field where you can enter your description and a dropdown menu where you can choose a style (cinematic, wall art, Spielberg, delicate detail…). You can also select whether you want your image to be based on the Stable Diffusion or the DALL-E 2 model. You can start for free and then upgrade to the Pro plan that lets you create 2000 images per day for $15/month.

Playground AI pros

  • You can collaborate with your team on different projects
  • You can further manipulate generated images using the Control Traits feature

Playground AI cons

  • It is only possible to sign in with a Google account
  • It is great for generating artistic images, but not so much for realistic ones

Playground AI pricing

  • Free: up to 1000 images per day
  • Pro: $15/month for up to 2000 images per day

38. DreamStudio

The Stable Diffusion image generation model has an online app called DreamStudio. It can create images of anything you describe in a text box, and you can start using it for free (you’ll be prompted to create an account before you can start creating). After you use up your 200 free credits, you can buy more.

DreamStudio pros

  • It allows you to define prompts as well as negative prompts
  • It allows you to also upload an existing image and edit it using AI

DreamStudio cons

  • The interface might be intimidating for beginners
  • The price of an image is determined by the setting you choose

DreamStudio pricing

  • It is impossible to specify exact pricing, as it depends on the resolution of your images. However, the average price for 100 images is $1.18.

39. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator offers several AI tools that enhance collaboration between humans and AI when it comes to creating art. To start using it, you first have to create an account. After that, you upload your “Base Image” and “Style Image” and click Generate. You can also select from several predefined styles. The AI will then generate the Base Image in the style of the Style Image. You can get started for free, and there are different subscription plans available. 

Deep Dream Generator pros

  • It’s easy to use once you register and log in
  • It features the best and latest creations in an extensive web gallery

Deep Dream Generator cons

  • Hard to understand their pricing terminology (Energy Points, Recharging, Resolution)
  • There’s no free demo available
  • You need to register an account to use the tool

Deep Dream Generator pricing

  • Advanced: $19/month
  • Professional: $39/month
  • Ultra: $99/month

40. Artbreeder

Artbreeder uses AI to allow users to create art in two different ways. With “Collager,” users can draw simple shapes and then describe what they want in the image — the AI will place the described objects in pre-drawn shapes.

“Splicer” allows users to blend images together and edit various parameters using a simple slider (age, gender, colors…). Users can upload up to 3 images for free. It is worth noting that it can take up to 1 hour to process original images, which is much longer compared to other tools.

Artbreeder pros

  • It fosters your imagination with many out-of-the-box AI applications
  • It has a vibrant community of AI creators with daily contests

Artbreeder cons

  • While it brings artistic value, it’s hard to see real business applications

Artbreeder pricing

  • Free: 3 monthly credits and no privacy controls
  • Starter: $8.99/month for 100 monthly credits
  • Advanced: $18.99/month for 275 monthly credits
  • Champion: $38.99/month for 700 monthly credits

41. Wombo.art

Write your prompt, choose the style you want, and voila. Your artwork is ready. Wombo.art is a simple app that creates art and includes in-app options to mint it as an NFT or print it on canvas. The app is free to use without limits.

Wombo.art pros

  • It comes as a mobile or desktop app
  • You can try it for free on their website
  • You can connect your Wallet and remix your existing NFTs

Wombo.art cons

  • You can only write prompts shorter than 350 characters
  • You can only choose from pre-defined art styles

Wombo.art pricing

  • Monthly: $9.99/month
  • Annual: $89.99/year
  • Lifetime: $169.99

AI Writing Tools and Text Generators

Writing is an important part of everyone’s job today. Emails, reports, social media captions, blog posts… And it takes a lot of time to ideate, draft, edit and format different texts. ✍

AI writing makes the process way faster and smoother. No matter which AI text generator you choose, it works on the same premise: You provide the prompts for your text, and the AI generates the outcome within a few seconds. 

If you’ve never tried AI writing before, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the results, as AI is not only capable of generating general texts, but also of adding a certain tone, style and spark of creativity.

So what’s going on in the background? AI writing programs use natural language processing (NLP). In short, it is a way to get computers to understand human language. This can be used to automatically translate text, for example, or to figure out what a person is saying when they speak. Most AI text generators are based on GPT-3, the largest machine learning model used for NLP. 🧠

It’s best to select such tools according to your needs — here are some of the most popular ones:

42. ChatGPT

If you don’t live under a rock, you've probably heard of ChatGPT. It's a web-based chatbot created by OpenAI that was launched in November 2022 and quickly gained popularity. Its user-friendly interface works like any other traditional chatbot; you ask questions, and it provides answers. 💬

Built on top of OpenAI's family of large language models, it has been trained on a vast database of information from the internet. It’s already revolutionizing the way people create text-based content such as essays, emails, blogs, articles, speeches, and even code. 🤯

Plus, it's free to use! You can sign up and try it out here (you’ll be surprised at how smart this thing really is).

ChatGPT pros

  • Its interface resembles that of a chatbot, making it easy to use
  • It can answer a wide variety of questions, no matter the topic
  • It is free to use and you can use it in more than 50 languages

ChatGPT cons

  • Limited contextual understanding of some topics discussed
  • The free version may be unstable and experience performance issues
  • Hallucination and potential bias

ChatGPT pricing

  • Free
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month for faster response times

43. Writer

Writer is an AI writing tool tailored for enterprise use. It employs generative AI that learns from your data and can be customized to your brand and workflows. From marketing to HR, Writer is versatile and can assist with content creation and writing across multiple departments.

Writer pros

  • It is an enterprise-ready platform
  • It comes as a desktop app and as a Chrome, Word or Figma extension
  • It can be customized specifically to your brand tone and voice

Writer cons

  • It is focused on the enterprise, so it might not be the best choice for personal users
  • As with all AI writing tools, it may lack some really unique ideas when it comes to content

Writer pricing

  • Team: $18 per user/month for small teams
  • Enterprise: custom prices

44. Notion AI

There's something about Notion that people just love. In the past, it may have been its customization options, aesthetics, or the ease of use. But they've recently introduced another amazing feature – Notion AI. It's an AI text generator and editor that you can use directly in Notion, without having to leave the app. It just works, and users are loving it.

Notion AI pros

  • It works seamlessly
  • It is very intuitive to use 
  • It offers just the right amount of customization

Notion AI cons

  • It is not possible to fine-tune its answers in a conversational way
  • It is an add-on to Notion plans
  • It can only be purchased for the entire workspace

Notion AI pricing

  • $8 per member/month, billed annually
  • $10 per member/month, billed monthly

45. TLDR This

Need to read a long article, but don’t have time? Don’t worry! This AI writing tool will help you summarize any text in just a few seconds. Just paste the link, choose the output (you can choose between short and detailed summaries), and click Generate. You get a summary of the key points you can read easily and quickly. You can also use TLDR plugins for Chrome and Firefox to summarize any text while browsing. The tool summarizes up to 10 pieces of content for free (without registration), and offers two advanced plans for more demanding users. 

TLDR This pros

  • You can choose the type of summary you want 
  • You can use the Chrome and Firefox extension

TLDR This cons

  • The summaries it generates depend heavily on the titles of your input sources

TLDR This pricing

  • Free: 10 advanced summaries per month
  • Starter: $4.99/month for 100 advanced summaries per month
  • Professional: $9.99/month for 500 advanced summaries per month
  • Business: $19.99/month for unlimited advanced summaries

46. LyricStudio

Stuck with writing lyrics? This tool for songwriters and musicians helps you generate unique lyrics for any music genre. After you select your topic, LyricStudio offers you multiple lyric options with its “Smart Suggestions” feature. It also helps you find rhymes for specific words. You can start a free trial by creating an account.

LyricStudio pros

  • The tool supports real-time collaboration
  • You keep all the rights to the lyrics you create on the platform

LyricStudio cons

  • It is somewhat limited to existing musical genres
  • To test it out, registration is required

LyricStudio pricing

  • 1 month: $4.50 billed monthly
  • 6 months: $22.45 billed every 6 months
  • 12 months: $35.91 billed annually

47. Shortly

Do you know that feeling when you start writing, and then — nothing. You run out of ideas, don’t know how to continue, and aren’t so sure about your writing style anymore. Worry not. Shortly will continue your writing for you. It uses GPT-3 and can also help you rewrite, shorten or expand your sentences with simple commands. The unlimited annual subscription costs $65/month, and you can try it for free before purchasing.

Shortly pros

  • You can recognize your own voice and incorporate it in the output
  • You can easily refine your writing using commands, such as /expand, /rewrite, /shorten

Shortly cons

  • You can’t always trust the data it includes in its writing
  • The price may be a bit high for individual users

Shortly pricing

  • Monthly: $79/month
  • Annual: $65/month

48. INK

This AI tool combines an AI writer, an SEO optimizer, and a content planner. You can use them individually or in a bundle called INK Suite. The goal of this app is to replace multiple tools that writers already use and provide a smooth user experience that covers different aspects of writing. Each of the INK tools can be used for free with some limitations to the plan.

INK pros

  • Comprehensive writing solution for different types of written content
  • Intuitive and minimalist interface, suitable for average users
  • It works for 20+ languages

INK cons

  • While the free version offers valuable features, it comes with limitations
  • Users may need some time to become proficient with all the integrated tools
  • The cost may be relatively high for individual writers

INK pricing

  • Free: 5-day free trial
  • Professional: $49/month for 1 user
  • Enterprise: $119/month for 3 users

49. Copy.ai

This AI text generator is perfect for marketers who write different types of copy: emails, product descriptions, Instagram captions, copy for buttons, ads… You simply select what you want it to write, provide some input data, and choose the right tone. The AI will generate a few different versions of copy for you to choose from. You can start using it on a 7-day free trial.

Copy.ai pros

  • It generates copy for multiple purposes within a single tool
  • It comes with a free plan for beginners
  • It can enhance prompts using your brand’s information

Copy.ai cons

  • Customization may not fully match branding despite various tone options
  • Relying solely on AI-generated copy may lead to a lack of originality
  • The paid version could be costly for budget-conscious users

Copy.ai pricing

  • Free: up to 2000 words and 1 user seat
  • Pro: Monthly: $49/month for unlimited words and 5 user seats
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

50. WordTune

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but can’t find the right words. Wordtune rewrites your thoughts in different styles. You just write a sentence and ask the AI to shorten or expand it or to rewrite it. The tool can be used anywhere you do your writing — it works in a browser (with a plug-in) and also in Word (Beta version). It offers free and premium plans.

WordTune pros

  • The tool works as both, an AI writer and an AI writing assistant
  • The tool also has an integrated summarizer for PDFs, blogs, YouTube videos…
  • The tool works on desktop, mobile device, or within the apps you already use

WordTune cons

  • It does not support brand tone (yet)
  • Subscriptions offering unlimited rewrites can be costly
  • It only works for English

WordTune pricing

  • Free: 10 rewrites a day
  • Plus: $24.99/month for 30 rewrites a day
  • Unlimited: $37.50/month for unlimited rewrites
  • Business: custom pricing

51. Jasper

Jasper is an online AI writing tool for marketers leveraging GPT-3. It includes more than 50 templates you can start from (from blog posts to Facebook ads to video scripts), and its AI is trained on industry best practices. You can try it for free for 5 days, but you will have to provide your credit card details anyway. After 5 days, paid plans start at $49/month. 

Jasper pros

  • It is an advanced AI content creation tool that also supports image generation
  • You can teach it about your company’s brand voice so it can inject it into outputs
  • It works in 30+ languages

Jasper cons

  • Requiring credit card details for the free trial may deter some users
  • The starting price of $40/month for paid plans may be a barrier for some users

Jasper pricing

  • Creator: $49/month for 1 seat
  • Teams: $125/month for 3 seat
  • Business: custom pricing tailored for your company

52. Frase

SEO people only have one goal — to rank high in search results pages. And so does Frase. This AI tool helps you write content that is optimized for Google based on the top 20 search results. It covers the entire SEO workflow: from research and competitor analysis to writing and optimizing your content. The 5-day trial will cost you $1, and paid plans start at $14.99/month.

Frase pros

  • It is a holistic solution, from competitor analysis to content creation and optimization
  • It is data-driven

Frase cons

  • Overreliance on AI may occasionally lead to a lack of unique content
  • There are additional add-on features that you can purchase separately, which we would like to see included in the original plan(s).

Frase pricing

  • Trial: $1 for 5 days
  • Solo: $14.99/month for 1 user seat and 4 articles/month
  • Basic: $44.99/month for 1 user seat and 30 articles/month
  • Team: $114.99/month for 3 user seats and unlimited articles

53. Sudowrite

Consider Sudowrite your new copy friend. It helps you rewrite your paragraphs in different ways (you can instruct it to mimic different styles or even incorporate different senses) and can also help you with some creative brainstorming. It’s free to try and costs $19/month after the free trial period.

Sudowrite pros

  • Reasonable pricing
  • It focuses on vivid writing, so the text is really captivating
  • It comes with a magic AI canvas to help you brainstorm ideas
  • It supports many languages

Sudowrite cons

  • It is more a tool for creativity than it is for real business use cases
  • The tool's rewriting suggestions may not always align perfectly with the user's specific requirements

Sudowrite pricing

  • Hobby & Student: $19/month for 30,000 AI words per month
  • Professional: $29/month for 90,000 AI words per month
  • Max: $129/month for 300,000 AI words per month

54. Jenni

Jenni is an AI writer that completes your writing based on what you’ve already written and the title of your text. Before it starts writing, it’ll ask you to specify the title and select the tone (professional, friendly, persuasive, academic). You can also enter a short description of your piece. It then starts writing sentence by sentence, and asks you to confirm or deny each new sentence. After the free trial period, it costs from $12/month.

Jenni pros

  • Allows users to input the title and a short description, providing context for the AI's writing
  • Users have the ability to review and confirm each sentence generated
  • It includes journal and web citations into its writing

Jenni cons

  • The need to confirm or deny each sentence may slow down the writing process
  • It is currently only available on desktop

Jenni pricing

  • Free: 200 AI words per day
  • Unlimited: $20/month
  • Enterprise: custom prices

55. HyperWrite

HyperWrite helps you complete your sentences quickly and gives you suggestions for your writing. You can use Hyperwrite through their online platform (ideal for longer pieces where it’s important to properly set up the document), but it also works across the web using the Google Chrome extension. The free version of Hyperwrite is limited to 1000 sentences/month. 

HyperWrite pros

  • The tools HyperWrite offers are clear and specific 
  • You can use it everywhere you work via Chrome Extension

HyperWrite cons

  • Overreliance on sentence suggestions may lead to a decrease in originality
  • Limited character inputs may lead to lower-quality outputs

HyperWrite pricing

  • Free: 15 generations/month
  • Premium: $19.99/month for unlimited generations
  • Ultra: $44.99/month for unlimited generations and longer-term AI memory

56. Rytr

Another AI text generator that uses GPT3 is Rytr. Story plots, Instagram posts, headlines — this tool helps you write them quickly. It has an intuitive interface with several preset options that will help you provide good prompts. To try it out, you need to register on their platform. It is free to use if you generate less than 10.000 characters/month, and the paid plans start at $9/month. 

Rytr pros

  • You can access it via the browser extension
  • You can use it to create content for 40+ specific use cases
  • The tool offers an easy-to-use interface with preset options for generating prompts

Rytr cons

  • Users are required to register on the platform to try out the tool
  • Same as for other AI tools, this may have some creative limitations

Rytr pricing

  • Free plan: 10k characters per month
  • Saver plan: $9/month for 100k characters per month
  • Unlimited plan: $29/month for unlimited characters per month

57. Describely

Describely is an AI tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating product-related content for e-commerce and online platforms. It enables users to effortlessly generate product descriptions, bullet points, titles, and tags in large quantities. The tool also assists in keyword planning for new products and evaluates existing content against SEO best practices.

Describely pros

  • It supports multiple brand voices across products
  • It can create content in bulk 
  • It integrates with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms

Describely cons

  • AI-generated product descriptions may lack the human touch
  • Users may need time to become proficient with the tool and its features
  • The pricing model is not clear

Describely pricing

  • Free: up to 5 products
  • Core: starting at $90/yr
  • Enterprise: custom prices

58. Phrasee

Phrasee will rewrite or generate marketing copy for you. It combines artificial intelligence and computational linguistics to help you write in your brand language. There’s no option to try it for free, and also no pricing details on the Phrasee website — in order to see how it works, you should book a demo.

Phrasee pros

  • The tool offers interesting language insights, analyzing words, emojis, syntax, and sentiments 
  • The tool generates marketing copy that aligns with your brand's voice and style

Phrasee cons

  • Phrasee does not offer a free trial
  • No prices on the website makes it hard to know the cost of using Phrasee

Phrasee pricing

  • Phrasee offers flexible enterprise pricing. You have to contact their sales team to find out more

59. Article Forge

Article Forge was created to help writers write long-form articles (longer than 1500 words). It’s a very simple AI tool that gives you results in 60 seconds. All you have to do is type in your keyword, and the article or blog post will be generated in less than a minute. You can use the tool for free for 5 days. 

Article Forge pros

  • The tool automatically adds relevant videos, images, and links to the generated articles
  • The tool can write content in 7 languages
  • The tool offers 30-day money-back guarantee

Article Forge cons

  • It only offers a few parameters (keyword, language, and article length), which may lead to generic content
  • It does not offer different tones and styles of writing

Article Forge pricing

  • Personal: 27/month for 25,000 words
  • Business: custom pricing 

60. NeuralText

NeuralText is a tool that has 3 main features: Paragraph Generator, Content Outline, and Product Description. It also helps you with your SEO efforts — it performs competitor analysis, generates the best H-structure for your content, and discovers and clusters keywords. At the moment, it’s already integrated with Google Docs, and integrations with Chrome, Shopify and WordPress are in the works. Pricing starts at $49/month.

NeuralText pros

  • It offers not only one but a range of content-related tools
  • It is easy to use which makes it accessible to novice and experienced content creators

NeuralText cons

  • We miss more integrations with popular online tools
  • We find it very similar to many other AI writing tools

NeuralText pricing

  • Trial: 5-day trial for $1
  • Starter: $19/month for 20,000 AI words and 5 article optimizations
  • Basic: $49/month for 20,000 AI words and 40 article optimizations
  • Pro: $119/month for 40,000 AI words and unlimited article optimizations

61. Writesonic

Writesonic is an artificial intelligence tool that writes long-form content in 4 steps: First, it gives you ideas. Second, it writes the intro. Third, it generates the outline. Fourth, it writes the full article. There is a free trial version that allows you to test how it works before you subscribe.

Writesonic pros

  • It can generate content based on live data from the internet
  • It comes with over 100 powerful functionalities
  • It can generate content in 25+ languages
  • It allows you to give it a voice command instead of typing

Writesonic cons

  • The tool could benefit from an option to specifically rephrase individual sentences
  • The wait time can be improved

Writesonic pricing

  • Free: 10,000 words/month for 1 user
  • Unlimited: $20/month for unlimited words for 1 user
  • Business: from $19 to $200/month, depending on your preferences and use cases
  • Enterprise: custom prices

62. Scribbl

Still taking notes of your online meetings manually? Why not let AI do it for you? Scribbl does just that — it transcribes your Google Meets and saves the transcription to Google Docs. You can easily download or edit it further. There’s a free plan available that covers up to 15 transcriptions, while the Pro plan costs $9/month.

Scribbl pros

  • It allows you to easily find any moment in your call with ease
  • It automatically creates action items based on your meetings

Scribbl cons

  • It only works for Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams versions are missing
  • It looks like the product is still in its early stages

Scribbl pricing

  • Free: for teams up to 5 people, 15 meetings per month
  • Pro: $9/month, for teams up to 5 people and unlimited meetings per month
  • Business: custom pricing models

63. Virtual Volunteer

Now, we're all familiar with text-to-image, right? But this tool does exactly the opposite – it "reads" images and translates them into text. It's powered by GPT-4 and allows users to send images via the app and get instant identification, interpretation, and conversational visual assistance. The app is not available yet, but you can join the waitlist for iOS and Android versions.

Virtual Volunteer pros

  • It represents a significant leap forward in harnessing AI for accessibility
  • It is strategically scheduled for release on both iOS and Android platforms
  • It opens up a plethora of possible use cases and applications

Virtual Volunteer cons

  • The tool is not currently available for use (there is a waitlist for those interested)
  • The handling of images and their associated text may raise privacy and security concerns

Virtual Volunteer pricing

The tool is not publicly available yet, and the pricing is unknown.

AI Music Generators

AI is also democratizing music. It’s changing the way music is created, empowering everyone with the chance to become a musician. All you need to create a musical masterpiece is an idea, a computer, and an AI music generator. 🎶

AI-generated music can be created in minutes, and the outcome depends on your prompts — almost each AI song generator will ask you to define a style, use case, or other specific characteristics that will define the output. 

Large models are trained on numerous songs and audio files, which enables your selected AI song generator to accurately understand your prompts and use machine learning to generate new and unique music accordingly. From background music to speech enhancement to jingles, these AI tools cover all aspects of musical production:

64. Jukebox

Jukebox is an AI song generator by OpenAI. It can generate singing and music in different styles and genres. You can explore the collection of songs here. The downside is that using this tool requires some coding.

Jukebox pros

  • Jukebox can create songs and music in various styles and genres
  • Users can explore and enjoy a broad collection of songs for inspiration
  • It is very customizable

Jukebox cons

  • It doesn’t have a user-friendly web application (yet)
  • It requires a large amount of time and computing power

Jukebox pricing

  • The pricing of this AI model is unfortunately not clear. 

65. AIVA

AIVA is an AI music generator that creates background music for various use cases (games, videos, commercials, events…). It generates unique music based on your needs. You can either start generating music by selecting the predefined styles or upload an original sound file as an influence. If you decide to use their free plan, the generated music should not be used for commercial purposes and is owned by AIWA. For more demanding users, there are paid offers starting from $11/month.

AIVA pros

  • It offers customized background music generation for a wide range of applications
  • It offers flexibility and control over the generated music
  • It focuses on emotional background music, which drives better results

AIVA cons

  • Users may need time to understand and maximize the tool's capabilities effectively
  • Relying solely on predefined music styles may limit users in terms of creativity

AIVA pricing

  • Free: 3 downloads per month with copyright owned by AIVA
  • Standard: €15/month for 15 downloads per month and limited monetization
  • Pro: €49/month for 300 downloads per month and full monetization

66. Supertone

Supertone is a creative studio from Korea that uses AI to create music, voices, and other sounds. They are specialized in speech enhancement, song revival and dubbing. Want to hear Freddie Mercury singing in Korean? Not a problem!

Supertone pros

  • They use their own proprietary technology
  • They seem to have a strong research background
  • The technology can bring to life almost any audio you can think of

Supertone cons

  • The app is not self-service, it is necessary to get in touch with the sales team
  • The pricing is not public

Supertone pricing

  • The pricing details for the tool are not provided on the website and may vary depending on the scope of the project.

67. Boomy

Boomy is an online AI music generator that allows anyone to create their own original music in seconds and share it with the world. All you have to do is pick a style and customize it. It allows you to share your music on different streaming platforms (including Spotify, YouTube and TikTok) that pay you for each listen.

Boomy pros

  • Boomy makes it effortless for anyone to generate original music without musical expertise
  • Boomy makes it easy to distribute the music you create via multiple integrations
  • Users can personalize their music by selecting styles and customizing different elements

Boomy cons

  • It requires registration in order to test it out
  • It also pays royalties, but the system is a bit complicated
  • It owns and manages the copyright to songs created on the platform

Boomy pricing

  • Free: create and edit songs without downloading them
  • Creator: $9.99 /month for 10 mp3 downloads per month
  • Pro: $29.99 /month for 25 mp3 downloads per month

68. Loudly

Loudly‘s AI music generator creates AI-generated tracks in seconds. Simply build your formula, generate songs, and save and download your AI songs. Loudly streamlines the process of creating, customizing, and exploring music for your videos. With its advanced AI solutions, you can also effortlessly discover the perfect music for your videos, get music recommendations based on text descriptions, or customize existing tracks to better align with your video content. They offer a free subscription, allowing you to experience its capabilities firsthand with up to 3 downloads.

Loudly pros

  • Users can build formulas and customize songs to suit their specific preferences
  • Users can quickly find their way around the tool as it’s very easy to use
  • A free subscription tier allows users to test the platform's capabilities firsthand

Loudly cons

  • The speed of music generation may affect the quality and originality of the tracks
  • The integrated text-to-music generator may be somewhat limiting as the outcome depends entirely on written prompts 

Loudly pricing

  • Free: 5 mp3 downloads per month
  • Personal: $12.99/month for 5 high-quality music downloads (WAV)
  • Pro: $22.99/month for uncapped monthly downloads
  • Enterprise: custom prices

AI Face Generators

Need a portrait of a real person for your marketing materials? Looking for a model with specific face characteristics, but you’re on a budget? Creating your buyer persona, but don’t want to steal pics from the internet? 

If so, maybe an AI face generator could be a solution. They leverage advanced image processing technology and advanced neural networks to generate unique human faces from scratch in seconds.

Depending on the face generator, it can either create random human faces, or you can define specific attributes such as skin color, hair color, emotions, etc.

And by the way — research shows that the images created by random face generators are indistinguishable from real photos, so you can use AI-generated faces worry-free. 

69. This Person Does Not Exist

AI can create human faces that are indistinguishable from real people. Don’t believe it? Then check out this random face generator. It allows you to create images of people who, well, don’t actually exist — with a single click. The page was primarily developed as a stunt to raise awareness about AI and its capabilities.

This Person Does Not Exist pros

  • It is really easy to use
  • The generated portraits are indistinguishable from real people
  • You can select gender, age, and ethnicity of a person you’d like to have generated

This Person Does Not Exist cons

  • The images are only free for personal use
  • In some cases, it struggles a bit with details 

This Person Does Not Exist pricing

  • Free: download the generated image for personal use, watermarked
  • Paid: $14.95 for an image without the watermark, exclusive use

70. Face Generator    

While This Person Does Not Exist creates random faces, this face generator lets you apply your own parameters. Using Face Generator, you can select skin color, emotions, hair, makeup, and more in order to generate the face you want. Fun fact: We’re not really into maths, but by manipulating all the parameters, you can get 11.232,000+ variants of the same face. The tool has a free 3-day trial and after that costs $19.99/mo. It also allows you to buy a single image for $8.97/image.

Face generator pros

  • You can create a unique person with your parameters
  • You can make the same person in different styles (young, old, angry, sad…)

Face generators cons

  • Some faces are a bit buggy and struggle with details
  • Some faces can easily be detectable as AI-generated

Face generator pricing

  • Monthly subscription: $19.99/month
  • Yearly subscription: $199/year
  • Bulk download: from $1 for multiple images at once without a subscription

71. Fake People

Fake People is another AI face generator that creates a “fake” human portrait with just one click. It is based on 70,000 photos of real people, which makes the fake results look very real. 🙂

Fake people pros

  • You can literally generate a unique “fake” human with just a click
  • You can access it via website, no registration is required

Fake people cons

  • The website seems unprofessional
  • It is not possible to download the generated images

Fake people pricing

  • There is no information about pricing available on the website.

AI Avatar Generators

Looking to create a personalized AI avatar based on your own likeness? Whether you want a realistic or cartoonish avatar, full customization options, avatar for videos or just a static profile pic, there's an AI avatar generator suited to your needs.

So, let’s discover some of the best AI avatar generators you can currently find on the internet: 

72. Ready Player me  

Ready Player Me is a top-notch AI-based avatar creator designed for the metaverse. This platform empowers users to create their own avatars using a single photo and a wide range of customizable features. With compatibility across 7000+ supported apps and games, Ready Player Me avatars seamlessly integrate into diverse virtual experiences.

Ready Player Me pros

  • Ready Player Me offers extensive customization options
  • Ready Player Me avatars allow you to show off different brands, such as Adidas, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger… 
  • Ready Player Me avatars can be used across thousands of games
  • Ready Player Me avatars can easily be turned into profile photos for social media

Ready Player Me cons

  • The avatars are suitable for a specific use case only
  • Some users may find the customization options overwhelming

Ready Player Me pricing

  • Free for all developers for non-commercial use
  • Free for registered partners for commercial use

73. Try it on 

Time to change your profile picture? Great! But hiring a photographer, visiting a hairdresser, and deciding on a location for the shoot can be time-consuming. Luckily, there's a better way!

Try it on is an impressive AI tool that allows you to create professional studio-quality headshots effortlessly. Simply submit 10 or more selfies, and within 24 hours, you'll receive 100 AI-generated headshots for $17. 

Try it on pros

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable pricing, especially when compares to the cost of hiring a photographer
  • The provider also works with real human editors you can hire to touch up your portrait

Try it on cons

  • The tool isn’t perfect and comes with minor glitches
  • The quality of the headshots is dependent on the user's submitted selfies

Try it on pricing

  • Starting price: $17 per 100 images

74. Avaturn 

As the name suggests, Avaturn is an AI tool that enables you to transform yourself into an AI avatar using just a few selfies. With this app, you can easily customize your avatar's body type, hairstyle, clothing, and more. One significant advantage of Avaturn is its extensive dataset, which allows it to generate a real-time 3D model that accurately reflects the user's facial geometry based on their photo.

Avaturn pros

  • Easy to use for users with minimal technical expertise
  • Users can personalize their avatars as they want
  • Their 3D models closely match the user’s facial geometry

Avaturn cons

  • The quality of the avatars relies on the selfies provided by the user
  • The avatars are not realistic - more suitable for games and fun apps

Avaturn pricing (for developers)

  • Free: 150+ HD garments and hairstyle
  • Pro: $800/month for custom garments, logos, colors, and API 
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

75. Inworld 

How about an AI avatar generator that goes beyond customizing appearance? 🤔 With Inworld, you can also shape your avatar's personality through natural language prompts. Powered by advanced AI models, Inworld replicates human-like behavior, including gestures, speech, emotions, and memory.

Inworld pros

  • The option to configure avatars personalities using natural language prompts
  • Multimodal expression of personality using conversational AI

Inworld cons

  • Configuring avatar personalities with natural language prompts may be complex for some users
  • While aiming for human-like behavior, there's a risk of avatars falling into the "uncanny valley"

Inworld pricing

  • Free: best for hobbyists and creators
  • Enterprise: $5,000/month, best for studios, publishers, and growing businesses
  • The tool will be transitioning to a new pricing model soon, focusing on per-interaction pricing. 

76. RemoteFace 

Do you enjoy being on camera during video calls, or would you sometimes prefer to use an AI avatar instead? You can create one using RemoteFace, a virtual camera plugin that generates avatars based on your selfie.

RemoteFace pros

  • You can create your avatar from a single selfie
  • Plugins for Windows and Mac are available
  • Users have access to a selection of virtual backgrounds

RemoteFace cons

  • The avatars can be used for video conferencing only
  • There are not many customization options available
  • The avatars are not hyperrealistic

RemoteFace pricing

  • You can download both plugins for free

77. Microsoft Mesh avatars

This one is exclusively for Microsoft users. Microsoft Mesh avatars are animated versions of yourself that can be used to attend meetings without having to turn on your camera.

Microsoft Mesh avatars pros

  • Mesh avatars offer enhanced privacy while still maintaining a virtual presence
  • Mesh avatars allow users to tailor their virtual presence to specific contexts

Microsoft Mesh avatars cons

  • They are only available to Microsoft Teams users
  • Users need to manually install and pin the avatars for Teams app
  • While animated and expressive, the realism of these avatars does not match the quality of more advanced avatars, such as those from Synthesia

Microsoft Mesh avatars pricing

  • The pricing of Mesh avatars is tied to Microsoft’s enterprise plans

78. Lensa 

Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app that transforms your selfies into customized portraits. With a wide range of filters and editing techniques, including anime, fantasy, pop, and more, Lensa allows you to express your unique style. Subscription plans for Lensa start at $3.49.

Lensa pros

  • Lensa offers a diverse selection of styles and filters
  • Lensa can also be used as a photo editor for retouching selfies
  • It comes as an easy to use mobile application

Lensa cons

  • Some users report that the app is slow to generate photos 
  • According to some, the images generated by Lensa display bias 
  • Lensa's effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the selfie provided

Lensa pricing

  • 1-week free trial
  • Monthly subscription: $3.99 for 50 avatars
  • Annual subscription: $29.99 for unlimited avatars

79. Memoji  

Memoji, developed by Apple, is a fun and customizable app that allows users to create personalized avatars for messaging apps, including Apple's Messages. Whether you're creating video messages or using it during FaceTime, Memoji adds a playful and expressive touch to your digital interactions.

Memoji pros

  • The avatars are highly customizable, allowing unique digital representations
  • The avatars can not only be used for messaging, but also for video calls
  • The avatars allow for a creative, fun ways of communication

Memoji cons

  • Memoji is only integrated with Apple's messaging apps
  • It may lead to common or stereotypical avatars over time

Memoji pricing

  • The app is free for iPhone

AI Painting and Drawing Tools

Improve your drawings and have some fun with an AI drawing generator. It can help you finish your doodles, animate the objects on your drawings or generate completely new drawings based on your text descriptions.

All of these AI drawing tools are super easy to use and completely free. These are not, however, going to generate picture-perfect art and images, but rather simple sketches. If you’re looking for AI image generators, see chapter 2. But if you want to have some fun with your (inner) child, you should try one of these tools:

80. AutoDraw

Remember the good old Paint? Think of AutoDraw as Paint on steroids. As you doodle on a blank canvas, this AI drawing generator suggests various shapes and symbols it thinks you’d like to draw. You can also add text, change colors, and insert different shapes to your drawing. When you’re done, you can simply download the image. This AI tool was initially an AI experiment by Google Creative Lab.

AutoDraw pros

  • It makes drawing accessible for non-technical users and kids
  • It is available for free
  • You can start using it immediately, without having to create a user profile

AutoDraw cons

  • Users may rely (too) heavily on AI suggestions
  • The tool is not suitable for intricate or highly detailed artwork

AutoDraw pricing

  • AutoDraw is a free tool provided by Google.

81. Sketch MetaDemoLab

Did you know that there’s an online tool that can bring your drawings (or those of your children) to life? All you have to do is scan and upload your drawing, and the AI will automatically recognize the objects. After that, you simply select from a variety of movements for your character. You can make them dance, jump, walk… Using this AI drawing tool is free of charge.

Sketch MetaDemoLab pros

  • It is an easy-to-use, browser-based app
  • It is a great first step into the world of AI for beginners and kids
  • The tool is available at no cost

Sketch MetaDemoLab cons

  • The tool relies on scanning and uploading physical drawings
  • The tool is limited to recognizable objects
  • The animations generated by the tool may be relatively simple

Sketch MetaDemoLab pricing

  • The tool comes from Meta AI Research and is free to use

82. Magic Sketchpad

Magic Sketchpad is an AI tool that helps you finish your drawings. Before you start drawing, you select a category to help the algorithm understand what you want to draw. You can also change colors and apply multiple categories to your image. When you’re done, you can download the image in .jpg format. The tool is free and requires no signup. 

Magic Sketchpad pros

  • The tool is free and extremely easy to use
  • The tool requires no signup

Magic Sketchpad cons

  • The AI's ability to assist may be limited to predefined categories
  • The suggestions for your drawings come in English only

Magic Sketchpad pricing

  • The tool is free to use

83. Quick, draw!

From doodling to drawing… in seconds! Quick, draw! is an AI drawing experiment by Google. It uses somewhat similar technology that Google Translate uses to understand writing. Based on the sketch, it recognizes the object someone wants to draw. It’s free and anyone can try it out.

Quick, draw! pros

  • The tool is freely accessible to anyone
  • The tool turns drawing into a multisensory and conversational experience 
  • The tool is based on the world’s largest doodling data set
  • It works in many languages, so it is widely accessible

Quick, draw! cons

  • Quick, Draw! is primarily an experiment for entertainment
  • Users looking for advanced drawing features will need to turn to more advanced software

Quick, draw! pricing

  • The tool is free to use

84. Craiyon

Craiyon is an online model that draws images from text prompts (formerly known as DALL-E mini). It takes up to 2 minutes to generate 9 images you can then choose from. You can use this free AI drawing tool in a browser or via Android app.

Craiyon pros

  • Craiyon offers a built-in screenshot function, simplifying the process of saving and sharing created works
  • Craiyon's AI can create a wide range of images, from abstract art to landscapes
  • The tool is easily accessible

Craiyon cons

  • The quality of the generated images may vary depending on the complexity of the text prompt
  • Some users report it is littered with ads

Craiyon pricing

  • Supporter: $6/month
  • Professional: $24/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

AI Audio Generators

Want to turn your text into speech without having to record yourself? AI voice generators offer you thousands of voices to choose from, from voices of “normal people” to synthesised voices that imitate actors, politicians, or movie characters. 🗣

AI voice generators can be used to create voice recordings for commercial purposes (chatbots, commercials, video voiceovers…) or just for fun.

85. Murf

Do you also cringe when you hear your own voice? Don't worry - it's pretty common. So, if you don't feel comfortable speaking, Murf.ai is the AI voice generator you're looking for. You can use it in two ways: generate voice from text or upload your own voice recording and tweak it. It supports 20 languages and even lets you adjust the pitch, tone, and speed for a more natural sound.

Murf pros

  • The utilization of the AI voice generator is incredibly user-friendly
  • It supports 20+ languages
  • Users have the flexibility to adjust both pitch and speed for the AI-generated speech

Murf cons

  • The higher-quality voices are exclusively available for English
  • Full access to the platform may be considered relatively expensive
  • Their pricing plans are complex depend on the number of seats

Murf pricing

  • Free plan: 10 minutes of AI voice generation
  • Basic plan: $29/month (1 seat, 60 voices and 10 languages available)
  • Pro plan: $39/month (1 seat, 120+ voices and 20+ languages available)
  • Enterprise plan: $59/month (5 seats, 120+ voices and 20+ languages available)

86. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice is an AI tool that removes filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises from your podcast or audio recordings. Simply upload your audio, let the AI do the cleaning, and export the polished results. There's a 30-minute free trial so you can test it out and see how it works.

Cleanvoice pros

  • It can save podcasters and content creators valuable time in post-production
  • It remove fillers in multiple languages, not just English
  • It doesn’t just remove fillers, but also mouth noises, such as lip smacks and saliva crackle

Cleanvoice cons

  • While AI can be efficient, it may not always produce perfect results
  • The AI may lack the flexibility and nuance that human audio editors can provide

Cleanvoice pricing

  • Free trial: 30 minutes of credit
  • Subscription: from $10 to $80 per month
  • Pay as you go: from $1.30 to $2 for one hour of processed audio

87. FakeYou

Imagine you could make famous characters say your words. FakeYou uses AI to let you do just that. It’s a text-to-speech generator where you can choose between hundreds of voices and have them speak the words you type in. From Barack Obama and Albert Einstein to your favorite cartoon character — they’re all there. A pretty cool way to prank a friend, don’t you think? 

FakeYou pros

  • FakeYou offers a vast selection of voices
  • FakeYou is free to use
  • FakeYou can be a fun and entertaining tool for pranks or creative projects

FakeYou cons

  • Using AI to generate voices without consent can raise ethical questions
  • While AI-generated voices have improved, they may not always deliver natural-sounding speech

FakeYou pricing

  • Plus: $7/month - normal processing priority
  • Pro: $15/month - faster processing priority
  • Elite: $25/month - fastest processing priority

88. TikTok

Yup, you heard that right. AI voice generators are versatile tools that can be used for both business and recreational purposes. Interestingly, TikTok stands out as the sole social media platform offering a built-in text-to-speech feature.Iykyk. 😜

TikTok pros

  • It is widely accessible with TikTok having over 1.1 billion users worldwide
  • It is free and easy to use

TikTok cons

  • TikTok's AI voiceover generator may have limited customization options
  • It has a robotic sound

TikTok pricing

  • The TikTok app is free to use

89. Uberduck

Uberduck text to speech has more than 5000 expressive voices you can choose for your voiceover, and it also allows you to clone your own voice. You can use it for fun (you can have the voice sing or rap) or for commercial purposes. Paid plans start at $10/month.

Uberduck pros

  • The tool allows you to generate AI singing and rapping vocals (not just speaking)
  • It also supports lyrics generation
  • If you're a singer, voice actor, or rapper, you can earn money from your voice by partnering with Uberduck

Uberduck cons

  • The cloned voice may still sound a bit robotic
  • The free version only allows you to generate voices for non-commercial use

Uberduck pricing

  • Free: for non-commercial use and 300 render credits per month
  • Creator: $9.99/month for commercial use and 3600 render credits per month
  • Enterprise: $500/month for commercial use and 500k+ render credits per month


Want to extract different sounds from your video or audio? LALAL.AI is an AI audio tool that can do this using machine learning algorithms quickly and precisely. With this top-notch AI system, you can remove voices or any instruments from files without losing quality. You can try it for free for 10 minutes and get 5 extra minutes for following them on Reddit. 


  • Precision in sound extraction for not only voices, but also instruments
  • The tool can extract vocals and music from audio and video files
  • You can use it in a browser or as a mobile app


  • The tool is primarily designed for musicians, sound producers, and music engineers
  • Everytime you want to login you need to authorize via email, which is annoying to some users

LALAL.AI pricing

  • Individual plans start at $15 for 90 minutes
  • Business plans start at $75 for 750 minutes

AI Design Tools

The online world is a visual one, and whether you like it or not, basic design skills are almost a must today. Remember how much time you spent the last time designing a presentation or a simple social media banner? 😧

Well, you can always go with a designer, but that’s rather expensive and time-consuming. If you want to design your visual materials quickly and in a scalable way, the answer is simple:

Use an AI design tool. Or several of them. There are plenty artificial intelligence tools for (non)designers on the market, and they can help you create nice and on-brand visuals in a snap. You don’t have to spend hours and lots of money on your designs — let AI do the work instead.

91. Fontjoy

We all know that more fonts together look better than a single one, but when it comes to selecting them… That’s when things get complicated. But worry not! This AI design tool helps you pair fonts using deep learning, so you don’t have to rely on your intuition anymore. It’s free and open source.

Fontjoy pros

  • Using Fontjoy, you can easily improve the overall aesthetics of your designs
  • The tool works in a web browser and requires no signup 
  • It allows you to preview the fonts using custom text, such as your company name

Fontjoy cons

  • While the AI can assist in font pairing, design preferences can be highly subjective
  • The effectiveness of the font pairings suggested by the AI may vary
  • There are not many customization options to preview the fonts

Fontjoy pricing

  • This online tool is free to use

92. Looka

Need to design a logo and other branded materials, but you’re not a designer? Looka helps you make a logo in seconds. You can select different styles, fonts, layouts, and more until you have the perfect logo for your business. You can download multiple variations of your logo: black and white, coloured, or with a transparent background. Paid plans start at $4.99/month.

Looka pros

  • It offers a variety of customization options to design the perfect logo
  • It not only designs logos but also creates various mockups to give you a preview
  • It doesn’t just randomly create logos - the output is based on your brand’s characteristics

Looka cons

  • Limited design capabilities compared to professional design software
  • Customization options may not meet the needs of advanced designers
  • Some logos it generates might look a bit generic

Looka pricing

There are two ways to purchase your logo:

  • Option 1: get a logo and brand kit - from $96/year
  • Option 2: get a logo only - from $20 per logo

93. Design Beast

This AI design platform combines several design features under one roof: Mockup Engine, Logo Factory, Image Editor, Object Remover, Background Remover and Pixel Perfect. It’s a good solution if you’re not a designer, as it has many ready-to-use templates for different use cases. Prices start at a one-time payment of $67.

Design Beast pros

  • The tool is beginner friendly and really easy to use
  • Design Beast is a comprehensive design solution, as it includes six design apps bundled together
  • Once you purchase the tool, you get unlimited usage forever

Design Beast cons

  • You need to log in before you can start exploring their website
  • You will be offered many upsells while using the tool
  • The tool does not offer a free trial

Design Beast pricing

  • You can purchase Design Beast for a one-time price of $69.

94. Jitter

Jitter helps you create animated designs in seconds. You can animate text and other elements of your design. It’s perfect for animating interfaces or creating social media and other communication materials. An extensive library of templates is available. The Basic plan is free to use, but if you need high-quality exports without watermarks, the Pro plan costs $12/month.

Jitter pros

  • It works in a browser, and also integrates with Figma
  • The designs you create in Jitter are fully customizable
  • You can export your animations in different formats: 4K video, GIF and Lottie

Jitter cons

  • Some personal users may find it costly
  • It is made for a specific use case, so you will still need a separate design tool

Jitter pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $18/month
  • Team: $18/user/month

95. Beautiful.ai

Make presentations like a designer with a little help from AI. Beautiful.ai includes hundreds of templates you can easily customize. There are also tons of stock photos and videos you can use, the ability to upload audio tracks, and collaboration features to streamline your work. Prices start at $12/month, but the tool also lets you buy ad-hoc projects for $45/project.

Beautiful.ai pros

  • You can easily visualize your data with pre-designed charts
  • You can search for inspiration, existing content, or slide layout templates in their slide library
  • You can collaborate with your team while working on presentations

Beautiful.ai cons

  • It is yet another tool for presentations – you will still need other tools in your design toolkit
  • The $45 cost for ad-hoc projects could be considered relatively high
  • The AI may lack the ability to tell stories in a creative, unexpected way

Beautiful.ai pricing

  • Ad-hoc: $45/presentation
  • Pro: $12/month
  • Team: $50/user/month
  • Enterprise: custom plans and pricing

96. Designs.ai

This AI design tool covers all visual aspects of content marketing — it helps you easily create logos, videos, banners, voiceovers, and mockups. They offer 2 subscription tiers, and you can also pay per project if you want.

Designs.ai pros

  • The tool covers a wide range of visual content needs, from logos to videos
  • The tool offers easy assets sharing to increase productivity

Designs.ai cons

  • The Basic plan does not include all the features
  • The Basic plan only supports English language
  • There is no mobile app, so you can only access your designs via browser

Designs.ai pricing

  • Basic: $25/month for quick and easy projects
  • Enterprise: custom prices for more demanding users

97. Let's enhance

No more grainy images! Let's enhance is a versatile image enhancer and upscaler that instantly improves image resolution, quality, and clarity with just one click. It can generate high-quality AI art and increase the resolution of user-generated content, making your photos ready for large-scale canvases.

Let’s Enhance pros

  • Batch editing capability 
  • One-click presents
  • Using this tool, you can also use its text-to-image generator

Let’s Enhance cons

  • Mandatory registration to see how the tool works
  • Complex pricing structure that takes some time to understand

Let’s Enhance pricing

  • Free: includes 10 images with watermarks
  • $12/month: offers 100 images per month with monthly billing
  • $24/month: provides 300 images per month with monthly billing
  • $34/month: allows for 500 images per month with monthly billing

98. Uizard

Are you even a designer if you don’t have tens of screenshots of good pages+apps you like? Well, Uizard can turn screenshots into editable designs and even transform your sketches into designs automatically. Whether you're working on landing pages, apps, or wireframes, Uizard has got you covered with its intuitive and time-saving features.

Uizard pros

  • Uizard streamlines the design process, saving designers valuable time
  • Uizard offers an intuitive interface and user-friendly features
  • Uizard also offers real time collaboration for teams
  • Uizard has recently introduced a new text-to.design feature

Uizard cons

  • Automated conversions may lack the customization options
  • Some users report some usability issues

Uizard pricing

  • Free
  • Pro: $12 creator/month
  • Business: $39 creator/month

99. Tome

It’s 2024 and making a presentation still takes… days. Sounds familiar? Then check out Tome, a versatile AI tool for presentations. By typing a prompt into the command bar, Tome generates stunning presentations for you, making it a breeze to transform strategy documents, creative briefs, websites, and long-form content into captivating presentations.

Tome pros

  • Tome’s idea-to-presentation feature
  • It allows you to give your work more context with AV overlays
  • You can embed files from Figma, YouTube, Twitter, Miro, and other tools

Tome cons

  • Relying solely on AI-generated presentations may risk sacrificing the unique human touch 
  • Currently, Tome AI only supports English-language content

Tome pricing

  • Free:
  • Pro: $10 per person billed monthly
  • Enterprise: custom plans and prices

AI Business Tools

If you run your own business — especially a small one — you probably wear several hats. You’re dealing with customers, doing admin work, business processes… All this requires excellent time management and different skills. 

Ever thought about using some help from AI tools for small businesses? They can help you automate processes, save time on repetitive manual tasks, and increase revenue. And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. In fact, many of these AI tools are designed specifically for small businesses, so why not give them a try?

100. Namelix

Getting the business idea is easy. But giving your business a name… Not so much. Every name you come up with sounds silly. Weird. Bland. Yup, we all know the feeling. 😁

How about asking Namelix for some help? All you have to do is enter your keywords, choose the level of randomness, and pick a naming style. The tool will then generate various suggestions for your brand name for free.

Namelix pros

  • It prompts you to provide business details for accurate idea generation
  • It works in a browser, without having to register
  • It generates multiple suggestionsto increase the likelihood of finding a suitable name

Namelix cons

  • The tool may suggest unoriginal names because it uses user-provided keywords
  • The quality and appeal of the suggested brand names may vary

Namelix pricing

  • Namelix provides its name generation service for free.

101. Textio

The job market has changed in recent years, and finding top talent is something many businesses big and small struggle with. That’s why it’s so important to have a consistent and optimized copy when it comes to attracting talent.

Textio is an AI tool that gives your writing research-backed language guidance and detects social bias in your content. It integrates with apps like Workday, Greenhouse, Outlook and Gmail, but if you want, you can also use their platform. And the price? For that, you should book a demo.

Textio pros

  • You can access Textio directly in Workday, Greenhouse, Oracle, and other tools
  • Textio provides research-backed language guidance
  • Textio’s AI can detect bias, such as gendered phrases, racism, age bias, and more

Textio cons

  • The lack of transparent pricing information may be a drawback for potential users
  • Users may need some time to familiarize themselves with the tool and its features

Textio pricing

  • The pricing is not public, users should request a demo for pricing information

102. Flatlogic

Thinking about developing your own web app? Flatlogic can save you (or your mobile developers) tons of time and development costs. Teams use this AI tool to build web apps, create CMSs, online databases, and more. You choose the technology stack, and template that looks good to you and customize it to your needs. Review, connect to Github, and your app is ready to be deployed. Their pricing starts at $299/app/year.

Flatlogic pros

  • It comes with 49 templates to help you get started
  • You can schedule a call with the Flatlogic team to deliver your web app even faster
  • They’ve recently introduced Flatlogic AI, a feature that generates apps based on text input

Flatlogic cons

  • Starting at $299 per app per year, the cost may be a significant consideration
  • While designed to simplify web app development, users may still face a learning curve

Flatlogic pricing

  • Individual: $299.00/app/year
  • Professional: $2,990.00/app/year
  • Enterprise: custom prices for plans adjusted to your individual requirements

103. Weblium

So how should you create a website for your business? Weblium helps you build one easily and quickly. You don’t need any design or coding skills as they offer more than 300 templates for mobile-friendly websites. Each website comes with a free domain, but you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan to customize it.

Weblium pros

  • It integrates with Google Analytics, Zapier, Hotjar, and other marketing tools
  • With over 300 templates, users have the flexibility to choose a design that suits their brand
  • Using Weblium Studio, you can collaborate on your website with real designers

Weblium cons

  • While templates are convenient, they may have limitations in terms of customization
  • Relying solely on templates may limit the originality and uniqueness of your website design

Weblium pricing

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Pro: $15/month
  • Studio: from $250/site

104. Zia

Imagine having your business assistant available 24/7. A person to help you gather data, understand important insights and advanced analytics, translate your emails and help you write, and more. Well, here it is. Not a person, but an AI assistant named Zia.

Zia pros

  • Zia's analysis of client behavior helps businesses contact clients at the most opportune times
  • Zia's ability to predict which deals are likely to close allows sales reps to prioritize their efforts
  • Zia is good at anomaly detection and will send you a notification when action is needed

Zia cons

  • The AI companion works within the Zoho CRM only
  • The accuracy of Zia's deal predictions may not always be perfect
  • Implementing and effectively utilizing AI tools like Zia may require time and effort

Zia pricing

  • Zia is a part of the Zoho CRM platform, and their pricing is not publicly available

105. Resume.io

Looking for a job? Then a great resume is something that will set you apart from other applicants. Using resume.io, you can easily create your resume and cover letter based on 18 templates created by experts. It also helps you with pre-written phrases triggered by adding a job title and spell check your copy. You can try it for free. 

Resume.io pros

  • The templates it uses are field-tested with real recruiters
  • Users can test the tool for free
  • Users can export the generated resume to Word or share it as a link

Resume.io cons

  • While the templates are convenient, they may have limitations in terms of customization
  • Using the pre-written templates potentially leads to resumes that look similar to others

Resume.io pricing

  • Free: one resume and one cover letter
  • 7 day trial: $3 for unlimited resumes and cover letters
  • 6 months premium: $45 for unlimited resumes and cover letters
  • 12 months premium: $75 for unlimited resumes and cover letters

106. Kickresume

Another AI tool that can assist you in polishing your resume is Kickresume. Utilizing AI, it generates various sections for your CV, such as summary, work experience, and education. Additionally, you can pair it with a visually matching cover letter. And the best part? There's a free version available for you to test it out.

Kickresume pros

  • The resume builder has a conversational interface
  • The tool also offers a guide, expert advice, and examples
  • The tool supports most of the languages

Kickresume cons

  • Some resume elements only come as Premium features (skills, strengths, hobbies)
  • Templates may offer limited room for personalization

Kickresume pricing

  • Free: 4 basic resume and cover letter templates
  • Monthly: €19/ month, 35 basic resume and cover letter templates
  • Quarterly: €12/ month, 35 basic resume and cover letter templates
  • Yearly: €5/ month, 35 basic resume and cover letter templates

107. Timely

One of the best ways to track productivity is to track the time you and your team spend on different tasks. But the administrative burden of manual tracking can also take up a lot of your time. Well, not anymore. Timely automatically records the time spent in different work apps through native integrations. They offer a 14-day free trial, while their most popular plan is $14/month.

Timely pros

  • Some companies report their business’s profitability by up to 30%
  • Timely has many native integrations so you can connect data across your existing toolkit
  • Timely has a strict anti-surveillance policy, so they don’t use shady methods such as employee screenshots and keystroke monitoring

Timely cons

  • Some users miss a principal timer that can be fully managed by them (starting and stopping)
  • Subscription costs

Timely pricing

  • Starter: $11/month/user, max 5 users
  • Premium: $20/month/user, max 50 users
  • Unlimited: $50/month/user, 50+ users

108. Landbot

Want to build your very own chatbot but have no coding skills? Landbot is an intuitive platform that helps you deploy your chatbot in no time. The platform offers a library of templates, simple WhatsApp automation, and an API. It automatically syncs your data across multiple platforms. The starter plan costs €30/mo.

Landbot pros

  • It is a no-code chatbot builder, which makes it accessible to a wider audience
  • The platform offers a library of templates you can easily customize
  • You can also use Landbot to deploy chatbots in your own apps and channels

Landbot cons

  • While user-friendly, there may still be a learning curve for those new to chatbot development
  • Some users would like to see more customization options

Landbot pricing

  • There’s different pricing for website chatbots and WhatsApp chatbots.
  • Website chatbots start at €30/month
  • WhatsApp chatbots start at €150/month

109. Boost.ai

Boost.ai is a conversation builder that leverages AI to give your customers the right answers based on advanced natural language processing and your training inputs. It works on your website as well as on multiple platforms such as Slack, Zendesk, and Teams. 

Boost.ai pros

  • Using this tool, you will no longer need developers to automate your CX
  • It is compatible with various platforms, including websites, Slack, Zendesk, and Teams

Boost.ai cons

  • Relying on AI-driven customer support may lead to potential issues if technical problems occur
  • Training the AI chatbot requires an initial investment of time and effort

Boost.ai pricing

  • There’s no public info about the price, and you should book a demo to find out more 

110. Yooz

Owning a business also means having to deal with invoices. How about a paperless, automated solution, powered by AI? You can request a free 15-day trial or subscribe to the platform (the price depends on the volume of documents processed).

Yooz pros

  • Ease of use
  • It automatically stores invoices in one place
  • It automatically populates familiar information on invoices

Yooz cons

  • The pricing model based on document volume may lead to cost variability
  • Some users say it’s not equipped to process large batches of invoices

Yooz pricing

  • Free 15-day trial
  • After the trial, the price is based on the volume of documents processed

111. RAD AI

It’s often said that today, every company should become a media company. But it’s not enough to create content — you should create content that resonates with your target audience. RAD AI combines data with authentic content across all marketing channels. It focuses on building authentic, emotional relationships by analyzing past performance and developing strategies for future content.

RAD AI pros

  • The tool prioritizes the development of authentic and emotional connections
  • RAD AI combines data and analytics to inform content creation and marketing strategies
  • RAD AI analyzes past content performance to refine future content strategies
  • RAD AI uses Reddit and 600+ API-based data connections to find the optimal influencer, persona and creative strategy 

RAD AI cons

  • The pricing is not shown on their website
  • There may be a learning curve to learn how to use all the features

RAD AI pricing

112. DigitalGenius

Having good support for your customers is crucial to keeping them satisfied. This AI marketing tool deals with customers like a real person… except it’s not. It integrates into your stack and covers more than 50 e-commerce use cases, from order updates to refunds to loyalty programmes. Not sure this is the right tool for you? Don’t worry — they offer a free trial with full access to the platform.

DigitalGenius pros

  • It improves customer satisfaction and engagement
  • It is multilingual and works across channels
  • With support for over 50 e-commerce use cases, the tool can address a wide range of customer inquiries

DigitalGenius cons

  • Integrating the tool into your existing stack may require technical expertise
  • Some languages doesn’t work as good as English

DigitalGenius pricing

  • You should book a demo for more info on pricing

113. Conversica

Here’s a group of assistants to help your revenue team convert even more opportunities. Your AI assistants team is super smart, hardworking, and never sleeps. As a result, they can respond to inquiries within minutes and engage with prospects in a personalized manner in real time. 

Conversica pros

  • It is optimized especially for the enterprise
  • It can respond to inquiries within minutes, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction
  • It operates around the clock, even outside regular working hours

Conversica cons

  • Relying solely on AI assistants may create a dependence on technology
  • The responses may not always match the user’s intent
  • Its interface is a bit confusing to understand at first

Conversica pricing

  • There’s no public pricing, but some sources say it costs $2.999/month

114. Acrolinx

This is one of the AI marketing tools that create enterprise content for multiple touchpoints with your customers. Acrolinx helps you analyze your existing content and set goals for the content you want it to improve for you. It gives you a score of different aspects of your content (clarity, accessibility, tone of voice, and others), and also suggests alternative phrasings.

Acrolinx pros

  • Efficient content creation for various customer touchpoints
  • It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing content
  • It offers a scoring system for content aspects like clarity, accessibility, and tone of voice

Acrolinx cons

  • Implementing Acrolinx can be expensive
  • Users may face a learning curve in understanding and maximizing the tool's potential

Acrolinx pricing

  • The pricing is not publicly available, so you should contact the sales team for more information

115. MyWave

It’s a no-brainer that personalized communication leads to better business results. No one likes to be served generic content. MyWave combines AI and personal data from previous interactions so that every communication with the customer appears highly personalized. 

MyWave pros

  • Highly personalized communications
  • Real-time adaptation of processes for each individual user

MyWave cons

  • Integrating MyWave into an existing business infrastructure may be complex and time-consuming
  • Implementing and maintaining a powerful Gen-AI platform like MyWave can be expensive

MyWave pricing

  • Contact sales for pricing information, as it is not publicly available

116. Abe

Abe helps you create and implement virtual financial assistants in the field of online banking. The goal is simple: To make your customers’ financial journey easier and more enjoyable. Abe uses natural language for communication and native financial intelligence to help you make better financial decisions. 

Abe pros

  • Conversational AI, like Abe, offers a more user-friendly and personalized banking experience
  • These AI solutions provide round-the-clock support, which is beneficial for users
  • AI-driven financial intelligence can provide valuable insights and recommendations

Abe cons

  • While conversational AI can provide quick and efficient responses, it lacks personal touch
  • Systems like Abe may not always fully understand complex or nuanced customer inquiries
  • Integrating conversational AI into existing banking systems can be complex 

Abe pricing

  • You should get in touch with the provider via their website for more information

117. Poplar.Studio

Online shopping is huge, but imagine the boost it would get if people had the ability to try on clothes virtually and visualise products in their home environment. Poplar.Studio enables you to do just that. With its AR and 3D solutions, it helps shoppers make better choices through advanced virtual displays of goods, from jewellery to cars to furniture. 

Poplar.Studio pros

  • Enhanced and interactive shopping experience
  • Versatility across industries, from fashion to furniture
  • Improved decision-making and reduced return rates as a consequence

Poplar.Studio cons

  • Integrating AR and 3D solutions into existing platforms can be technically challenging
  • The accuracy and realism of virtual try-on and product visualization may vary
  • Developing and implementing AR and 3D capabilities can be costly

Poplar.Studio pricing

  • Before receiving a quotation, the Poplar.Studio website will prompt you to provide a brief about your project

118. GitHub Copilot

Ever heard of pair programming? Well, GitHub’s Copilot feels like a buddy… except it’s actually AI. It’s trained on natural language text and public source code, so it helps you write code faster and with less work. You simply describe what you want it to code (in natural, everyday language), and it suggests code and entire functions in real time. They offer a 60-day free trial, and after that, it costs $10/month/user.

GitHub Copilot pros

  • Natural language input
  • Developers can write code more quickly and with less manual work

GitHub Copilot cons

  • It doesn’t work great in any languages
  • Developers may need time to adapt to the tool 
  • While Copilot can expedite coding, it may not always produce code that meets the highest standards of quality and security

GitHub Copilot pricing

  • For individuals: $10/month
  • For business: $19/user/month

119. AdCreative.ai

This one could also fall under design tools, but we consider it a business tool. AdCreative.ai swiftly generates conversion-focused ad creatives and social media posts. By specifying your target audience and platform, the AI selects the ideal tone and length while addressing their pain points.

AdCreative.ai pros

  • It reduces the time spent on content creation
  • It tailors ad creatives and posts based on specified target audience and platform

AdCreative.ai cons

  • Potential lack of originality
  • Limited customization
  • Complex pricing plans

AdCreative.ai pricing

  • Startup plans: from $21/month
  • Professional plans: from $141/month
  • Agency plans: from $499/month

120. Cohesive

Like it or not, your business is nothing if people don't know about it. So, to spread the word, you'll have to create content - a lot of content. Here's where Cohesive can help you. It offers text and image generation within one tool, while also providing 150+ ready-to-use templates for various content categories. And the best thing? There's a free plan for up to 10,000 words/month!

Cohesive pros

  • Cohesive simplifies content creation by offering text and image generation in a single tool
  • They’ve recently introduced AI voices 
  • The platform provides a wide range of ready-to-use templates

Cohesive cons

  • AI-generated content may lack the creativity and uniqueness of human-created content
  • Some users report the tool is a bit clunky

Cohesive pricing

  • Free: limited functionalities, powered by GPT 3.5
  • Creator: $25/editor/month, limited functionalities, powered by GPT 4
  • Agency: $45/editor/month, unlimited functionalities

121. Reply

How about scaling one of the most important aspects of your business - sales - with AI? Reply is an AI-powered sales platform that automates outreach, handles customer responses, and optimizes sales engagement. It offers a full-cycle solution with email discovery, automated sequences, CRM integration, and result analysis.

Reply pros

  • The AI allows for personalized engagement, even when reaching out to a large number of prospects
  • Reply's AI can provide valuable insights through result analysis
  • It offers multiple integrations with your existing email providers and CRM systems

Reply cons

  • While automated, the outreach may sometimes come across as impersonal
  • Users may require time to adapt to the platform and fully leverage its features

Reply pricing

  • There are different pricing models for businesses and agencies
  • Plans for businesses start from $60/user/month
  • Agency pricing is flexible and prorated based on usage

122. Lalaland

If you work in the fashion industry, this AI tool can change the way you create products. Lalaland allows you to showcase your creations with zero physical samples needed. All you have to do is select a model/avatar, style it with your new design, and render the final image. They offer different plans, including multiple body sizes, hairstyles, body shapes, custom poses, and more.

Lalaland pros

  • Lalaland reduces costs and environmental impact of visual product showcasing
  • The tool offers a range of customization features

Lalaland cons

  • Users may need time to become proficient in using the tool effectively
  • Designs created and presented virtually may not fully capture how they will look and function in real-life settings
  • The price is relatively high

Lalaland pricing

  • Freemium: 1 model per size, up to 5 renders per month
  • Business: $600/user/month, unlimited models, up to 50 renders per month
  • Enterprise: $900/user/month, unlimited models and renders
  • Exclusive: custom plans and prices

AI Research Tools

Many students and researchers are already using AI for research purposes. It makes staying up to date on the latest research a whole lot easier, and also helps with organizing your favorite research papers and citing them correctly.

From generating summaries of long research papers to sending notifications about new trends in your field, AI for research saves you a great deal of time and effort. 📚 If you’re in academia, you should give these AI tools a try — they’re affordable, accurate, and work super fast, so you don’t have to. 😉

123. Genei

We all know that research can be very time consuming. That’s why Genei uses AI to speed up your research process. The tool can automatically summarize any PDF or website. You can also ask it questions, and it will provide short, summarized answers based on resources. The Basic plan is $3.99/month, and a free trial is available.

Genei pros

  • 98% of users say that Genei saves them time
  • Genei comes with a Chrome extension so you can summarize webpages on the go
  • Documents can be stored in customisable projects and folders

Genei cons

  • The Pro plan has 70% higher quality AI, which makes the Basic plan look obsolete
  • Rephrasing and paraphrasing functionality is only available on the Pro plan
  • The accuracy of summarization and answers provided by the AI may vary

Genei pricing

  • Basic: $3.99/month
  • Pro: $19.99/month

124. Iris.ai

Iris.ai is a workspace for your research that leverages AI to help you with everything research-related. It allows you to upload documents and connect to different data sets, and then apply the software’s comprehensive features to them. This research tool can filter and extract data, understand contexts, and generate summaries. You can request a demo on their website.

Iris.ai pros

  • Iris.ai leverages AI to assist with various research tasks, not just one
  • It is trained on a large set of scientific articles
  • The ability to upload documents and connect to different data sets

Iris.ai cons

  • Utilizing AI-powered research tools like Iris.ai may require some learning and adaptation
  • While AI can be powerful, it is not infallible, which can be especially problematic for academics

Iris.ai pricing

  • There is no pricing displayed -- in case you want to know more, you should request a demo

125. Semantic Scholar

Want to discover new scientific knowledge faster? Semantic Scholar helps you stay up to date with the latest research trends in your field. It indexes more than 2 million academic research papers and can extract key findings from them in seconds. This AI for research can also help you cite and find influential literature, and will notify you of new papers or citations of your interest. You can use it for free.

Semantic Scholar pros

  • Semantic Scholar is free to use
  • The AI's ability to extract key findings from research papers can save researchers valuable time
  • They have recently introduced Semantic Reader, an additional AI tool for researchers

Semantic Scholar cons

  • While Semantic Scholar provides access to a vast collection of papers, it may not cover every niche
  • Researchers must trust the AI's ability to identify and recommend relevant papers

Semantic Scholar pricing

  • The tool is free to use

126. Elicit

Elicit is another AI tool for researchers based on GPT-3. People use it as an AI powered search engine to quickly find relevant papers and provide abstracts. You simply write your question and Elicit will find the best answers for you — for free.

Elicit pros

  • It helps you find answers based on the questions you type in
  • Besides that, it also helps with brainstorming, summarization, and text classification

Elicit cons

  • You can try the tool out, but that requires creating a profile
  • Elicit offers a vast paper collection, but it might miss niche topics
  • It can save you time, but it is not a substitute for human judgement

Elicit pricing

  • Elicit is free to use and works in any browser

127. Wizdom.ai

Wizdom.ai is a natural language processing platform that helps people make better decisions by understanding and extracting insights from data. You enter the topic of your interest, and it will offer various insights: publication activity, citation trends, top publishers and authors… It is used by companies and organizations to make sense of data and gain actionable insights.

Wizdom.ai pros

  • Users can input their topic of interest, and the tool provides insights
  • Users have good filtering options to find the best sources
  • Users can create references at the click of a button

Wizdom.ai cons

  • Users must rely on the accuracy of the natural language processing algorithms, which may not always be perfect
  • Some users report that the product is a bit clunky

Wizdom.ai pricing

  • The tool is free for individuals and organizations

AI Tools for the Everyday

Admit it — there are some things in your life that simply take up too much time. Finding the right Excel formula, for example. Or updating your CV every time you decide it’s time to start looking for a new job. Or organizing your personal finances. 💸

But hey, it’s 2024, and there’s an AI productivity tool for each of these areas. These tools help with repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can stop wasting your time on them. With these apps, you can finally focus on the tasks that really matter while the AI takes care of the rest without you even noticing.

128. TimeHero

Being organized is being in control - it's not only true for major corporations, but for individuals as well. Become the hero of your time with this AI productivity tool that keeps you on track with all your tasks. Connect your calendar, add tasks, and connect the apps you use on a daily basis. TimeHero creates an adaptive work schedule for you, so you can focus on your work instead of planning. 

TimeHero pros

  • Integration with calendars and daily apps, such as Office 365 and Google calendars
  • You can plan tasks from emails without leaving Gmail
  • Adaptive work schedule for enhanced focus

TimeHero cons

  • The tool may not suit everyone's workflow preferences
  • Reduced functionality on lower-tier plans

TimeHero pricing

  • Basic: $5 per user, per month, limited features
  • Professional: $12 per user, per month, limited features
  • Premium: $27 per user, per month, all features included

129. Wade

How do you handle your career advancement? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to give you advice based on your ambitions and even update your CV for you (admit it — you haven’t updated it for ages)? Meet Wade, your personal career guide who will help you with your job search, journaling your career, and more!

Wade pros

  • Personalized career advice based on individual ambitions
  • Potential for objective, data-driven insights into career choices
  • The more you interact with it, the smarter it becomes

Wade cons

  • Potential reliance on AI for critical career decisions
  • Limited ability to handle complex, nuanced career situations
  • Some users may have privacy concerns related to sharing personal career information

Wade pricing

  • The tool is free for job seekers

130. Josh

Josh is a voice-controlled AI system that can be used to control various smart home devices, including lights, thermostats, and door locks. It can also be used to provide information about the weather, traffic, and news. So can you use it in your home? That depends on your devices, you should check the list of supported devices.

Josh pros

  • Integration with various smart home gadgets, enhancing automation
  • Provides real-time information on external factors
  • Distinctive, minimalist design to blend into any space

Josh cons

  • Dependence on voice commands, which may not always be accurate
  • Initial setup and learning curve for users 
  • Compatibility limited to supported devices

Josh pricing

  • One should contact their sales team for pricing info

131. Wallet.ai

Are you good at managing your daily finances, or is this something that could be improved? Wallet.ai is an app that sorts your data based on your spending patterns (collected from other apps, your locations, etc.) and gives timely financial advice through alerts and recommendations. This is an invite-only app.

Wallet.ai pros

  • Wallet.ai uses spending patterns and location data to provide tailored financial advice
  • Wallet.ai is a mobile app, which means it is always with you whenever you need it
  • Wallet.ai offers real-time alerts and suggestions to improve financial habits

Wallet.ai cons

  • The invite-only nature of the app may restrict access to those who don't have an invitation
  • Collecting location and spending data may raise privacy issues

Wallet.ai pricing

  • You can request an invite on their website 

132. Excelformulabot

Text-to-speech, text-to-image, and now finally: text-to-excel formula. 🙌 This productivity tool saves you the frustration of using complex Excel formulas — you simply describe a problem you want to solve (with words), and it turns your problem into a formula in seconds. This super smart tool costs $6.99/month.

Excelformulabot pros

  • It makes Excel more accessible to individuals who are not proficient in formula programming
  • Additionally, you can use the tool to analyze the data in your spreadsheet
  • The tool is free for non-profits

Excelformulabot cons

  • While affordable, the recurring $6.99/month fee may add up over time 
  • It may not handle highly intricate or specialized Excel formulas

Excelformulabot pricing

  • Basic: free
  • Premium: $6.99/month for more advanced features

133. Brain.fm

Want to be more productive? Brain.fm offers the most advanced and scientifically backed background music, produced to affect your brain the way you want it to. In the app, you select your favorite genres, your current mental state, activity, and duration, and you get the optimal music to stimulate your brain. 

Brain.fm pros

  • You can use it on the web or download Android or iOS app
  • The music experience is still customizable
  • User-friendly interface

Brain.fm cons

  • The impact of the music on productivity can vary from person to person
  • The relatively high subscription fee may be a drawback for some users

Brain.fm pricing

  • Monthly: $6.99/month
  • Yearly: $49.99/year

134. Rewind

Using Rewind is like having a flawless memory. It records everything you see, hear, and say, and makes it easily searchable. With Rewind, you can quickly find meeting decisions, products you were looking for, or that one tweet you saw. So, no more note-taking - simply ask, and it will provide the answers you need based on your history.

Rewind pros

  • There’s a 30-day free trial available
  • Your screen and audio recordings are stored locally

Rewind cons

  • It is only available for Mac and iOS
  • Recording everything may raise privacy issues
  • The price seems relatively high

Rewind pricing

  • Free: limited search and transcription capabilities
  • Pro: $29 per user per month

135. Futurenda

Another productivity tool for managing your time is Futurenda. It helps you create a dynamic agenda of your activities, so you always know what’s coming up next and when certain tasks can be completed.

Futurenda pros

  • Improved and visualized task planning
  • User-friendly interface

Futurenda cons

  • Limited adaptability to unexpected changes
  • It only works on iOS and Android, the web version is currently in beta

Futurenda pricing

  • Free: 30-day trial
  • Monthly: $5.99
  • Yearly: $59.99

136. Tripnotes.ai

If only there was an app to help organize trips 🤔… 

Well, we're not there (yet), but you can join this waitlist to get early access to Tripnotes. It's a powerful travel planner that harnesses the power of data to make your trip planning a breeze. With Tripnotes, you can easily paste in any travel inspiration, whether it's from text messages, saved social media content, or blogs. The app automatically saves and researches each place you mention, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. What's more, Tripnotes offers built-in collaboration features, allowing you to plan your trip together with others!

Tripnotes.ai pros

  • It has a conversational interface to help you with planning
  • It utilizes data to simplify and enhance the trip-planning process
  • It offers built-in collaboration features for group trip planning

Tripnotes.ai cons

  • geWaitlist access only
  • Dependency on data accuracy

Tripnotes.ai pricing

  • There’s currently a waitlist for this app, and the pricing is not known yet

137. ThankYouNote

Hey, when was the last time you wrote a personalized thank-you note? It's a nice little gesture anyone can do, even if you don't consider yourself a writer.

ThankYouNote.app is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized thank-you notes for any occasion. Simply provide the name of the person you're thanking, what they did, and the benefit to you, and the tool will create a customized note expressing your appreciation.

ThankYouNote pros

  • Even individuals who are not confident writers can easily use the tool 
  • The tool allows users to input specific details about the recipient
  • Suitable for various occasions

ThankYouNote cons

  • Potential lack of personal touch
  • Dependency on AI accuracy
  • The notes it generates are fairly short

ThankYouNote pricing

  • The tool works in a browser and is free to use

138. GymBuddy

GymBuddy is an AI-powered app designed to assist you in creating tailored workout routines. With GymBuddy, you can focus on specific body parts and eliminate the guesswork at the gym. By setting your fitness level, the app provides appropriate exercises and guides you through each session. So if you're looking for a personalized fitness experience, this app might be worth a try!

GymBuddy pros

  • GymBuddy tailors workouts specifically for you
  • GymBuddy is a user-friendly platform accessible on your mobile device

GymBuddy cons

  • Workouts are generated at minimum for two-week intervals
  • AI-driven guidance lacks the personal touch and motivation

GymBuddy pricing

  • The app is free to download, but offers in-app purchases
  • GymBuddy tokens: $3.99

139. Let's Foodie

Let's Foodie is an AI recipe generator that takes the guesswork out of meal planning. Simply enter your list of ingredients (with or without quantities), and your personal AI chef will create a custom recipe with instructions just for you.

Let’s Foodie pros

  • The app streamlines the process of creating recipes based on available ingredients
  • The app provides clear instructions, making it suitable for both experienced and novice cooks
  • You can enter a list of ingredients with or without quantities

Let’s Foodie cons

  • AI-generated recipes may lack the culinary innovation and personal touch
  • Users may encounter recipes that may not align with their taste preferences
  • The generated recipes come in text-only, would be nice if they came with some images

Let’s Foodie pricing

  • The tool works in a browser and is free to use

140. Style DNA

StyleDNA is your AI-powered personal stylist, combining expert image consultants and advanced technology to offer instant, personalized fashion recommendations. Based on your personal style, figure, fit, and preferred colors, it helps you choose the right outfits for any occasion. 👔👗👚

Style DNA pros

  • Personalized fashion recommendations
  • Informed shopping choices based on the user’s personal style, figure, inspiration…
  • Based on one selfie, the app will reveal colours and clothes that fit your face

Style DNA cons

  • Some users may find it costly
  • While AI-driven recommendations are valuable, they may not always align perfectly with individual preferences

Style DNA pricing

  • 3 months subscription: $19.99
  • Annual subscription: $39.99

141. Wysa

Wysa is an AI-powered conversational care platform for mental health. It creates a safe and anonymous space to address worries and stressors, offering curated programs and on-demand support. With check-ins, human coaching options, and 150+ evidence-based exercises, Wysa helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety while providing day-to-day stress management tools.

Wysa pros

  • Wysa's clinically validated AI provides quick and immediate assistance
  • Users can openly discuss their worries and stressors in a safe and confidential environment
  • The app provides evidence-based exercises and programs

Wysa cons

  • While it offers some human coaching options, the primary support is AI-driven, which may not provide the same level of empathy and understanding as human therapists
  • The app's effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety may vary among individuals

Wysa pricing

  • You can download the app for Android and iOS for free, but it offers additional in-app purchases, such as 1:1 life coaching sessions, video therapy sessions, and therapist access

142. CF Spark

How about adding a spark of creativity to your everyday life with this completely free AI image generator? Simply type in your prompt, and the AI will generate an image for you. You can also join the vibrant community of CF Spark's creators, who share their inspiring projects on a daily basis.

CF Spark pros

  • The tool offers a fun and easy way to spark creativity for an average user
  • The fact that it's completely free makes it accessible to a wide range of users
  • Users can join a community of creators and share their creations with others

CF Spark cons

  • The generated images may not always align with user expectations or prompt inputs

CF Spark pricing

  • The price is $29.99/year and it also includes other tools offered by Creative Fabrica (the parent platform of CF Spark)

143. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is a search engine with recently integrated AI-powered features. It offers web, video, image, and map search, as well as real-time chat and creation capabilities. Powered by GPT-4, Bing provides up-to-date information and citations.

Microsoft Bing pros

  • AI-enhanced search results provide more relevant and contextual results
  • Bing offers a variety of search options, including web, video, image, and map search
  • Bing's use of AI can help ensure that search results are current

Microsoft Bing cons

  • Users may need time to adapt to the AI-enhanced features
  • AI systems, including search engines, may introduce bias in search results or recommendations

Microsoft Bing pricing

  • Bing AI features are free to use

144. Fingerprint for success

Fingerprint for success is a coaching app powered by Coach Marlee, the world's first AI coach. Using conversational AI technology, Marlee provides free real-time developmental coaching to help individuals and teams improve in work and life. With a focus on resourcefulness, emotional intelligence, creativity, and adaptability, Marlee helps users enjoyably achieve their goals.

Fingerprint for success pros

  • It says on their website that 90% of users achieve their goals in 4-9 weeks
  • It offers accessible personal and professional growth support

Fingerprint for success cons

  • While AI can offer valuable coaching, it may lack the nuanced understanding and personalization that human coaches provide in certain situations
  • Users may have concerns about the privacy and security of the data shared with an AI coach

Fingerprint for success pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Individual: $11.99/month
  • Team: $14.99/user/month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing for larger teams

AI Tools for Students

Multiple purposes can be served by AI in education. It can be used to personalize programs, detect plagiarism, transcribe lectures, and facilitate rapid communication between teachers and students, to name just a few examples.

Education is facing many challenges today, and these AI tools are here to help both teachers and students. How? By replacing manual work, reducing the risk of human mistakes, making communication more effective, and saving a lot of time.

145. Otter

Tired of listening to lectures and taking notes at the same time? Otter takes notes for you in real time, so you can focus on listening and engage in other ways. People use it for in-person and virtual lectures and other meets, as it works with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It allows you to access your notes anywhere (and edit them as you see fit), using the mobile or web app.

Otter pros

  • You can connect Otter to your Google or Microsoft calendar and automatically record meetings
  • During the meeting, Otter generates a summary in real time for those who joined late
  • Users can access their notes from anywhere using the mobile or web app

Otter cons

  • Transcribed notes may contain sensitive information, so users need to be cautious about privacy and data security
  • Otter offers a limited free plan, but more extensive usage and advanced features require a subscription

Otter pricing

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $16.99/user/month, comes with team features, such as assigning actions
  • Business: $40/user/month, comes with admin features, such as usage analytics
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

146. Summari

So much to read and so little time! Don’t worry — Summari reads the texts for you and provides you with comprehensive summaries in no time. The AI has been trained on thousands of article summaries written by humans, so it is able to follow the human approach: It sets the intro, writes concise headings, and provides key information in the form of bullet points. It helps you summarize texts via Chrome extension, mobile app, or integrations for Slack and Teams. It is currently in Beta so you can use it for free.

Summari pros

  • Summari saves users time by quickly providing comprehensive summaries of lengthy texts
  • The AI's training on thousands of article summaries written by humans
  • It pays special attention to formatting

Summari cons

  • It may have accuracy limitations
  • Users may have limited control over the summarization process

Summari pricing

  • Free
  • Starter: $10 /month
  • Growth: $50 /month
  • Enterprise: custom pricing
  • Pay per word: $0.00055/word

147. Gradescope

Here’s another great example of using AI in education. Gradescope can help you grade your assessments in different subjects (physics, math, chemistry, biology, engineering…). It works on both digital and (scanned) paper-based assignments. In addition to quick and concise grading, it also provides you with valuable insights into your students’ knowledge levels. 3 plans are offered, and all teachers get their first two terms free.

Gradescope pros

  • It is suitable for grading assignments in a wide range of subjects
  • It allows you to apply detailed feedback with one click
  • Gradescope offers valuable insights into students' knowledge levels

Gradescope cons

  • Educators and students may need time to adapt to the tool
  • Some users report uploading issues

Gradescope pricing

  • Teachers can request a free trial for one term
  • After the free trial, there are two plans available: Basic and Institutional

148. Knowji 

Knowji is an AI-powered vocabulary learning tool for students of all ages. With engaging content and a spaced repetition algorithm, it helps you remember words in the long term. Available on iOS and Android, Knowji makes vocabulary learning enjoyable and effective.

Knowji pros

  • The tool offers engaging content that is designed to make vocabulary learning enjoyable
  • The tool offers multimedia content, such as illustrations, audio, examples…

Knowji cons

  • The app is only available as a mobile app
  • It only works in English

Knowji pricing

  • The app is free to use on Android and iOS

149. Hello History

If you think history is boring, this one is just for you. Meet Hello History, an AI tool that enables you to chat with iconic historical personalities. This innovative app, available for iOS and Android, transcends conventional learning approaches, providing an interactive and intellectually stimulating experience that brings history to life in a unique and engaging manner.

Hello History pros

  • Hello History offers an interactive and engaging way to learn about history
  • The historicah characters cover a wide range of subjects
  • Each conversation is personalized and completely unique

Hello History cons

  • The accuracy of historical information and dialogue within the app may be a concern
  • The free version only gets you 20 messages
  • It only works in English, which may make it inaccessible to students worldwide

Hello History pricing

  • If you want to try it out with your students, you can get a free trial coupon for your class upon request

AI Character Generators

Want to bring a fantasy character to life? Use an AI character generator! 🤖

No, you don’t need any video animation knowledge, and you don’t need to be a professional illustrator. All you need is a good idea, and the AI will do its magic. Whether you want to create animated video stories, your digital friends, or other AI-generated creatures, there are AI tools that can be helpful:

150. Artflow.ai

This AI character generator allows you to create animated video stories by creating unique scenes, characters, and your own dialogs. At the moment it only works in English, and you can try it out on their website.

Artflow.ai pros

  • The tool fosters creativity and storytelling without the need for technical skills
  • They’ve recently introduced a new “idea-to-video” feature
  • The availability of the tool on a website makes it easily accessible

Artflow.ai cons

  • The tool's current restriction to English may limit its utility for non-English-speaking users
  • The tool's capabilities may be limited in terms of scene variety, character options…
  • The most interesting features are still in beta

Artflow.ai pricing

  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $8/month
  • Starter: $25/month
  • Enterprise: customized plans and pricing

151. Replika

If you think that AI companions only live in futuristic movies, you’re wrong. You can now create your own AI friend who is always there in the app to chat with you or give you advice. You can create a replica in the form of a friend, partner, mentor, you name it. And the more you talk to the character, the more it will get to know you. Wait, doesn’t that sound like a familiar movie? 

Replika pros

  • Personalized interaction based on your wishes
  • The AI companion is available within the app 24/7
  • The AI companion can learn from user interactions over time

Replika cons

  • Replika may not always understand the user's context
  • Some users noticed that the app constantly pushes them to share personal data

Replika pricing

  • Replika is free to use, but users can subscribe to Replika Pro and enjoy premium features for $19.99/month. 

152. Crypko

Crypko is an anime AI character generator that uses AI to create waist-up illustrations that can easily be changed (eye color, hair color, hairstyle…). It also allows you to add smooth animations to your character.

Crypko pros

  • Crypko enables users to create highly customizable anime-style characters
  • Crypko offers the option to add smooth animations to characters
  • It is a great tool for those who want to create their own anime

Crypko cons

  • The website is not perfectly translated to English 
  • Potential lack of authenticity and artistic limitations
  • The pricing is not public

Crypko pricing

  • 7-day free trial
  • Various plans are available, but their prices are not disclosed on the website

153. Wonder studio 

A slightly more advanced AI solution for character animation is Wonder Studio. If you're looking for an AI tool to help you seamlessly integrate characters into live-action environments, this one is worth checking out. By uploading a computer-generated character model to a single shot or an entire scene of a real person moving, the system automatically detects cuts and tracks the actor throughout the sequence.

Wonder studio pros

  • Advanced character integration
  • It works in a browser
  • It automates 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work

Wonder studio cons

  • Using the tool may require a certain level of technical expertise
  • Advanced AI solutions like Wonder Studio may come with higher costs

Wonder studio pricing

  • Lite: $19.99/month for 1080p resolution and and 150 second of processed video
  • Pro: $99.99/month for 4K resolution and and 600 second of processed video
  • Enterprise: custom plans and pricing

154. Digital People  

Soul Machine's AI avatar generator, "Digital People," creates realistic and responsive CGI characters for immersive user experiences. From virtual assistants to digital educators, these avatars offer engaging interactions with natural movements and speech. 

Digital People pros

  • Human-like CGI characters
  • Human-like responsiveness
  • Engaging interactions via verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Customization options (appearance, voice, language, personality…)

Digital People cons

  • Some users may find interactions with CGI avatars less comfortable
  • Developing and implementing can be costly
  • Developing may involve processing and collecting user data

Digital People pricing

  • Prices are not disclosed, but users can contant the provider via online form 

155. Digital Humans 

Another conversational AI solution to enhance customer interactions is Digital Humans. Use this platform if you want to create your personalized digital human and leverage your existing data for engaging and human-like interactions with your customers.

Digital Humans pros

  • The tool is trusted by leading companies sucg as Deloitte and IBM
  • The tool can be used in various ways
  • You can create your own digital human using existing data

Digital Humans cons

  • Both customers and employees may experience a learning curve
  • Integrating the tool into existing systems may be complex

Digital Humans pricing

  • There’s no pricing info on their website, but you can schedule a call with the team.

AI for Cinephiles 

Sometimes, a movie quote or music clip is the best way to get your message across. Instead of searching the entire internet and YouTube (who has time for that, really?), you can now use AI to quickly find specific quotes from popular culture:

156. PlayPhrase.me

A perfect AI tool for cinephiles. Enter a quote you have in mind and this AI tool will find you all the movie clips with that specific quote. You can also download it and share it with your friends. 

PlayPhrase.me pros

  • It works in a browser and has a super intuitive interface
  • Users can download and share the discovered movie clips

PlayPhrase.me cons

  • Limited quote database
  • Potential copyright and licensing issues

PlayPhrase.me pricing

  • If you want to view more than 5 phrases per search, you should become a PlayPhrase.me sponsor on Patreon.

157. Yarn

Type in a word or phrase from a TV show, movie, or song, and Yarn will find the clips you’re looking for. Say goodbye to endless googling and searching for quotes on YouTube.

Yarn pros

  • You can search by any word or phrase
  • You can easily share the clips on social media
  • It is a browser-based app that requires no signup

Yarn cons

  • Potential copyright and licensing issues
  • The quality of the discovered clips can vary

Yarn pricing

  • The app is free to use.

AI for Pets

Dear pet lover, this section is just for you. 🐾 Doesn’t matter if you’re a cat person or a dog person, AI has you covered.

158. This Cat Does Not Exist

Did you know that the love for cats has its own name? It’s also known as ailurophilia. 😺 So if you’re an ailurophile, this online app is something you should try. It generates a random cat picture each time you refresh the site. Even though they look completely real, these cats do not actually exist. 

This Cat Does Not Exist pros

  • Exciting use case of AI
  • All you have to do is click “refresh” to get a new set of AI-generated cats

This Cat Does Not Exist cons

  • The tool has little to no business value
  • The tool may struggle with generating details

This Cat Does Not Exist pricing

  • It is free to use.

159. Dog Scanner App

This is a must-try app for all dog lovers. Use your camera or upload a photo from your gallery and the AI will recognize the breed. And if you want to have some fun with your friends, scan their face and the app will tell you which dog they look like. 

Dog Scanner App pros

  • It is available for iOS and Android
  • The app has 390.000 monthly active users
  • You can also scan people to see which dogs they resemble the most 🐶

Dog Scanner App cons

  • While the app provides entertainment and fun, it may not have significant real-world utility
  • Scanning and sharing friends' faces without their consent may raise privacy concerns

Dog Scanner App pricing

  • The app is free to use with in-app purchases available

New AI tools of 2024

  1. Sora by OpenAI
  2. Palazzo
  3. Saner AI
  4. Dittto

With all the cool new AI tools popping up left and right, it's easy to get lost in the sea of options. We've done the legwork and picked out the most buzz-worthy, newest AI tools of 2024 for you. These picks are all about bringing something new and exciting to the table.

160. Sora by OpenAI

Sora is an advanced text-to-video model developed by OpenAI. It can generate videos from textual descriptions, extend videos in time, and create videos from static images. Despite its capabilities, it is not yet publicly available.

Sora pros:

  • Innovative video generation from text prompts
  • Ability to extend videos temporally and create from still images
  • High-definition video output demonstrated

Sora cons:

  • Not publicly available
  • Struggles with simulating complex physics and understanding causality
  • Restrictions on content generation to prevent misuse

Sora pricing: Not specified as the tool is unreleased.

161. Palazzo

Palazzo is an AI-driven platform founded by Serena Williams that empowers users to create high-quality, professional interior designs without the need for advanced graphic design skills. It utilizes AI to streamline the design process, allowing users to upload a photo of their space and alter its design using text-based prompts.

Palazzo pros:

  • User-friendly interface that simplifies the design process
  • Built-in style quiz and design assistant
  • Design community

Palazzo cons:

  • Limited customization options compared to professional design software
  • Output quality may vary depending on the complexity of the design requirements

Palazzo pricing:

  • Free trial with limited alterations
  • $5 for 20 credits
  • $20 for 100
  • $40 for 250
  • $75 for 500

162. Saner AI

Saner AI is an innovative tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline knowledge management. By acting as your AI-powered second brain, it simplifies the process of capturing, finding, and developing ideas without the need for manual organizing. Whether you're a solopreneur, freelancer, consultant, marketer, or developer, Saner AI aims to scale and utilize your knowledge easily, allowing for a more organized and efficient workflow.

Saner AI pros:

  • Automatically organizes your notes and ideas, saving you time and hassle
  • Finds and connects information seamlessly, facilitating a smoother workflow
  • Tailors its functionality based on the information you trust, making it more personalized and effective
  • Generates new perspectives by searching the web alongside your notes, offering a broader view on any topic

Saner AI cons:

  • As it's currently in beta, users might encounter bugs or performance issues, although feedback during this phase can help refine the platform.

Saner AI pricing: Saner AI's beta version is currently offered completely free of charge.

163. Dittto

Dittto is a specialized AI tool that focuses on optimizing website copy, particularly the hero copy, to improve user engagement and conversion rates. It audits website positioning, offers copy inspiration from leading brands, and customizes messaging for different visitors.

Dittto pros:

  • Enhances website copy to boost conversions.
  • Provides insights into successful brand messaging strategies.
  • Facilitates A/B testing with a library of saved variations.

Dittto cons:

  • Primarily focused on hero copy, which may not address all website content needs.
  • Success depends on the quality and relevance of the generated copy.

Dittto pricing:

  • Basic: $9/month for 75 credits
  • Plus: $39/month for 500 credits
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Fun and cool AI tools

AI isn't just for boosting productivity and streamlining tasks; it's also great for some light-hearted fun. If you're looking to take a break and enjoy what AI can do beyond work, here are 5 fun AI tools designed for anyone looking to relax and have a good time with technology.

164. Supreme.ai

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right idea or find a meme that stirs the right emotions. Well, this tool acts as your “Chief Meme Officer” who is always up to date with the latest meme trends. It can generate a meme from a phrase you type in, suggest memes based on a topic you provide, and find the right meme for your message.


Supreme.ai pros

  • The tool stays up to date with the latest meme trends, so you don’t have to
  • Meme personalization
  • It is easy to create memes even if you have no design skills

Supreme.ai cons

  • Risk of misinterpretation due to subjective humor
  • The tool may limit users' creativity, resulting in template-based memes

Supreme.ai pricing

  • Free: 160 AI memes
  • Solo: $9.99/month, 800 memes
  • Startup: $24.99/month, unlimited memes
  • Enterprise: $83.99/month, unlimited memes plus APIs

165. AI Top Tools

It's called AI Top Tools, and its AI technology allows you to effortlessly search for AI tools based on specific tasks or intentions, such as "I want to create a video with a human presenter" or "I want to create a logo." 

Based on your desired outcome, it will suggest the best AI tools for your needs.

In addition to its comprehensive database of AI tools, it also offers a wealth of AI news, job opportunities, and captivating AI-related content, making it an invaluable hub for staying informed and engaged in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. 🪄

AI Top Tools pros

  • Effortless tool discovery based on specific tasks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Database of 10.000+ AI tools, along with peer reviews 

AI Top Tools cons

  • The accuracy of tool recommendations may vary
  • The AI tools landscape is continually evolving, and the tool's recommendations may not always reflect the latest or most innovative AI solutions

AI Top Tools pricing

The tool is free to use

166. Face Swapper

Face swapping tools have been around for *ages* considering how fast AI technology is progressing, but Face Swapper is the first one to offer it in 1024px, so you can actually use it for professional settings.

Face Swapper has a free 3-day trial, and if you ever wondered what a mashup of Rihanna’s and Drake’s face would look like - the website has a fun celebrity face-swap section, where you can test out the quality of the tool.

Face Swapper pros

  • It refaces your uploaded photo without reducing quality
  • It can replace several faces in the same photo at once
  • It also comes with an option to tailor faces to your needs

Face Swapper cons

  • Despite high resolution, face swapping technology may still have limitations in achieving seamless and realistic results
  • There is potential for this technology to be abused by bad actors

Face Swapper pricing

  • Free 3-day trial
  • Monthly: $19/month
  • Yearly: $99/year

167. Voicemod's AI Text to Song Generator

Voicemod's AI Text To Song Generator transforms any text into a song, utilizing a range of AI singers and instrumental genres. It operates fully online, making it accessible from any device for creating and sharing unique musical pieces effortlessly.

Voicemod pros:

  • Versatile AI singers and genres for personalized song creation.
  • Online platform for easy access and sharing.
  • Free to use, encouraging creative experimentation.

Voicemod cons:

  • Limited to seven AI singers and specific instrumental genres, possibly restricting creative options.
  • Best singer matches are suggested, but experimentation is key for optimal results.

Voicemod pricing: Free to use

168. AI is a joke

"AI is a Joke" is a humorous online platform designed to generate jokes using AI. It's meant for users who enjoy a good laugh and are interested in how AI can creatively engage in humor. While the website promises a fun experience with AI-generated humor, its reliance on AI for joke generation might not always hit the mark for every user's sense of humor.

What's your favorite AI tool?

With so many innovative solutions at our fingertips, choosing one can be tough.

Yet, one stands out — Synthesia.

Dive into the future of video creation with a tool that's easy to use yet powerfully transformative. Try out Synthesia's free AI video maker to create your first AI video today.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best AI tool?

Sorry if this answer is disappointing, but it really depends on several factors.

  • What problem do you intend for it to solve?
  • Is it for professional or personal use?
  • Where do you plan to use it (desktop, mobile, browser)?
  • Do you desire integration with other software you already use?

However, when discussing the best artificial intelligence tools, Synthesia often comes up for video and audio, ChatGPT for writing, and DALL-E for images.

Other AI tools that people frequently find highly valuable include Grammarly, Descript, Tome, Jasper, Writer, Murf, and more.

How many types of AI tools are there?

In general, there are 2 types of AI tools: analytical AI tools and generative AI tools. While analytical AI tools focus on analyzing existing data, generative AI tools are capable of creating novel data based on inputs.

Analytical AI tools normally leverage historical data to make predictions, automate processes, and perform tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming for humans. They excel at tasks such as data analysis, pattern recognition, and decision-making based on pre-existing information.

Generative AI tools, on the other hand, represent a newer and more innovative branch of artificial intelligence. This type of AI learns from existing data (models) and uses that knowledge to create entirely new data, spanning various formats like text, images, audio, and video. This capability enables generative AI tools to produce original content, often in creative or artistic forms, which has numerous real-world applications, including content generation, AI image generation, art creation, and development of novel solutions in various fields.