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Make your onboarding process more engaging with personalized Employee Onboarding Videos, covering essential areas like company benefits, culture and values, and company policies. With Synthesia, you can duplicate and edit them to create a custom onboarding experience tailored to your organization.

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Frequently asked questions

What should be included in an onboarding video?

An onboarding video should cover key information a new employee needs to know to integrate smoothly into the organization. This could include an overview of the company's mission and values, introductions to key team members, a tour of the office or workplace, details about company benefits and policies, and an outline of expectations for the new employee's role. Including insights into the company culture can also help new hires feel more at home.

How long should an onboarding video be?

The length of an onboarding video can vary depending on the amount of information you need to convey, but as a general rule, it's best to keep it under 10 minutes. Videos that are too long can overwhelm new hires and risk losing their attention. Instead, consider breaking up the information into a series of shorter videos, each focusing on a specific topic.

How to do an orientation video?

To create an orientation video, start by planning your content and ensuring it covers all the necessary information a new hire needs to know. Write a script and decide on visuals – this could be live action, animations, or a combination of both. You could feature team members, the CEO, or use a professional narrator. Utilize a tool like Synthesia to easily edit and customize your video. Remember to keep the tone welcoming and informative, and to include necessary contact information for further questions.