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From cybersecurity basics and InfoSec to password management and social engineering, these Security Awareness Training Videos will teach your employees to stay safe online. Duplicate these videos to your Synthesia account, customize them according to your specific needs, and have your next training video ready in minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you train for security awareness?

Security awareness training can be conducted in several ways, including in-person training sessions, online tutorials, webinars, and interactive simulations. A comprehensive program should aim to create a security-conscious culture, teaching employees to recognize and respond appropriately to potential threats. Utilizing resources like customized security training videos can enhance the training experience and ensure the content is relevant to your specific organization.

What are the most important security awareness training topics?

The most important topics in security awareness training typically include understanding and identifying phishing and other social engineering attacks, password and account security, safe internet usage, and data protection. Depending on the organization, training may also cover specific regulatory requirements for handling sensitive data. The ultimate goal is to empower employees to recognize threats and understand the appropriate response to ensure organizational security.