Watch to discover how to access and utilize these valuable tools for Prestige Haven University's academic journey.

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Hello everyone! I'm Kiara from the Student Service team at Prestige Haven University. Today, I'm thrilled to guide you on 'Accessing and Utilizing Resources'. Let's dive right in!

Throughout your time at Prestige Haven, you'll often  find yourself searching for the right academic materials for your assignments,  research, or even just to quench your curiosity.

Firstly, our University's online library portal is a goldmine! Here, you can access e-books, journals, research papers, and more. It’s user-friendly, and you can narrow down your search using filters like subject, publication year, or author.

Additionally, we provide you with access to several academic databases. Websites like JSTOR, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar can be directly accessed through our portal with your student credentials.

If you're more into physical books or materials, our campus library is the place to be. Use the Prestige Haven mobile app to easily scan and check the availability of any book. Plus, our librarians are always there to assist you in finding what you need.

If you're ever unsure where to start, remember our team is here for you! Reach out to us via chat, email, or just drop by our office. We're always updating our resource lists and can point you in the right direction.

To sum up, whether it's through our online portal, the vast physical collection at our campus library, or with a little nudge from our dedicated team, rest assured that at Prestige Haven, you're equipped with the tools and support to find the academic resources you need. All the best, and remember we're here to help. Until next time!


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