Bug Report Journey

Discover how to swiftly resolve online shopping glitches to ensure a seamless experience with this real life scenario.

This project update template features:

Video script

Hi there. Today, we'll track a bug report through our company, highlighting our dedication to resolving issues efficiently in our online marketplace.

Our story begins with a client facing a glitch on our online marketplace.

Client: "Hi team, I am trying to buy this smartwatch /link/, but it won’t add to my cart. Help me please, I really need this one."

Step one: The bug report, specifically about adding items to the cart, is swiftly received by our customer support.

Customer Support Specialist: "Here's a bug report about our cart functionality. It's preventing a customer from purchasing a product. I'm documenting it and sending it to the product team now."

Step two: The product manager assesses the bug's impact on our online shopping experience and prioritizes it.

Product Manager (reviewing the report): "This cart issue is critical; it’s blocking purchases. Let's get this to the development team ASAP."

Step three: Our developers tackle the bug, working to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Developer (addressing the bug): "Found the root cause of the cart issue. I'm fixing it now and will circle back shortly with an update."

Step four: Our customer support team completes the cycle by informing the client about the fix.

Customer Support Specialist (to Client): "The issue with adding products to your cart is fixed. You can now complete your purchase. Thank you for your patience.

Customer: Thanks for the proactivity!"

This exemplifies our approach to swiftly and effectively addressing each bug report, ensuring our online marketplace operates seamlessly. This process usually resolves issues within a week.

Thank you for joining us. You've seen our commitment to a seamless online shopping experience. For any issues or inquiries, our team is here to help!


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