Preventing slips and trips

In this construction safety lesson, learn how to prevent slips & trips on job sites. Clean up spills, use proper lighting, wear non-slip footwear for a safer work environment. Follow these guidelines to protect yourself and your team.

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Slips and trips occur when there is insufficient friction between a worker's feet and the surface or floor beneath them. The most common causes of slips and trips include spills, loose floor mats, and floors that are too slick and slippery.

You can prevent slips and trips on the job site by following these safety guidelines.

  • Clean up spills - If something spills, wiping it up immediately is the most effective way to prevent slips and falls on the job.
  • Use proper lighting - lighting is important to prevent falls. If you can clearly see where you are going, you can more easily avoid slips and falls. Construction sites should always be well lit; talk to your site supervisor if you have concerns about lighting on the site.
  • Wear appropriate footwear - appropriate footwear with non-slip soles will help prevent slip and fall accidents. Check with your site supervisor to make sure your footwear is appropriate and meets safety requirements.

These simple precautions can go a long way in protecting our employees from slips, trips and falls. Talk to a site manager or supervisor if you have any concerns.