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Designing Effective Client Presentations

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Learn how to make the right design decisions.

Discover how to best design your client-facing presentations and captivate your audience with impactful visuals.

Video script

Hello, Tri Commercial Team! It's Jane Turner from Marketing & Brand. Let's explore the power of presentation design. Now, you might ask: Why focus on design? For commercial teams like ours, design goes beyond visuals. It translates our message, fortifies client trust, and underscores our professionalism.

First on the agenda: fonts. Stick to two: Urbanist Black for headings and Urbanist Regular for the body. They convey our commitment to straightforward, clear communication.

Next topic. the font size. A 70pt heading and 30pt body text ensures our message reaches even the farthest corner of the room.

Colors aren’t just shades; they speak our brand's language. Embrace Tri's signature colors. Our emblematic blue, complemented by a refined grey, boosts brand recognition and makes our slides memorable.

Consistency isn’t just a design term; it's our pledge. To clients, consistent slides signify our reliability, meticulousness, and unwavering commitment.

The mantra: Less is more. A cluttered slide diverts attention. Use bullet points, relevant visuals, and clear diagrams. Directness fosters connection.

And, our seal of distinction: the Tri logo. It's not just a logo; it's a testament to our drive for innovation and excellence.

In a nutshell: Clear fonts, strategic sizing, brand-aligned colors, and unwavering consistency. Let's craft presentations that not just narrate but resonate.

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