Learn the 'Spot it, Think it over, Make your move' approach. Build integrity, trust, and professionalism in your choices.

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Hey everyone! Today we're diving into something pretty important - the how and why of Ethical Decision Making. You could ask, why bother with ethics? Well, it’s simple. Our decisions mirror who we are. Ethical choices are the foundation of our professional integrity and our company's reputation.

Alright, let’s break down ethical decision making into three digestible bites: Spot it, Think it over, and Make your move.

First up, 'Spot it'. This is about knowing when you're facing a decision with ethical strings attached. It can be a challenge, as not all decisions come with a 'this is an ethical dilemma' label.

Next, 'Think it over'. Here, you need to weigh the potential outcomes of your choices. Remember, ethical dilemmas often mean juggling the interests of different folks.

Finally, 'Make your move'. With your homework done, you make the call that best aligns with ethical norms and your integrity.

Now, let's play this out. Imagine you stumble upon some private info about a colleague. What do you do?

Using our method, you'd first 'spot' the ethical question, which is about respect for privacy. You'd then 'think over' the effects of using or sharing this info. Ultimately, you'd 'make your move', choosing to keep the info confidential. Remember, ethical decision making isn’t just about following rules. It’s about understanding why these rules matter and weaving them into our everyday work lives.

As we wrap up, let’s not forget: our ethical choices shape us. They create an environment of trust and respect. So, let's own them. Thanks for tuning in today and remember, the future of ethical decision making starts with you.


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