Discover Sunlight Resorts' guest safety protocol during disasters. Learn step-by-step evacuation procedures for floods, emphasizing calm communication, clear directions, and strategic gathering points.

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Welcome to Sunlight Resorts, where safety is our top priority. Today, we're discussing an important topic: Guest Safety and Evacuation Procedures During Disasters.

Let's say a flood is imminent, and our resort's safety is at risk. What do we do? We activate our evacuation plan. Here's how to handle this situation.

First, make sure you're familiar with the layout of the hotel. You need to know the fastest routes to the exits from any point in the building.

Inform our guests about the situation calmly and clearly. Advise them that we're initiating an evacuation due to the impending flood.

Direct guests to the nearest exit path. Always opt for higher ground and stairs, as water levels can rise rapidly in a flood.

Maintain open communication. Use your walkie-talkie to provide updates and report any potential issues.

Ensure guests leave in an orderly manner. A calm and steady evacuation prevents panic and confusion. Once outside, guide guests to our designated gathering points. These areas are chosen for their higher ground to keep guests safe from rising water levels.

Perform a headcount or roll-call. It's important to account for everyone. Throughout this process, reassure our guests. Your calm demeanor can help alleviate their anxiety.

Lastly, if needed, provide basic first aid assistance until professional help arrives.

At Sunlight Resorts, your dedication to safety helps us stay afloat in even the most challenging situations. Thank you for your commitment.


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