In this lesson, you will learn how to create and import professional documents using Google Sheets. Discover the easy options for creating new files, importing existing ones, and automatically saving changes. Plus, learn how to name your file for easy access in your Google Drive.

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With Google Sheets, you can transform your data into professional documents. Let’s see how it’s done.

You have two options to create a new file. First, if you’re on the Sheets page already, click the plus button in the upper left corner. Second, if you’re in your Drive, click New, and then either click on Google Sheets or point to the right arrow and select either Blank spreadsheet or From a template. I’m going to create a blank spreadsheet.

If you have an existing spreadsheet that you created for example in Microsoft Excel, you can import it to Google Sheets. Click File and then select Import. Choose where you want to import the file from. If it’s on your computer, select Upload, and Browse to locate the file on your hard drive. Select the file and click Open. Once the file is converted, keep the settings to Replace spreadsheet and click Import data.

Since Google Sheets is a web application, the changes are saved automatically and you don’t need to remember to click the save button. You’ll also never lose the file if your computer breaks. You’ll always be able to access it once you login to your Google Drive. However, to be able to find it easily, you have to name the file. In the upper left corner, select Untitled spreadsheet. Once the cell becomes blue, you can change the file name. Click anywhere outside the cell and you’re done.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn how to add content to your spreadsheet. Let’s go!