Add Content to Your Spreadsheet

In this lesson, you will learn how to elevate your documents with rich content by adding and formatting text, charts, images, functions, checkboxes, and more in Google Sheets. Learn how to use functions to calculate totals and how to format cells to make your spreadsheets stand out.

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Elevate your documents with rich content. Let's learn how to add content and format your spreadsheets to make them stand out.

To enter text, click on any cell and start typing. To make your documents stand out, you can insert a variety of media like charts, images, functions, checkboxes, notes, and more.

I would like to see the total expenses here at the bottom, so I’ll add a function to calculate it. I can either click Insert and select Function or I can type the equal sign and, as you can see, Sheets is smart enough to know that I want to add the numbers so I just click Enter to confirm the suggestion. To find a list of all available functions, visit the URL that you see on the screen.

What if you have data in your table and you don’t know if the cell includes a formula or text? Select a cell to see what’s inside right above the table. Here the cell shows 400 dollars but it’s actually a formula that calculates the difference between income (B4) and Total Expenses (B6).

To format the table, first, select the cells and then select from the toolbar options. Make sure to select all the cells. For example, this part looks like one line but it’s several cells next to each other. Additionally, you can select the whole row or column by clicking on the number of the row or the letter of the column. To select the whole spreadsheet, click the rectangle between the row numbers and column letters. Play around with the toolbar and try all the buttons to see what they do.

Now that you know how to add and edit content in your table, let’s move on to the next lesson where you’ll learn how to work with rows, columns, and cells.