Sharing Spreadsheets & Collaboration

In the last lesson, you’ll learn how to collaborate in real-time with Google Sheets and bring your team’s ideas to life. You can give different levels of access to your colleagues and revert back to previous versions if necessary. You’ll also learn how to share your file with others and control who can access it.

This project update template features:

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You can collaborate in real-time with Google Sheets and bring your team’s ideas to life.

As I mentioned before, since you’re working in the cloud, everything is saved as you work. The same happens when your colleagues access your file and make changes. You can always go back to a previous version if somebody makes a change you don’t approve of. Additionally, you can only give view access and limit editing to certain people or keep it to yourself.

Click the Share button in the upper right corner. You can add people or groups and change the type of access they have. Once you add a name, you can decide whether the person will be a viewer who can only see the file, a commenter who can add comments or an editor who can make changes. Decide whether you want to notify people, type a short message and click Send. They’ll receive an invitation by email.  Additionally, you can click Copy link and share the link to your file manually. Click the Share button again, and under General access, click the down arrow and choose who can access the file.  You can choose if your file should be available to anyone or restricted to only the people with access.  Give them a role as a Viewer, Commenter, or Editor, and click Done.  Now anyone on the internet with the link will have the role you’ve chosen.  You can always stop sharing the file by going back and selecting Restricted.

That’s it! You know the basics of working with Google Sheets. It is just the beginning. If you want to learn more, you can find amazing tutorials online. Google makes updates to their applications all the time, so don’t forget to check what new features are available regularly. Thank you for watching the course!