In this course, you'll learn about hazard identification, risk assessment, and control measures. We'll cover the different types of hazards that may be present in the workplace, how to conduct a risk assessment, and methods for implementing effective control measures to prevent or minimize the risk of harm.

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Hi, my name is Bridget and I am a compliance expert at "GreenLeaf Inc.". Today we're going to talk about incident reporting and investigation, an important topic in maintaining compliance within our company.

It's important to report any incidents that may involve violations of company policies, laws and regulations, and ethical breaches. For instance, should you discover an employee divulging confidential company information or engaging in fraudulent financial activities, it's imperative to report these actions. This helps us to address potential issues and maintain a compliant and ethical work environment.

To report an incident, you should contact your supervisor or the human resources department. You can also submit a report through the company's online compliance portal. It's important to report incidents as soon as possible to ensure that they can be investigated in a timely manner.

Once a report is received, an investigation will be conducted to gather information, evaluate evidence, and reach a conclusion. The investigation process may include interviewing witnesses and reviewing relevant documents.

It's important to note that the reporting process is confidential and anonymous, and that the company prohibits retaliation against those who report incidents.

Remember, timely reporting is crucial in maintaining compliance within our company. If you're aware of an incident that should be reported, don't hesitate to do so. Thank you for watching and for your commitment to compliance at GreenLeaf Inc.


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