Security Alerts: Knowing When To Call

Discover the importance of timely incident reporting for cybersecurity. Stay vigilant, report promptly, and remain calm. Lessons from Equifax, Yahoo, and SolarWinds breaches.

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Hi guys, it's me, Callum, your favourite Head of InfoSec. I'm back to talk about a crucial aspect of our cyber efforts: how, and when to report incidents and breaches. You could almost say “I love it” when you report incidents, well almost…

Now, enough of my chit chat, let’s dive in. Promptly reporting incidents and breaches helps us minimize damage, respond quickly, and learn from our mistakes. So, let's discuss how and when to report incidents and breaches.

1. Stay Alert
Be vigilant about unusual activity on your accounts, devices, or within our network. Watch for suspicious emails, unauthorized logins, or other signs of compromise.

2. Report Immediately
If you suspect a breach or incident, report it to the security team as soon as possible via our dedicated #InfoSec Slack channel. Provide as much info as you can, including the nature of the issue, when it occurred, the affected systems and accounts, and any other relevant details.

3. Don't Panic
Remain calm while reporting incidents. We know it can be scary, but our security team is well-equipped to handle the situation and will guide you through any necessary steps.

Now that you know how and when to report incidents, let's look at three well-known breaches to highlight the importance of speedy reporting.

1. Equifax
In 2017, Equifax suffered a breach exposing the personal data of 147 million people. The breach occurred due to a known software vulnerability that hadn't been patched.

2. Yahoo
In 2013 and 2014, Yahoo experienced two massive data breaches compromising over 3 billion user accounts. The breaches were not disclosed until years later, causing significant reputational damage.

3. SolarWinds
In 2020, a major cybersecurity breach affected the SolarWinds Orion software, impacting numerous government and private organizations. Cyber attackers infiltrated the company's software development process and added malicious code, which was then distributed to thousands of customers. The breach went undetected for months, causing significant damage and highlighting the importance of security vigilance and timely reporting.

Remember, reporting incidents and breaches is a team effort, and you're our MVP! When we all work together, we create a secure digital environment for our business.

Thanks for watching, and keep up the great work as my internal cybersecurity champions!


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