Learn why distributors and resellers value product knowledge, competitive pricing, and marketing support, and how GlobalTech strengthens partnerships and expands reach, empowering sales teams to thrive in new markets.

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Hey there, and welcome to the GlobalTech sales team! I'm Alex, your Sales Enablement Lead. Today, we're delving into the heart of what distributors and resellers value most, and how understanding this can strengthen our indirect sales strategy.

Distributors and resellers are vital links in our sales chain. They expand our reach, enabling us to connect with new markets and customer segments. Not only that, but they also provide us with essential feedback and market insights that help us innovate and improve. Now, let's see what makes them tick and how we can forge successful relationships.

The first thing they greatly value is Product Knowledge. We host comprehensive training sessions, create detailed manuals, and offer a dedicated product support team to ensure our partners fully understand our solutions. This empowers them to sell our products confidently and tackle any customer queries.

Next, we focus on Competitive Pricing. Here, we stay vigilant to market trends and competitors' pricing, ensuring we offer enticing prices. Furthermore, we present exclusive discounts and incentive schemes to our distributors and resellers, making our products an even more compelling proposition.

Finally, there's Marketing Support. GlobalTech prides itself on partnering with distributors and resellers in joint marketing campaigns. We furnish them with ready-to-use promotional materials, co-branding opportunities, and digital marketing support, helping them attract more customers and boost sales.

In summary, by understanding and meeting the needs of our distributors and resellers, we're paving the way for a successful indirect sales strategy. Extensive product knowledge, competitive pricing, and robust marketing support are keys to building prosperous and enduring partnerships.

I'm wishing you all the best in your indirect sales journey. Remember, our success is your success. Thanks for watching!


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