Infectious Disease Protocol

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This short training video template will guide you through Harborview Medical Centre's 3 key steps on handling patients who might have a highly contagious disease.

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Welcome to Harborview Medical Center. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in care, this short training video will guide you through the 3 key steps on how to approach situations with patients who might have a highly contagious disease. It's rare, but in such critical times, being prepared is paramount.

First, IDENTIFY. If a patient comes in displaying symptoms of a contagious disease, such as a high fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing, it's crucial to recognize these signs immediately.

Second, ISOLATE. Guide the patient to a designated isolation area or room. This limits potential exposure to other patients and staff.

Lastly, INFORM. Notify the infection control team and the hospital's operations department immediately. We have trained professionals ready to manage these situations.

Always prioritize safety. Utilize personal protective equipment, wash hands frequently, and follow all established protocols. Our commitment is not only to our patients but to each other. By acting swiftly and following these steps, we ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of Harborview Medical Center. Together, we make a difference.


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