Hotel Staff Structure

From the Front Desk Captain to the Executive Chef, discover the roles that make our guests' experiences unforgettable.

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Video script

Narrator  Welcome, new hires, to Oasis Resorts & Spas! As you embark on an exciting journey with us, I'm here to guide you through our organizational structure. This will be your compass, directing you to understand how each department functions and how key personnel bring our brand to life. Let's delve into the heart of our operations by meeting the team!

Front Desk Captain [James]  Hi, I'm James from the Front Desk team. We're the first contact point for our guests, ensuring smooth check-ins, managing reservations, and addressing inquiries. Looking forward to greeting guests together!

Housekeeping Captain [Maria]  Hello! I'm Maria from Housekeeping.From room cleanliness to laundry, we make sure everything is just perfect.  We take pride in keeping our property shining and our guests smiling.

Food & Beverage Captain [Ravi]  Namaste! I'm Ravi from the Food & Beverage department. Our team caters to the diverse culinary delights of our guests. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack, we make sure our guests always dine in delight.

Recreational Captain [Lena]  Hey there! I'm Lena, representing the Recreational team. From pools, spas, gyms to children's play areas, we offer relaxation and fun. Come, help our guests find their oasis of calm and enjoyment!

Narrator  Now, let's meet some of the key leaders who steer our ship.

Hotel Manager [Alex]  Hi! I'm Alex, the Hotel Manager. I oversee the entire operations, set the standards, and ensure every guest feels at home. With your help, we can make every stay unforgettable!

Front Office Manager [Sophia]  Hi everyone! I'm Sophia, the Front Office Manager. My team and I coordinate reservations, work closely with housekeeping, and handle guest relations. Together, we'll make every arrival and departure seamless.

Executive Chef [Diego]  ¡Hola! I'm Diego, the Executive Chef here. From designing the menu to overseeing the kitchen operations, our goal is culinary perfection. Let's cook up some magic together!

Housekeeping Supervisor [Aisha]  Hi! I'm Aisha, the Housekeeping Supervisor. My team ensures that our guests have a clean and comfortable stay. With your dedication, we can make every room a home away from home.

Narrator  At Oasis Resorts & Spas, every role, every individual is pivotal. Together, we create memories for our guests and a harmonious working environment for our team. Welcome aboard!


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