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Hello Lumina family! As the season of spooks and treats comes alive, we're thrilled to bring a touch of magic closer to home.

This year, we celebrate the creativity that Halloween unleashes. It's a time of year when our products shine, and you play a huge role in this.

Today, we are elated to announce that our internal Halloween sales are now live—exclusively on our online shop!

This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for your dedication and hard work. Dive into exclusive deals on our enchanting range, curated just for our Lumina family.

Accessing these exclusive deals is easy. Simply log in to our online shop using your employee credentials and let the festivities begin. Remember, these offers are limited, so grab your favorites before they vanish into the night!

Happy Halloween from all of us at HR. Celebrate, create, and enjoy the beauty of the season. Here's to all the mesmerizing looks you'll craft with Lumina's finest!


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