Learn how GONG, our conversation analytics platform, boosts your deal-closing abilities. With real-time call transcription, AI-driven insights, and best practice recommendations, you'll uncover what works and improve your sales skills. GONG generates valuable data to move deals forward and suggests specific actions.

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Hey ACME team! In this session, we're going to show you how to use the GONG platform, our new and powerful ally in closing more deals and improving our sales skills.

GONG is a conversation analytics platform that helps sales teams analyze and optimize their calls, meetings, and interactions with prospects. It provides valuable insights that help us close deals faster and more effectively. GONG comes with several key features, like:

  • Real-time call transcription
  • AI-driven points of interest
  • Best practice recommendations

Let's dive deeper into each of these features.

First, GONG transcribes your calls in real-time. This means that you can review your calls, search for specific keywords, and quickly identify what worked and what didn't in each conversation. See here? You can easily navigate through the conversation.

The next powerful feature is AI-driven points of interest. GONG analyzes the objections, questions, and topics discussed during calls, providing you with actionable data to move deals forward.With these insights, you can quickly pinpoint potential roadblocks or opportunities, and tailor your approach to each prospect accordingly. In this example, you can see that the action item for this call was to set up a follow-up.

Lastly, GONG helps you improve your sales skills through best practice recommendations based on your call. It identifies areas where you excel and where you might need some improvement and even suggests specific actions to take. In this example, it is recommended to slightly reduce the talk ratio of the sales development manager from 71% to 65% in order to maximize success.

To get started with GONG, simply log in with your provided credentials and start exploring the platform. And remember, the more you use GONG, the more valuable insights it will generate for you.

So there you have it! With GONG, you'll be better equipped to analyze your calls, gain actionable insights, and sharpen your sales skills. Embrace this powerful tool, and let's crush our sales goals together!


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