New Chair Collection

Enhance your sales potential with expert strategies for successfully selling LuxeLiving's latest Aria Seating Collection.

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Video script

Welcome to another exciting day at LuxeLiving. I'm Sarah from L&D, and today we're unveiling our brand-new range of chairs: The “Aria Seating Collection.”

Introducing the Aria Chairs – designed for modern homes, available in three colors: Mystic and Dark Green,  Pure White, and Warm Brown. Each designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind.

Focus on the selling points: the breathable fabric that ensures prolonged seating comfort, the Scandinavian inspired wooden legs for stability.

In-store presentation matters! Avoid clustering. Let each chair shine on its own or in a thoughtfully curated group. Pair the Aria chairs with our modern tables or place them strategically near windows for customers to visualize them in their own homes.

Engage with customers. Mention how the Aria Collection caters to contemporary tastes, is child-friendly with no sharp edges, and its versatility - perfect for dining rooms, study areas, or even a cozy reading nook.

Encourage them to experience the Aria difference. Let them sit, feel the comfort, and imagine it in their space.

Together, we can make the Aria Seating Collection every home’s favorite. Thank you for your dedication.


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