In this lesson, you will learn the definition of customer feedback and its various forms. Gain insights on how to collect and analyze feedback, and why it’s important to have a structured feedback system.

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Welcome back to our Managing Customer Feedback course!

In this second lesson, we are going to define what customer feedback is and why it is so important.

Customer feedback is simply the information that customers provide about their experiences with a product or service. It can be positive, neutral, or negative and can come in many different forms, such as online reviews, phone calls, emails, or face-to-face interactions.

But why is customer feedback so important? Well, it provides valuable insight into what customers think about your product or service. This information can be used to make improvements, resolve issues, and ensure customer satisfaction. Customer feedback also helps to build trust and credibility with your customers, as it shows that you are listening to their concerns and taking action to make improvements.

It is also important to note that customer feedback can come from both internal and external sources. Internal feedback can come from employees or other stakeholders within the company, while external feedback can come from customers, partners, or even competitors.

So, in summary, customer feedback is an essential tool for understanding your customers' experiences with your product or service, and it provides valuable insight that can be used to make improvements and build customer relationships.

In the next lesson we’ll explore the importance of customer feedback.