Mobile IT Set-Up

Strat & Company's InfoSec team prepares their tech for travel, ensuring top-notch consultancy on the go.

This project update template features:

Video script

Hello, Strat & Company's new team members. Today we're setting up your tech for travel so you're all set up for your first trip.

Firstly, staying connected is crucial. Your company email is the heart of this communication. Ensure you install our Strat & Company Mail app on your phone. Log in with the credentials provided to you.  And don't be surprised by the multi-factor authentication prompt – it's an extra layer of security to protect our communications.

Travel means unfamiliar networks. But with our VPN, you'll navigate safely. Always activate it when you're not in our office network. This ensures an encrypted connection, safeguarding our and our clients' data.

The allure of public Wi-Fi is undeniable, especially during travel. But remember, it's not always safe. Where possible, opt for wired connections. And if you have to use public Wi-Fi, never forget to turn on our VPN. For especially sensitive tasks, your mobile hotspot is a safer bet.

To deliver top-notch consultancy, you need seamless access to our tools and data, no matter where you are. Ensure you sync your devices with Strat & Company cloud storage.  Have our collaboration tools and apps installed and regularly back up your data. It's your digital toolkit on the move.

In the end, remember this: A consultant's device isn't just a tool; it's a vault of sensitive information. Regularly update all your software. Never delay security patches; they're essential. And if something seems off? Don't hesitate. Alert our IT team immediately.

With Strat & Company, you're stepping into a world of global opportunities. Keeping your tech game strong ensures you're always ready. Welcome aboard!


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