New Clothing Line Launch

Learn about the latest fashion collection and the stores where it will be distributed.

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Welcome team! This session is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and strategies for successfully introducing our new collections to our customer base, focusing on the distinctive color ways that set our brand apart.

These colors are chosen based on VINK's thorough market research, ensuring our collection resonates with current trends and customer preferences.

VINK's T-Shirt collection starts with Sunset Orange that injects a lively, energetic feel,. Ocean Blue, reminiscent of the open sea, follows suit. Forest Green brings a sense of calm and connection to nature

Our distribution strategy places these color ways across VINK's retail network. We're focusing on regional preferences to maximize appeal and effectiveness in our stores.

In VINK stores, these color ways are front and center. Our creative displays are tailored to captivate and engage our customers, inviting them to explore the depth of our new collection.

With this new line of T-shirts, VINK is not just releasing new products; we're redefining fashion retail standards.


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