Paternal Leave: Seamless Handovers

Specificity is key— Write down tasks, list work contacts, note important dates, and offer insights on projects.

This project update template features:

Video script

Hey there, Celestia team! It's Gwen from People Ops. I know some of you are about to take a beautiful break to welcome new members to your families. So, let's chat about making sure everything runs smooth at work while you're away, okay?

Handing over your work tasks is a bit like making our jewelry. It’s all about the details, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think of it this way:

  1. Write down everything you do.
  2. List the main people you talk to at work.
  3. Jot down important dates and tasks.
  4. Offer insights on the current projects.

Let’s break it down a bit.

Say you work with folks who supply us with Celestia. Instead of just noting ‘Deal with vendors’, be more specific:

  • Who are these people?
  • What do they give us?
  • How often do you chat with them?
  • Any current orders we should know about?

When you think about  your main work buddies, don't just jot down names.  For example, instead of just writing 'Sarah from design',  be specific and note that she is the person responsible for checking new designs.  Same goes for 'Tom in sales'.  Indicate that he has extensive knowledge about our top customers.

For the dates and tasks, it’s pretty simple. Let's imagine a big sales event is coming up. Don’t just circle the date. List out what needs to be done before the event, who’s doing what, and any follow-ups. It's like setting beads in order so they look just right.

And for those projects you're juggling, explain your current projects thoroughly, such as a new ad campaign for rings. Where did it start, what’s happening now, and what’s next? It’s like showing them how to give the final polish so everything shines.

And this is super important! Before you leave, set up some one-on-one chats with whoever's covering for you. Start these maybe a month before your leave, and have them weekly. It’s like quality checks, it ensures the transition is seamless and everyone's comfortable.

As you step into this awesome new phase of becoming parents, remember, you've got this. Both at home and with your work handover. Wishing you all the happiness and those cute baby giggles!


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