Learn how to set up a project tracking system in Trello for eLearning course development. Create a board, add lists for each step in your workflow, create cards for tasks, assign members and due dates, add checklists, use commenting for collaboration, and stay organised with progress tracking.

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Setting up a project tracking system in Trello when developing eLearning courses is an easy and effective way to stay organized and on top of the progress of your team. I'm going to show you how to set up a Trello board when developing an eLearning course.

First, create a new Trello board. In your workspace, click "Create new board."  Type the name of the board and select Create. You can change the background by selecting a photo from the available stock images.

The next step is to add the lists. Each list represents one step in your workflow. I will create the following lists on my board: “to do”,  “script, design”, “VO” for voice over, “development”, “QA” for quality assurance, “publish”, and “done”.

Now, create cards for each task or deliverable associated with the course development, and add them to the relevant list. When you press Enter, a new card appears, so you can start typing the title right away. In my board here, each card represents one lesson or module in the course.

You can assign members to each card  and set due dates for each task.  If the tasks need more steps, you can add a checklist to each card.

As tasks are completed, move the cards from one list to the next one. You can reassign the task to another team member  or set up rules that do this step automatically.

Take advantage of Trello's commenting feature to collaborate and communicate with team members on specific tasks. To view only tasks that are assigned to you, select the Q letter on your keyboard. In this view, you can also see how many cards are in each list. To go back to see all the cards, select Q again.

That's it! By following these steps, you will stay organized and ensure that your team is making progress on their tasks.


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