Protecting Student Data

Learn encryption, physical protection, and controlled sharing practices. Together, we ensure privacy and uphold the standards of FERPA.

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Greetings, Polaris University team! My name is Tiffany Carrell, and I'm an InfoSec professional here at Polaris. Our mission today? Understanding the importance of safeguarding student data, and laying down some key practices to achieve just that.

Before we dive in, let's get acquainted with FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This federal cornerstone ensures the privacy of our student education records.

Armed with that, let's jump into real-world scenarios and three guiding practices.

1. Data EncryptionNarrator
Imagine you're uploading student transcripts onto our server. Encryption converts this data into a protective code. This ensures that even if someone does manage to access the data, all they'd see is gibberish. Always make sure that such data is encrypted, both on our servers and during transfers.

2. Physical Data ProtectionNarrator
Now, picture this: You’re done reviewing a student’s application form. Do you leave it on your desk? No. Store such documents in locked cabinets. And when it’s time to discard drafts or outdated records? Don’t just toss them in the trash. Shred them. This way, we prevent any wandering eyes from getting a peek.

3. Controlled SharingNarrator
Lastly, imagine you have to share midterm grades with a department head. It might seem easy to shoot a quick email. But wait! Always use our Polaris Secure Portal for such sensitive transfers. This ensures the information remains in our protected ecosystem, away from potential breaches.

Today’s insights serve as your foundational guide in the vast realm of student data protection.

Our upcoming courses will zoom into more intricate scenarios and strategies, ensuring you’re always prepared.

At Polaris University, our commitment goes beyond just educating. Together, we protect. Until our next session, stay vigilant!


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