Explore the power of setting a comfortable pace, asking open-ended questions, understanding client needs, and presenting products as solutions. Avoid common pitfalls such as talking too fast, neglecting client needs, and interrupting.

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Video script

Hello there! I'm Alex, a customer service professional here at Global Innovations Inc. In the digital era, mastering remote selling is paramount. Let's dive into the dos and don'ts of remote selling, and explore how our interactions shape the client's experience. Two sales calls, two different outcomes. Let's dissect them.

Here we have Sarah. Her tone and pace set the stage for a productive conversation.

Sarah "I understand you're looking for a new CRM. Can you share more about the challenges you're currently facing?"

Client "We're having difficulty with team communication and project tracking..."

Open-ended questions prompt the client to share more about their problems, making them feel valued and heard.

Sarah: "It sounds like real-time collaboration is key for your team. Our product offers a chat feature and task tracking which could help..." "Client: That sounds interesting, tell me more..."

By summarizing and responding to the client's needs, Sarah positions our product as a solution, sparking the client's interest. On the other hand, we have David. His speed and lack of client engagement create barriers to communication.

David "Our product integrates AI, predictive analytics, offers unlimited cloud storage..."

Client “But, we're not really..."

David doesn't take time to understand the client's needs, making them feel as if they're being sold to, rather than helped.

David ”Let me jump in and tell you about our add-on services!"

Client “As I was saying, I still would like to understand...”

David's abrupt topic changes make the client feel unheard and overlooked, adding friction to the conversation.

Our takeaways: Set a comfortable pace, ask open-ended questions, respond to client's needs, and present your product as a solution. Avoid talking too fast, not asking about client's needs, and interrupting the client. In remote selling, the key is to connect, understand, and then present the solution. Here's to effective remote selling!


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