Restaurant Hygiene: A Practical Guide

From the essential handwashing ritual to spotless workstations, safe food handling with fresh gloves, and immaculate uniforms, BurgerGalaxy's commitment to cleanliness is unmatched. Join the journey to becoming a hygiene superstar and watch as they craft out-of-this-world burgers with pride and safety.

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Greetings future stars of BurgerGalaxy. I'm John, your Restaurant Manager. Today, we're going to talk about our recipe for kitchen hygiene at BurgerGalaxy.

Every day begins in the most important way - handwashing. Twenty seconds, warm water, soap, and thorough drying - these steps form our first line of defense against germs.

The next move is to the workstation. Every surface gets carefully cleaned and sanitized before and after each shift. Even our burger flippers and ice cream machine receive this thorough cleaning.

Next mission is - safe food handling. Always put on fresh gloves before touching ready-to-eat food. And should they get dirty or tear, switch them out faster than a comet.

And the cleanliness journey doesn't stop there. Every shift, you should wear a clean uniform, a hat and have neat hair. Leave your jewelry at home, ensuring there are no surprises in our food.

And that's a wrap! By following these steps, you're on your way to becoming a hygiene superstar at BurgerGalaxy. Remember, at BurgerGalaxy cleanliness isn't just policy, it's our secret sauce! Now, let's make some out-of-this-world burgers for our customers, served with pride and safety.


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