Discover CSR initiative's three pillars: Economic Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Stewardship. Learn how we reduce bycatch, promote local employment, and minimize our carbon footprint.

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Hey team, Mike Adams here, from the Operations side of things. Today, we’re diving into something that's incredibly important to us and our industry—Sustainable Fishing.

You see, the ocean isn’t just our workplace; it’s a complex ecosystem that we're part of. The choices we make can either harm or help this ecosystem, affecting not just the fish stocks but also the communities that rely on them. That's where our new CSR initiative comes in.

We're focusing on three key pillars: Economic Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Stewardship. These pillars aren’t just buzzwords; they’re actionable frameworks for our operations.

For instance, reducing bycatch is a priority. We’re investing in more selective fishing gears and technologies. This way, we can target species more accurately, avoiding unwanted catches.

On the social front, we're creating local employment and actively participating in community programs. When the community thrives, so do we.

And we can’t talk about sustainability without mentioning our carbon footprint. We've streamlined our logistics and operations to be as green as possible. It’s good for business, and it’s good for the planet.

Now, for all of this to work, we need you, the backbone of OceanHarvest Co. Stick to best practices onboard, use the new technologies we're rolling out, and let’s be the change-makers in our industry. This isn’t a one-off thing; it’s an ongoing commitment.

Any suggestions? Reach out to Together, let’s make OceanHarvest Co. synonymous with responsible, sustainable fishing. Thanks for listening, and here’s to a sustainable future.


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