In this lesson, learn about Open-Mindedness in team collaboration. Be less critical, more curious, thoughtful & considerate. Improve collaboration & job satisfaction. Set parameters for meetings to ensure all ideas heard & considered. Listen to others & give constructive feedback.

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Welcome to Module 4 of the "Team Collaboration" course. In this module, you will learn about Open-Mindedness.

Open-Mindedness is the ability to be less critical and more curious, thoughtful, and considerate. The skill lets you see different opinions as valuable and succeed in diverse environments where you can interact with individuals with unique ideas and backgrounds.

A positive attitude makes you optimistic, motivated, and enthusiastic about your work. In a collaboration, your mindset can help you improve others' moods, collaborate more effectively and increase your job satisfaction. Others will appreciate the passion and joy you bring into the work environment.

You must be open and willing to listen to those around you. If you differ with an idea, remember to be open-minded as one of your valuable collaboration skills.

One of the most critical aspects of collaborating is being open-minded and accepting new ideas. You can set up parameters on what will be examined in a given meeting or discussion to enable the approval of new ideas.

For example, if your project needs a brainstorming session, ensure that all thoughts are on the table before any idea can be shot down or picked apart. That way, all views will have an equal possibility to be heard, considered, criticized, or expanded upon.

Anytime your team attacks a problem, remind employees to hear others' ideas and give constructive feedback without judgment or dismissal.

In the next and last module, you will learn about Organization.