In this lesson, master The Challenger Sales Model & close deals like a pro. Learn to teach customers, tailor approach & take control of sales process. Boost success rates & become a top sales performer with this proven technique.

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Welcome back! In this second video, we'll be diving deeper into this sales technique and define it in more detail.

The Challenger Sales Model was first introduced by Brent Adamson and his team of researchers at Corporate Executive Board (CEB) in 2011. Their research found that traditional sales methods were no longer effective in today's business environment, as customers were more informed and had more options to choose from. They discovered that sales representatives who adopted a Challenger approach had higher win rates and were more successful in closing deals.

One of the key principles of the Challenger Sales Model is "teaching." As a sales rep, you should be prepared to teach your customers something new about their business or industry. This could be a new product feature, a new market trend, or a new best practice. By doing this, you'll be positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and a valuable resource for your customer.

Another important principle is "tailoring." This sales model is all about tailoring your approach to the specific needs of the customer. This means understanding their pain points, their goals, and their budget, and then crafting a solution that addresses those specific needs.

Finally, the Challenger Sales Model is about "taking control" of the sales process. This means being proactive and leading the customer through the sales process, instead of waiting for them to take the next step. It also means being able to handle objections and have the ability to navigate through any obstacle that may arise.

Now that we have a bit of context - in the next video we'll be diving deeper into these key concepts.