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Welcome to the introduction of Zelko's Toy Safety and Small Entity Compliance Module.

Ensuring toy safety begins with stringent testing. Whether it's a plush toy's flammability or a plastic toy car's durability, each undergoes specific evaluations.

Our entire toy development process adheres to safety guidance. We incorporate feedback, conduct risk assessments, and modify designs to meet these standards.

For Small Entity Compliance, we focus on consistent training. This ensures every team member, regardless of scale, adheres to our safety guidelines.

Each toy type presents unique challenges. Plastic toys are checked for detachable parts, while wooden toys are scrutinized for splinters and sharp edges.

Age labels are then determined. A plush teddy might be suitable for infants, a complex construction set for older kids, and strategy board games for those aged 8 and above.

Every toy leaving our facility carries the right age label, ensuring it reaches its intended audience safely.

At Zelko, our commitment is 'Safety First, Fun Always'. Ready to dive deeper? Enroll in the full Toy Safety and Small Entity Compliance Module to further your knowledge and expertise.


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