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Communicate your next target market.

Discover the reasons why Stratos Consulting has selected Northern Europe as its next market for expansion.

Video script

Hi, Stratos team. I've got some news to share. We’re extending our services to Northern Europe.

Northern Europe offers a growing market, particularly in areas like sustainable technology and urban development. We see a real chance for Stratos to add value and grow our client base there.

Our research indicates a consistent rise in consultancy needs in the region. With the increasing focus on sustainability and tech advancements, we're well-positioned to meet these demands.

Of course, every new market has its learning curve. We'll need to understand the local business culture, regulations, and other specifics. I'm confident that our Business Development team, with support from all of us, can navigate these nuances.

It's an exciting step, and as we gear up for this expansion, it's crucial we all stay updated.

In the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more details on how this move might impact our teams. So, keep an eye on your emails and attend the upcoming meetings. Let’s make our move into Northern Europe smooth and successful.

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