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This year, OptiSoft Solutions took great strides, driven by innovation and resilience.

OptiFlow became our shining star.

We celebrated a 40% YoY increase, pushing our Annual Recurring Revenue to $5 million.

With an average Customer Lifetime Value of $3,000, our partnerships have never been stronger, and our customer base expanded

With 92% customer retention, it’s evident that OptiFlow isn't just a tool, but a vital business asset.

We've worked hard to keep our churn rate at a mere 5%, focusing on continuous improvement and unparalleled support.

OptiFlow's success spurred our entry into 5 new international markets, reinforcing our global prowess.

The Operations team ensured that every member was adept with OptiFlow, rolling out specialized training modules.

At OptiSoft, we're not just building software; we're crafting solutions for tomorrow. Thank you for being part of our remarkable journey. The horizon looks promising.


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