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Frequently asked questions

How do the voices work?

Synthesia uses a technology called text-to-speech to read your typed text aloud. With Synthesia you can then go one step further by matching an AI avatar’s face to that voice, to enjoy both hearing and seeing your text come to life.

Do all of the voices sound the same? 

No, Synthesia has a large selection of languages that come with varied accents, dialects and styles. This versatility enables you to create content suitable for a wide range of purposes.

How dynamic are the voices? 

Synthesia’s voices sound almost as natural as real human voices and can handle nuanced pronunciation, abbreviation and terminology. With an in-built option for phonetic spelling, it is easy to adjust the pronunciation of any word inside Synthesia.

Does Synthesia translate text for me?

Yes, Synthesia now has a 1-Click Translation option (Enterprise accounts). You can simply select which languages you'd like your video to be localized in and Synthesia translates both the script and canvas elements in a few seconds.

Can I upload a voice recording? 

If you’re on an Enterprise plan you can upload a voice recording to use within Synthesia. The avatar will then lip sync with your voice recording. Find out more about voice uploads here.

Can I clone my own voice?

Voice cloning enables you to use Synthesia’s text-to-speech functionality with your own voice. Voice cloning is an optional add-on for Enterprise plan users who choose to create a custom avatar. To learn more about creating a custom avatar please head to our custom avatar page. 

Is my language available or coming soon?

With over 120+ stock languages we already cater for a diverse range of cultures. However, we’re constantly looking to expand our range. So, if your language is not yet available, it is likely to be added soon.

Can I add closed captions?

When generating your video you will be asked whether you’d like to add closed captions. Closed captions will be generated in the language that the text was narrated in.